What Is A Triple Virgo (Everything To Know!)

When we speak about Virgo, we think about perfection, order, and creativity! People born under this sign are extremely organized, hard-working, and talented!

There is almost nothing that a Virgo can’t do, and we admire them for that. No one can notice details and all the small things like a Virgo can! 

Virgo is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, so these people are very intelligent, friendly, and social.

Still, unlike Gemini, who is also governed by this planet, Virgo tends to have a little higher walls.

People born under this sign are very careful whom they allow into their life and heart, and as with everything in life, they like to take things slow. 

What Is A Triple Virgo

Being a Virgo has its perks. You keep your life on schedule and love to clean and organize. But what happens when you have the Big 3 in Virgo? Let us start from the beginning by explaining what the Big3 is. 

Astrology refers to having the Big3 if your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign (Ascendant) are all in the same sign, or in this case  – Virgo.

Being a Triple Virgo is truly unique and rare. Continue reading to find out what is the most significant characteristic of a Triple Virgo.

The Sun in Virgo

The Sun sign reveals your main characteristics, and Virgo is known as determined, hard-working, and very persistent.

These people never give up!

They like when things are in order, and as an Earth sign, Virgo can be very grounded, practical, and in tune with reality. 

The Moon in Virgo

Your Moon sign symbolizes your emotions or how you deal with them.

Having the Moon in Virgo influences you to seek clarity and order in all areas of your life, even in your emotions.

The sense of peace, comfort, and security for people born with the Moon in Virgo comes from a good organization and following a sharp schedule.

The Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Virgo

The Rising Sign is the “mask” you wear in public or how other people perceive you. Virgo rules the 6th house of service, so these people will avoid getting into arguments and confrontations by any means.

Others see you as calm and peaceful, but your extreme need for perfection can also portray you as too picky and highly demanding.

In most cases, people will describe you as very helpful, friendly, and in control of your life.  

Now it is time to look more deeply at what is a Triple Virgo and how your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign impact your personality.

In simple words, Triple Virgo is the most credible representation of the sign Virgo. All traits in the regular Virgo here are triple times more intensified! 

Qualities of a Triple Virgo

girl working hard - triple virgo

The Workaholic of the Zodiac

As a Triple Virgo, it is only fair to say that you are always working! The feeling of being useful and productive gives you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

You are the one person that doesn’t mind staying longer at work and working a little more.

If you weren’t so nice to your colleague and helpful, they’d probably hate you for always giving the idea to spend extra hours on work projects!

As a true business mind, you might prefer to work alone and tend to dominate in almost everything you do.

The Triple Virgo in you gifts you with a keen business sense.

Methodical and Practical

Triple Virgo means triple times more powerful abilities to think logically and be extremely practical in your actions.

You have an incredibly methodical approach to life that applies to all fronts, not just in your career.

You make decisions based on sound research rather than following your intuition or heart.

The concept of doing what your gut is telling you is pretty unfamiliar to you as a Triple Virgo.  

Excessively Organized 

You love to organize and bring order into your life and the people around you.

Cleaning, sorting, and organizing have an almost therapeutic influence on you.

When you feel stressed, you clean to relax. When you want to have fun, you clean. When you are sad, you clean.

In other words, every mood you are in is a good mood to clean and organize.

Chaos is an unknown concept to you, and you like to live your life by following patterns and routines.

Impeccable Taste

You are a perfectionist, and until something is not perfect, you don’t stop working on it.

Triple Virgo means impeccable taste in food, clothes, partners…

Every little thing in your life must be perfect like you are, and that’s why it is chosen with attention and care.

Your clothes, hair, home, car, everything is spotless! 

Taking Things Slowly

As a Triple Virgo, you don’t like to rush. Making mistakes is something you don’t appreciate, and rushing things leads to making mistakes.

Take for example your work. If a paper needs one month to be done, you might need two months. But not because you are lazy.

On the contrary, you are willing to start all over if it is not perfect and work on it until it is.

Everything in your life, every single decision is well thought out and evaluated before making the final cut, and you firmly believe that taking time to do things slowly is the essence of success. 

Incredibly Patient

Patience is your virtue. As a Triple Virgo, you have a natural gift to hardly ever do something impulsive.

In fact, you have a list for everything in your life, and you go through that list with incredible patience and commitment. 

Creative and Artistic

Triple Virgo is a symbol of a person with many gifts in the art. You can dance, sing, write, or play a musical instrument.

Your hobbies and likes almost always revolve around creativity. Your mind has an extraordinary power to come up with logical, practical, yet very creative solutions. 

Control Freak

On the other hand, being a control freak is what often describes the Triple Virgo. You like to have control in your life and often try to control people close to you.

Yes, it can cause some difficulties for you as people usually tend to run away from your habit of meddling in their affairs.

You might do it with the best intentions, but you must admit that you can often cross the line regarding respecting personal space and limits. 

Control Over Your Emotions

Emotions and feelings can hardly ever be controlled, but you, Triple Virgo, somehow manage to find out how to do it.

You can be very emotionally closed because you don’t like it when your heart overrules your brain.

Admitting your feelings makes you vulnerable, which is also a sign of losing control according to you. 

Overly Critical

Having the Big3 in Virgo results in a need for perfection. Therefore, you are known to be extremely critical of yourself and the people close to you.

You have the habit of looking at and noticing first the flaws before the strengths.

That is why you can be very hard on yourself and often push people away from you, as no one likes to be criticized all the time.

In a romantic relationship, you can often make your partner feel like they are never good enough for you, or no matter what they do, it is never good or the right thing. 

Details Freak

What most people miss to notice; you can spot it almost instantly. Your laser focus has an incredible ability to detect details.

It comes in handy if you work as a lawyer, in a bank, or event planner and decorator.

However, all the small things you notice and remember can often be the reason why people can say you act crazy.

Noticing every single detail can really drive you crazy, and as a Triple Virgo, you are very prone to developing OCD disorder.

Reliable and Responsible

People can always count on you and your help. You never miss to keep up your promise and do the job.

As a friend, you are very loyal, and your boss at work loves to give you the award “Employee of the month.”

The dozen of them on your wall prove you are very responsible and that you are, in fact, a Triple Virgo! 

Loyal and Committed

You will never rush into a relationship before you are entirely sure that you are making the right choice.

But once you give your heart, loyalty, support, and unconditional love are what you offer in return.

For you, any commitment is a serious decision, and you don’t take it lightly.

Cheating, infidelity, and looking for someone better is something you will not do, as you’ll make sure you already have the best and the perfect partner next to you. 

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in a highly organized and systematic world.

It is most likely that people will never complain about waiting too much in the post office, bank, or anywhere else.

We can all learn from you what it means to respect other people’s time and clean and organize our homes, office, and life. 

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