What Is A Triple Sagittarius (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Sagittarius, our minds instantly go to freedom, fun, and laughter! Sagittarius is one of the most free-spirited signs in the Zodiac. They love to have fun and always seek adventure.

Trapping the Archer in a room for more than two hours can make him walk around so nervously that you’ll also start to feel anxiety. 

The lover of nature, Saiggitarius, is highly spiritual and always tends to look on the bright side of life. This sign is governed by the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter.

Having a person born in the sign of Sagittarius means you’ll always have someone to motivate and push you to grow into a better person.

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign with Fire as its element. These people can adapt to changes very quickly and help the rest of the world learn to accept the course of events and just go with the flow as they do.

The inner Fire urges the Archer to be quick on their hunches and doesn’t think about its decisions very deeply.

They are more likely to do what their heart tells them or do what will rather make them happier. 

What Is A Triple Sagittarius?

what is a Triple Sagittarius

In Astrology, the Big3 or Triple Sagittarius refers to when your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign aka. The Ascendant, all three fall in the same sign in your Birth Chart.

This stellium in your chart shows you are much more than just a regular Sagittarius.

However, to make things clearer next, we explain to you the significance of being a Triple Sagittarius, so keep on reading.

Why Is The Big 3 So Important?

The Sun, Moon, and Rising signs significantly influence a person’s unique characteristics and personality.

These three represent a fundamental part of who you are, what you are, and how people see you.

The Big 3 in Astrology makes you a highly typical representation of that sign, or all of the sign traits are Triple times more intensified in you.

Sun in Sagittarius  

Your Sun sign describes the core of your personality. Here you’ll discover your main characteristics, ego, and your essences.

With the Sun in Sagittarius, you are honest, intellectual, fun, and social. But most importantly, being born under the sign of Sagittarius makes you one with nature.

You like to be free and enjoy life the way you want and see fit. Society’s limitations, rules, and regulations don’t apply to you.

You, as a Sagittarius, firmly believe that by being granted the right of freedom, you are also free to live your life any way you want!

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is all about your feelings and emotions. Your Moon sign reveals what you keep hidden deep inside you and what probably most people don’t see or know about you.

Your Moon sign explains how you deal with and process your emotions. Sagittarius Moon is fascinating, as you don’t like to be alone, but you also fear commitment very deeply.

You are always searching for something in life, and you can hardly ever standstill.

You like when you do things spontaneously, without upfront planning, just guided by your feelings. How you feel is how you act!

The Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Sagittarius

The Zodiac sign on the Ascendant, also known as the Rising sign, describes the way people perceive you.

Here you can discover what kind of impression you leave on others when they meet you for the first time.

The Rising Sign in Sagittarius points very much to a person that most people find to be very friendly, socially engaging, and funny!

You know how to break the ice with a good joke and make everyone laugh. On the other hand, you are also often perceived as a person who likes to always be in motion. Otherwise, you get easily bored, which is very accurate when you have the Ascendant in Sagittarius. 

Now the main question is, what happens when all three signs fall in the sign of Sagittarius?

Remember, you are all three, and each has its mark on your overall personality. So here are the characteristics that a Triple Sagitarrius possesses. 

Qualities of a Triple Sagittarius

happy girl with ice cream cone - Triple Sagittarius

Incredibly Optimistic

As a Triple Sagittarius, you always manage to see the good side of life even when things are going severely bad.

Your optimism never leaves your side, and it is also highly contagious to people near you.

For a Triple Sagittarius, the glass is always half full, and you have the strongest faith of all signs in the Zodiac.

The power to always believe that things will turn up the way you want them to is kinda very similar to the power of affirmations and the power of the subconscious.

The Universe always seems to hear and grant your wishes!

Extremely Enthusiastic

It takes very little for you to get all excited and thrilled. You find joy in everything and approach life with great enthusiasm like an innocent child.

Everyone can be jealous of how you live your life or how you are always happy, even with half of what other people might have. 

Very Spiritual 

You are one with nature and one with the Universe. You don’t slave to money or society.

You live your life according to your rules, and the sole purpose of your existence on Earth is to be happy!

Being a Triple Sagittarius means seeing the world from a much deeper perspective, and you are very aware that there is so much beyond what the human eye sees! 

Self Sufficient and Independent

You find the idea of depending on someone very resentful. As a Triple Sagittarius, you like to be free, which means you must be very independent.

You can travel the world by yourself and never feel alone. Yes, you’ll indeed make friends very quickly and easily, but your independence can also create a severe fear of commitment.

In fact, as a Triple Sagittarius, you might have the biggest fear of commitment among all Zodiac signs. 

Hungry For Adventure

You like to be outdoors and seek adventure every day. You could pack your bags and go on the road in a blink of an eye.

As a Triple Sagittarius, you are a symbol of spontaneity, instinctive, and unplanned circle of events.

You are never afraid of finding out what is hiding behind the door in front of you, and you always seek to find and discover more in life!

Travel is your passion, and a nomadic style of life can be very appealing to you. 

Very Lucky

There is no doubt luck follows you! Jupiter is your ruling planet, and you are given a stroke of good luck in almost anything you do!

However, being one with the Universe and highly spiritual, you always know to be very grateful for everything you have in life! 

Excellent Sense Of Humor

People love to be in your company! You always have great stories to tell, and your intellect makes you a great comedian.

You know how to make a joke on your account and tend never to get upset if people laugh at something you said or did.

It is, in a way, a great strength of yours being able to find the funny in even the most difficult of things.

So here, once again, your great optimism comes up to the surface. 

Lack Of Sense Of Responsibility

Being a Triple Sagittarius is not all good as you like to live your life as an adventure so much that you tend to avoid your responsibilities.

It is very hard for people to rely on you, as you get bored easily and lose your focus quickly.

This makes you quit your job very fast and give up on projects. As a result, you tend to leave many things behind you unfinished.

As a Triple Sagittarius, you don’t feel bothered by the fact of abandoning your commitment, but people around you mind that a lot. 


Your element is the Fire, so you tend to act pretty impulsively and take action before thinking.

You are known to take many risks in life, and if you weren’t so lucky, you might tend to get in more trouble than you usually do.

But like a great friend, you always have people that love you to be here for you and help you in whatever trouble you find yourself in. 

Irresistible And Flirty

You know your way in the love field. There is hardly ever someone that will resist your charm and not fall on your flirting.

However, it is almost impossible for your partner to tame you down.

In fact, the only way to make your relationship work is if you find someone wild enough to run freely together with you!

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in a really chaotic world but a very fun one.

Virgo will most probably not be able to survive out in the world you’d be creating as there will be no rules, no laws, no restrictions.

You just go around and tell people to do what they want and what makes them happy. The bottom line is that we can all benefit from learning to see the world like you see it and live care-freely!

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