What Is A Triple Cancer? (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Cancer, we instantly think of very emotional and family-oriented people. Cancerians are a water sign, highly intuitive, and known as the Zodiac’s empaths.

People born in the sign have an amazing capability to tune in with other people’s emotions and feel their sadness, joy, or anger as if it was their own. When we say to know how it is to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, we are most likely referring to a Cancer person.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is tightly related to our emotions. That is why Cancer is known as one of the Zodiac’s most sensitive and emotional signs.

Being a Cancer means to be very cautious, somewhat withdrawn from the public eye, and overly protective of family and your loved ones. 

What Is A Triple Cancer

Being a Triple Cancer means having your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising sign) in Cancer. In Astrology, this is also known as the Big 3 and tends to significantly impact a person’s traits and characteristics.

So what does it mean to be a Triple Cancer? Continue reading to discover what makes people with the Big3 in Cancer special and unique. 

Sun in Cancer

The Sun sign represents our main characteristics and traits. For example, Cancerians are emotional, tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, and sympathetic.

In life, these people are guided by emotions and their hearts. Cancer loves to be close to the people they love and care deeply for their home. 

The Moon in Cancer

The Moon Sign reveals how a person deals with their emotions. It explains the side of us we keep hidden from the rest of the world and can significantly help us understand how we perceive our feelings and express them.

Having the Moon in Cancer gives you powerful intuition, almost like you were a psychic.

It is almost impossible for someone to fool the little voice in your head and your gut which always tells you when something is off. The Moon in Cancer means a sensitive personality and a great need to nurture the people you love.

Inconsiderate behavior and harmful words from people you care for can deeply hurt you and leave you feeling lost and disappointed.

Rising sign (The Ascendant) in Cancer

How people perceive you and what is the first impression you leave on them can be discovered by looking at your Rising sign.

If your Rising sign is Cancer, it takes a while before you drop your guard when meeting new people. You like to help others, and people find you quite likable and incredibly lovely.

Your sensitive nature is almost instantly noticed by others, no matter how much you might try to hide it. You are smart and leave a strong impression on people.

However, sometimes you like to stay quiet and just listen, or at least until you get to know the people around you better and come to trust them.

Cancer is the person we always call first when we feel sad and need comfort, love, compassion, and understanding.

There is something very pure in the energy of a person born under the sign of Cancer. And here are some of the most significant traits of Triple Cancer. 

Qualities of a Triple Cancer

man journaling - triple cancer

Psychic and Empathic Abilities

As a Triple Cancer, you are aware of your strong intuitive abilities. This is a gift you carry with you since birth, and it is something it has helped and protected you from various bad people and risky situations.

You should always rely on and listen to your gut. And when your heart tells you that someone is not what they seem to be, it is probably true.

As one of the biggest empaths in the Zodiac, for you, it is significant to protect yourself and your energy from negative and toxic people. 

Very Sensitive To Other Peoples Feelings

Yes, as a Triple Cancer, you have the power to instantly know how a person feels.

Therefore, you need to protect yourself from negative energy because you are a powerful energy absorber.

You neutralize the negative energy by absorbing it and transforming it into a positive one, but the process often leaves you overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and excessively worn out on energy! 

Feel Things On A Very Deep Level

People might sometimes see you as overly sensitive and even dare to describe you as a cry baby. However, this is very much untrue.

The reality is that by being a Triple Cancer, you tend to feel things on a much deeper level than the rest of the world.

For you, every single emotion, whether it is joy or sorrow, has a triple intensity and therefore leaves a much bigger impact on you and your soul. 

Not A Fan Of Crowds And Big Groups

As a natural empath, bigger groups of people really impact your mood, emotions, and whole-body energy.

In life as Triple Cancer, you often might fight the feeling of being lost and longing for a sense of belonging.

Once you find your place and your people, it can be very hard for you to let anyone new inside it.

People you don’t know well can make you lose your balance and feeling of security. You feel safest in a familiar surrounding and with people you have known for years! 

Your Home Is Your Holy Grail

Your home and your family are sacred. Naturally, we all care for our home and the people we love, but as a Triple Cancer, you take this to a whole different level.

No one is allowed to mess with your family and your home, and you can be very protective.

Some might say – OVERPROTECTIVE and ready to do whatever it takes to protect your family and keep your home safe and unharmed. 

Great Nurturer

You like to take care of people. When someone is sick, you are the person that brings them a home-cooked soup and doesn’t leave their side until they feel better.

Nurturing is one of your strongest suits as a Triple Cancer.

You have a natural gift for making those close to you feel loved, protected, safe and calm.

So it is not a surprise that people always come to you when facing a problem or difficulty in life. 

Great Listener

You don’t judge, and as a Triple Cancer, unconditional understanding, love, and support are what everyone turning to you receive.

This can make you a great therapist, and a career in the medical field just might be perfect for you.

However, even if you don’t work as a professional therapist, you sure feel like one because your whole family and friends come to you for help and advice.

You truly know what it means to be a great listener! 

Heart Over Head

While most people analyze, overthink and calculate, for you, your heart’s desires are always a priority!

Being a Triple Cancer gives you a generous heart and unconditional love for the world.

The question for finding ultimate happiness in life for you has a simple answer – JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

The Opposite Of Materialistic

You are not a materialistic person, nor are you interested in money.

You see finances as something you need to survive, but never as something you need to be happy!

In fact, you will give all of your money and possessions if that is what will make the people you love happy and provide you with peace and serenity! 

Honest And Loyal

You don’t like to hurt people, and you might give them a truth wrapped into a pink box with candy and sugar. However, it’d still be the truth.

As a Triple Cancer, people can count on your loyalty, and your partner can be sure that you will be faithful to them and love them till death do you apart.

For you, love means a lifetime commitment and always being there for each other. 

Dreaming Of A Beautiful Home And Family

A man or a woman doesn’t matter. As a Triple Cancer, getting married, having a family, and building a lovely home is the ultimate dream for you!

Don’t be surprised if, from a young age, you always imagined yourself being a parent. Children have the purest energy, which is why you instantly connect with them.

Your heart and soul are pure like the ones of a child. No matter how dark or broken, the world can’t poison your soul and spirit! 

You Still Believe In Fairy Tales

You might be one of the few people left to still believe in fantasies and fairytales, but you should never apologize for it or change it!

Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into being like the rest of the world! You are a Triple Cancer. Own it!

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in a world full of love and acceptance! You are a sincere, kind, giving, and gentle soul.

We all can learn from you to be better with one another, help, and have faith. You, Triple Cancer, do make the world a better place!

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