What Is A Triple Scorpio? (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Scorpio we instantly think of power, passion, and mystery. This is because you have to know someone in this sign and you are aware of the intense energy they bring into the room the moment they enter.

Scorpio is a water sign with one of the strongest senses of intuition in the whole wide Zodiac. 

A triple Scorpio simply means a person has a their sun, moon, and rising in Scorpio. But there is so much more to these incredibly unique personalities that meets the eye.

What exactly encompasses a triple Scorpio? Let’s dive in deeper to understand this mysterious combination….

The Danger Of The Unknown

What is a triple scorpio

If you have ever met a Scorpio or you are born under this sign, you might have noticed people feeling intimidated in their presence, sometimes can be even a little “scared”.

That is because the Scorpio sign is closely related to the mysterious and it always seems hard to read these people. They tend to keep a straight face no matter what while managing to always know what you feel. Spooky right?

Now when you get the idea, about the power of the Scorpio sign, it is time to give you the answer to the question “What is a Triple Scorpio?”. Keep on reading to discover the biggest secrets about one of the most intense personalities in the Zodiac. 

Triple Scorpio Or The “Big 3”

A triple Scorpio is a person born with the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign (The Ascendant) all in the sign of Scorpio. This is also known as a stellium, or when you have three or more placements in the same sign or in this case Scorpio stellium. 

Just quick guidance in order for you not to feel confused. The Sun is related to your identity, the Moon to your emotions, and the Rising sign is about your personality traits. Now we can continue with discovering the biggest traits of Triple Scorpio. 

Almost Impossible To Approach Them

Triple Scorpio has a very intense personality, and they have the gift of looking through people. Serious and well-composed, they seem almost impossible to be approached.

But their profoundly deep look is so magnetic that you wouldn’t be able to turn your head away and resist the urge to get to know them. 

The Truth Is, Triple Scorpio Is Afraid Of Being Hurt

They might not seem that way but people with this placement tend to be overly protective of their emotions since they were deeply hurt in the past.

I know you will think “Who wasn’t?” but this person can hold on to negative emotions longer than the rest. Sometimes it even takes the form of a grudge with a deep desire for revenge. 

Secretive Personality

Even with just the Sun sign placed in Scorpio, these people can seem so mysterious and hard to figure out. With the placement of Triple Scorpio, this trait is three times stronger.

Or even more than that, but we don’t want you to get even more intimidated. The Triple Scorpio is a secret-reader, and they are capable of finding out your deepest secret with such an ease that it looks like they are not even trying.

However, when it comes to their secrets, they are like stones. Nothing comes out on the surface. And when we say nothing, we mean NOTHING, zero, nada!  

“Brutally” Honest And Downright Straightforward

They are the most straightforward people you will ever meet.

When it comes to telling the truth in your face, then this is when Triple Scorpio stands out the most from the whole Zodiac.

Even the Gemini that is known for their fast tongue, always speaking before thinking, won’t tell it to you so straightforwardly, like Triple Scorpio.

Their honesty might be valued highly, but it’s certainly not for people with sensitive nature, prone to keep things close to heart. 

Despise Injustice

One can feel intimidated, exposed, or vulnerable being in the presence of Triple Scorpio, but no one can deny their strong fight against injustice or people being mistreated.

Triple Scorpio would step in to help and take their side without a question. They will do this even for the people they don’t know as this is a cause that they strongly believe in and are determined to fight it no matter what. 

Scorpio Is Convincing, Triple Scorpio Is Intensely Persuasive

These people are born with strong power, influence, and the talent to gain authority over others so easily and quickly.

People feel like they can count on their determined and devoted approach to work and to life in general.

This is why Scorpio can be so convincing, but a Triple Scorpio, they are super intensely persuasive.

There is no “No” for these people and there is nothing that can possibly stop them, once they decide their minds. 

Balance Is The Key

To open the door towards a prosperous and happy life, for the Triple Scorpio is most important to find their balance.

With the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all in Scorpio, you might think they will pull in one direction, but you are wrong.

This placement can’t pull people with Triple Scorpio at the same time in more than three directions.

If Triple Scorpio doesn’t find a way to keep a balance, it can lead to self-destruction and living in chaos.

Learning To Use Scorpio Stellium To Their Advantage

Looking back to all we said, yes, Triple Scorpio can be quite complicated and sometimes even difficult.

But that is only if they don’t learn how to use the Triple Scorpio benefits to their advantage.

We are talking about the incredible sense of intuition that can show Triple Scorpio the right path.

The enormous potential for loyalty which can help in building unbreakable bonds with friends.

The ability to keep a secret like no one else, and the power to tap into other people’s emotions and understand them.

Triple Scorpio is a good listener and even better advisor.

The Lesson Of Letting Go Of The Pain

Those who have the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all placed in Scorpio are powerful, loyal, and strong. But it all comes to the most important lesson of life – letting go of the pain!

Cleansing the negative energy is like taking the venom out of our body and starting the journey of healing. Remember, revenge and hatred are like drinking poison, but expecting someone else to be poisoned.  

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