What Is A Triple Aquarius (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Aquarius, we think about intelligence, creativity, and originality because that is what Aquarians are like.

People born under this sign can be easily spotted by thinking outside the box, expressing strange opinions, and giving the impression that they live in a different time than us.

And it might be true, as Aquarius is the one sign of the Zodiac that always thinks ahead of its time.

Aquarius in traditional astrology is governed by Saturn, representing commitment, responsibility, devotion, and hard work.

While in modern astrology, its ruling planet is Uranus, the planet that rules innovation, technology, and unexpected events. In many ways, Aquarius is a combination of both planets. 

What Is A Triple Aquarius?

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Triple Aquarius is when your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) are all in the sign of Aquarius. Astrology also refers to it as the Big3.

Every sign is a component of your personality and represents a significant part of who you are.

For example, the Sun sign represents your inner personality.

The Moon exposes your emotional side and one you may keep hidden from the world, and the Rising sign, or the Ascendant, is the external characteristics you own or how people perceive you. 

Being a Triple Aquarius makes you a unique and reliable example of what a true nature Aquarian is like.

So if you want to find out what distinctive characteristics define your personality by having the Big3 in this sign, keep on reading…


As a Triple Aquarius, you overthink almost everything. In fact, your brain rarely stops thinking, analyzing, and calculating things.

Even in your dreams, you could still catch yourself exploring an event or a situation that had happened earlier in the day.

Being a Triple Aquarius can sometimes be quite exhausting and overwhelming.

Therefore, yoga and meditation are ideal exercises for you. Both are known as the most efficient activities to help calm the mind and slow the process of overthinking.

Emotionally Detached

As a Triple Aquarius, you may tend to hide out from your emotions and avoid forming warm and nurturing bonds to avoid getting emotional.

Your calculating nature can even decide to sort and calculate emotions and feelings. Your great independence creates a significant problem when it comes to functioning as a couple.

Having the Big3 in Aquarius can often signify a person who rather prefers things to do by themself.

Codependency and forming a habit of being close to someone is often your greatest fear. Therefore, you will choose to repress your emotions or run away from them. 

The world can see you as a cold person

You have a gentle soul and a big heart, but the world might not see that every time someone meets you.

You can be very rational and practical, making you a person who doesn’t react as most people do in certain situations.

Crying and showing sensitivity is not quite your scenario, so it can be very often for people to describe you as cold and distant. 

You Don’t Care About Other People’s Opinions

Only Triple Aquarius can live their life being happy and carefree about what others might think of them.

You like to create your own little world in your head, and no one can judge you there.

Having the Big3 in this sign means you will never hesitate to share your opinions and don’t mind if people are shocked or surprised by it.

After all, your ruling planet is Uranus, and no one can anticipate any influence coming from it. In many ways, you are like that.

When it comes to Triple Aquarius, no one can tell what next you may do or say.

So you go with your life, do what you want, and don’t try to make anyone happy or aim towards getting their approval or validation.

Social But Also A Loner

When it comes to people’s interactions, you could be on opposite sides of the same coin. On one side, your personality attracts people like a magnet, and on the other, you prefer to be alone.

Only another Triple Aquarius can understand this, as it is a pretty confusing battle going on inside of you. This explains why you have so many friends, but very few of them can actually be called your true friends. 

Extreme Need For Freedom

Your freedom is priceless! You can spend your years running away from commitments just because you don’t like to lose any part of your freedom.

You could often choose casual dating over long-term relationships because of the Big3 in your Chart.

It is pretty difficult to commit yourself, and once you do it, it could only be for a person who fully understands your great need for space and freedom.

Creative And Innovative

Your creativity is enormous, and as a Triple Aquarius, you can easily become an inventor.

You like to come up with unique and impressive solutions. Sometimes your ideas might seem unrealistic, even crazy, but that is because you, Triple Aquarius, live ahead of your time.

You do see the future and often dream about what the world will look like 10 or 20 years from now. 

Talented And Crafty

You are one of those people who seem like they can do everything.

You are quite good with your hands and crafty. Being a Triple Aquarius can often mean a “Do it by yourself” kind of attitude.

You are not afraid of trying new things and exploring. You are, indeed, a person of many talents!

Generous And Altruistic

You like to make the world a better place. Your mission is to protect and help the less fortunate, and you don’t mind sharing your money or resources.

There is a strong bond between you and the Universe energy, and your life mission is always aligned with a higher purpose.

You truly believe that being here on Earth comes with a responsibility to make things better for the next generations.

You love the idea of leaving a big mark and for people to remember you after you are gone. Your to-do list is nothing like others. 

You Don’t Like To Be Like The Rest Of The World

You don’t follow trends, but you instead set them. It is not you who follows people, but people who follow you.

As a Triple Aquarius, you like to be unique and different from the others. For example, if everyone wears green this season, you will wear blue and so on.

You just don’t have a problem if you don’t fit in. Being different is your comfort zone. That is brave!

You should be praised and admired for this unique personality as the world has come to a point when everyone is afraid to be themself. Bravo, Triple Aquairus.

Great Decision Maker

Sometimes being emotionally detached can actually be quite helpful, especially when you need to make decisions.

As a Triple Aquarius, your emotions and feelings rarely ever cloud your judgment.

Therefore, you can be great at making decisions and tend to help even those around you to come up with the right solution.

You see the world from a different aspect. You tend to have a pretty realistic view of reality and refuse to wear rose-tinted glasses.

You have the ability to be objective like no other sign in the Zodiac, even when it comes to personal matters of yours.

Incredibly Intuitive 

As a Triple Aquarius, you have the gift of sensing other people’s energy.

Your senses and intuition can always tell you if someone close to you has bad intentions.

You can read people easily, and it can sometimes be so freaky. Like you are psychic or something.

A higher force always tells you to be cautious, and listening to your intuition can help you come far in life. 

Living In Your Own World

You and your mind can wander off even with a hundred people around you. Like no other sign, you can shut off the noise and withhold yourself into your imagination.

At times people can notice that you can often be absent-minded, and you, too, are aware of it. In reality, you like how fun it is in your head.

You like all the ideas and thoughts circling around, and wandering with your thoughts often helps you stay calm and centered.

In a way, this is your way of meditation. This talent of yours is a lifesaver when there is a dull or boring conversation going on around you, so you don’t have to force yourself to listen or participate.

You just shut off and go into your own world. 


Yes, you are the rebel that likes to break the rules. In fact, you despise anything that limits you or your freedom.

Just like your ruling planet, you don’t like following or obeying anything. This way, you get to never feel bored or get yourself into repeated routines, as monotony and patterns are another major fear of yours.

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in a modern world, and we might even have flying cars.

But, sometimes, dreaming in colors has its perks, and you know that best. We could all use it to learn to live life without caring what others might think of us and feel free to be who we are!

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