Why Is Taurus So Attracted So Scorpio (15 REASONS WHY!)

Taurus and Scorpio are two signs that, at first look, you might think, “No way can this be the perfect match!”

But whether it’s a Scorpio man Taurus woman or a Scorpio woman and Taurus man, the chemistry is undeniable!

There seems to be an instant attraction and chemistry that comes between these two signs. Both signs can be left wondering what ‘it’ is.

A spark, a feeling. It isn’t quite clear, but it’s there, and it’s STRONG!

Wondering if they are truly a match? Keep on reading as we have the answer.

Why Taurus Is So Drawn To Scorpio

Why Is Taurus So Attracted So Scorpio

Different On The Outside, Same On The Inside

Mighty Taurus will be dressed in something bold and very distinctive, while the mysterious Scorpio can come dressed quite simply or be all in black.

But they both will captivate the attention in the room with their strong energy and aura.

Scorpios have a very notable presence and exactly that is what Taurus finds it to be totally engaging about them. 

They Confuse Them

Scorpio is a mystery riddle that Taurus simply must solve!

Taurus never gives up, and when someone says to them – “It is too difficult you can do it!” they turn around and say – “Watch me!”

The mystery that comes with Scorpio is an open invitation for the determinant Taurus to try to find a way so he can come close to the Scorpio and make them open their hearts.

If you are Scorpio, or you know Scorpio, you know how hard that mission can be!

Taurus Loves Excitement

Taurus Loves Danger

Taurus is not afraid of the danger or from the Scorpio for that matter!

Being brave and powerful, Taurus finds it irresistible that Scorpio tends to scare most people off because they appear so dark and mystical.

Instead of running away, Taurus won’t be able to stop thinking about all that danger that most people see in Scorpio and he is drawn towards it. 

Opposites Attract

The Taurus and Scorpio relationship is a unique one. Quite unlike other pairings in the zodiac.

These two signs are two sides of the same coin, and we all have heard it before – opposites attract!

Astrologically Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs, meaning they are placed across from each other in the sky.

But this doesn’t mean that they are a mismatch. The opposite signs represent two extreme approaches to the same subject.

The debate Taurus can have with Scorpio on different subjects is mental exercise for them, and YES they are so attracted to Scorpio for it! 

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Scorpio Is Loyal Beyond Comparison

Taurus loves how committed and loyal Scorpio is!

When it comes to relationships, Scorpio seeks nothing but love and hopes to find the one that will last forever.

Taurus are very loyal and devoted to the person they are in a relationship with.

So it comes as no surprise that Taurus is naturally drawn towards the Scorpio as both signs want to have long-lasting relationships.

The Sexual Energy Is Charged

Taurus is so attracted to Scorpios sexual energy!

Scorpios are for sure the best lovers in the bedroom from all signs of the Zodiac!

Taurus is attracted to Scorpio because they are passionate lovers and seek the same level of energy in the bedroom as the Taurus.

Oh, what heat and noise in the bedroom will these two make! 

Scorpio Just ‘Gets’ Taurus

Scorpio is a mind reader and Taurus fancies when people know upfront what he wants!

Scorpio is a water sign, they are driven by emotions and that makes them very intuitive.

They can almost read your mind without you even saying a word. Taurus finds this fact the most attractive thing ever!

Imagine that, their desires will be fulfilled without them saying a word!

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Hard Workers Who Also Love A Good Time

They work hard, but relax even harder!

Taurus and Scorpio are both known to be very ambitious and success-driven. However, the best part comes when these two take a vacation.

Both love to spoil themselves and indulge in all that the vacation has to offer.

Scorpio will choose silk sheets and expensive champagne and Taurus will like that because they too want to live “The good life”! 

Scorpio Is Trustworthy

Taurus loves how trustworthy Scorpio is!

One thing a Taurus hates is for someone to go around and tell people the secrets he had told them in confidence.

If a Taurus opens up to you and reveals you something in confidence, then count it as sacred.

It is very hard for Taurus to trust and open up, so when they do, if this person breaks their trust it is over, FOREVER! 

Scorpio Is Private

Scorpio will never kiss and tell!

This is what Taurus most admires and loves about the Scorpio. They can have complete trust and loyalty in them.

The Scorpio can keep a secret like nobody else! No wonder why all that mystery around them, probably is all the secrets they know and keep. 

They Both Love Games

Taurus loves games and Scorpio sure knows how to play them!

You can’t seduce a Taurus if you don’t make him first chase you for a bit.

The love games we most hate to play, Taurus love them! It makes them feel alive, energetic and the Bull is always ready to attack.

They know it will make them enjoy the prize more in the end. No wonder they go “crazy” after the Scorpio. Scorpio invented the hot and cold game!

Honesty, Honesty, Honesty

Honesty is what lures Taurus to Scorpio!

Taurus is straightforward and they will tell you what they think straight in your face. Guess who else is like that?

Scorpio will not keep silent just to protect your feelings and preserve you from being hurt by the truth.

They tell it as it is and they too are outspoken and upright. Taurus is so turned on by the sharp tongue of the Scorpio!

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They Both Love Money

Taurus loves making money and Scorpio is a money-making machine!

Both of the signs are hard-working and aim towards financial stability. Taurus finds it admirable Scorpio’s talent to gain money and success.

They will be proud of their partner being super-rich and successful!

The Passion Is HOT, HOT, HOT

Taurus loves the passion and fire that Scorpio presence wakes up in them!

Scorpio’s favorite color besides black is RED! We don’t have to say how the Bull reacts to red color!

The intensity and strong energy both signs have will make sure their relationship is never dull or monotonous, that is why these two can last forever together.

Taurus Met Their Intellectual Match

Intellect is what Taurus admires about Scorpio!

Taurus loves how smart and knowledgeable the Scorpio is!

Scorpio treasures the fact that they have finally found someone with whom they can have a deep conversation and be understood. 

Scorpio can often be in a relationship with people intimidated by them, but not this time. Taurus is an equal match when it comes to power, influence, and force!

The red lipstick Scorpio has will drive Taurus “insane” until they kiss those lips. The seductive touch of a Scorpio will allure Taurus into the bedroom faster than the light. 

These two can seem quite different at first look, but they are actually quite the ideal fit for each other.

They complement each other and reach a perfect relationship balance.

Taurus and Scorpio people love being around each other, almost as if they were seduced by each other’s traits.

Do Taurus And Scorpio Get Along?

Okay, attraction and chemistry are one thing. But what about actually getting along?

You can be attracted to someone and have a ‘spark’ with them but then not truly be good for one another.

So do these polar opposite zodiac signs get along?! Beyond the insane sexual compatibility, Scorpio and Taurus do get along extremely well.

They are a great match for both friendship and love.

Although they may think and view the world differently at times, they have a lot of mutual love and respect for each other’s beliefs. They see eye-to-eye on most things and as long as their communication is open and clear, they can work through any differences.

Both signs are, however, extremely stubborn.

Their stubbornness can be a roadblock and lead to some long, drawn-out arguments. This can create problems if both parties are unwilling to compromise.

However, this is still one of the strongest connections, and if in a romantic relationship, the physical intimacy and mutual understanding can make this a pair that goes the distance.

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