What Is A Triple Taurus (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Taurus, we think about strength, determination, and endurance. There is no other sign in the Zodiac that is more strong willed than the Bull, and there is more than one reason for that!

Taurus is a fixed sign, making these people incredibly loyal, trustworthy, and responsible.

If there is someone you can always count on to show up and do the work, it probably is a person born in the sign of Taurus!

Taureans are also an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, which explains their laidback nature and incredible ability to stay patient and calm. But this doesn’t mean you can push the mighty Bull.

On the contrary, they have the power to remain calm in most tempting situations, but once the Taurus’ anger is aroused, their temper can be vicious!

So What Does It Mean To Be A Triple Taurus?


Triple Taurus is when your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) are all in the sign of Taurus.

In Astrology, the Sun sign is your inner personality. The Moon reveals your emotional side, and the Rising sign is the external characteristics you possess or how people perceive you. 

If your Natal Chart shows that you have the Big 3, or the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in Taurus, you should read this article. We’ll reveal what it means to be a triple Taurus and the most distinctive characteristics defining your personality. 

Triple Taurus Are Extremely Determined

Born with the Big3 in Taurus means you have a powerful willpower, and there is nothing and nobody that can stop you from achieving your goals. This characteristic goes far beyond just your work. As a triple Taurus, you are also very determined in your everyday life.

You’ll make sure your relationship works, buy the house of your dreams, and reach your personal goals. You hardly ever quit, even where there is a massive wall in front of you.

While most people will give up or circle around the wall, as a real Bull, you will go with your horns and head straight into the construction, trying to tear it down.

Incredibly Stubborn and Headstrong

Once you set your mind about something, there is not a single force that will change your mind! In fact, Taurus doesn’t do well with any kind of changes, but you, as a Triple Taurus, avoid changes in life like they are the biggest evil of all.

This, besides the fact that you are very stubborn, can also be a great setback in your life. You can often miss some great life opportunities by trying to avoid changes.

Trustworthy and Loyal

You respect and appreciate your colleagues. You love and protect your family and loved ones, and you see your friends as a family! If there is a single word to describe you like a triple Taurus, it will be – trust!

You are incredibly loyal and dependable. People can always count on your support and dedication.

However, this being a triple Taurus goes only for people close to you, ones you know well and trust.

Everyone else you have just met can only count on you getting the job done. For the rest, you’ll decide to withdraw and observe from a distance.

That is the one thing about being a triple Taurus; you need to trust people before allowing them to have you in their lives and see the best in you! 

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People Shouldn’t Expect You To Make Compromises

Being stubborn also means you will refuse to make a compromise. You’ll either have it your way or nothing at all.

Yes, at times, you could make people feel like they are arguing with a three-year-old.

It is not that you are not mature enough, but the Moon in Taurus makes the concept of familiarity feel calming and comforting for you.

Any sudden change in what you have previously imagined and planned in your head can really throw you out of balance.

Security and Stability

The most important thing in life for you is security and stability. Your whole purpose in life revolves around this concept.

This explains why you would stay at your old job for more than ten years and act very prudent and frugal with your money.

As people look at a cute puppy, you have the same look when you open to check your bank balance.

Money is very important to you, as money means security!

People Can See You As Lazy

Shockingly, even if you work so hard and give your maximum effort, having the Big3 in Taurus gives the impression of being lazy if you ask others to describe you.

The interesting thing is that you’ll absolutely be no bother with what people think of you.

As a triple Taurean, you don’t need other people’s approval. Your opinion is what matters the most!

Anyhow, it is not about you being lazy, because you’re certainly not. It is just that you know how to draw a very strong line between work time and playtime!

And your playtime is almost nothing from play but all from relaxation and chilling. 

No One Knows How To Enjoy Life And Relax As You Do!

Triple Taurus equals triple relaxation!

You are the best when it comes to recharging your batteries, and the term hedonism might have been invented as a result of a striking inspiration when looking at a triple Taureans enjoying its life!

You may be frugal and careful with your money, but when it comes to having the holiday of your dreams and enjoying yourself, you don’t ask about the price. 

Traditional Values And Conservative Stand

When it comes to how you look at the world, these modern times might shock you, especially if you come from the older generation.

For you, tradition is something sacred and worthy of being protected and respected.

You love all that is traditional, from how a person should live their life to weddings rituals and small family traditions of your own.

Your views can be described as conservative, and owning a Tik-Tok account might not be the best idea for you. 

You Dream Of Family And Home

Your family roots are important to you, as they give you a sense of belonging and security.

You’d probably have dreamed about getting married and having your own family from a young age.

In your mind, it is highly likely you have already created the perfect house for your beautiful family!

However, being a triple Taurus also means that you will not rush into marriage despite this dream.

In Fact, You Never Rush Into Anything!

Time is irrelevant to you. You never live your life according to timelines, and you do things at your own pace.

You don’t rush any decision, especially the important ones such as marriage and family.

You are the type of person that always has the time to stop and smell the roses and one who’ll measure five times and cut once. 

You Can Be Jealous And Possessive In A Relationship

The Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in Taurus can be why you seem to have difficulties in your relationships.

You can be over-controlling, incredibly jealous, and even insecure. However, for you, being called jealous is unjustified, as you are just trying to defend what’s yours! 

Incredibly Sensual!

You might not be very emotional, but you are most certainly very sensual!

Your partner will enjoy your magical touch as you have the gift of always knowing what turns them on the most.

Yes, romance will be very much present in your life, but so is passion and sensuality!

Extreme Connection To Nature

There is nothing a short walk in nature can’t fix for you! You feel strong and rely upon a close relationship with mother nature.

Being outdoors helps you think better and feel better! It has a lot to do with peace and harmony.

Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing when she created everything around us.

You love to admire it as it is strong, durable, perfectly balanced, and everyone knows its place! 

A Love For Food! 

We can’t possibly end this article without mentioning one of your greatest passions – food!

You love to arouse your sense of taste, and you might refuse to make changes in life and try out new things; this certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to food.

Food for you is your little piece of heaven, so you’ll go to the finest restaurants and try all world cuisines.

Yes, this pleasure of yours has its price, and it is related to your weight.

But you could always motivate yourself to work out if you agree to burn the calories that will allow you to enjoy your meal freely!

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in a world that will stay the same, but it will make us feel safe, peaceful, and comforting.

Sometimes, stability and security have their perks, and you know that the best. And who wouldn’t like to relax and enjoy the Taureans’ way?

You have so much to teach us about how life and work need to be balanced and what relaxing and enjoying life means! 

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