What Is A Triple Capricorn (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Capricorn, we relate to highly ambitious, hardworking, and determined people. As a cardinal sign, these people, ruled by planet Saturn, know how to keep their eyes on the prize.

Their ruler, also referred to as the planet of structure, Saturn, influences the Capricorn to recognize rules and structure as a keen element for success. 

People born under the sign of Capricorn never quit! They don’t mind the hustle and struggle, and any obstacles on their way only motivate them to try harder.

Capricorn is known as one of the most hardworking signs of the Zodiac. They will never stop until the task that is given is thoroughly done.

They have a strong focus and live in the moment. That is why Capricorns are determined to make things happen now rather than later.

Procrastination is something you hardly ever find in these people. 

We love Capricorns because despite how successful they become in life, they always stay humble and let their deeds speak for themself. So is it a gift or baggage to have the Big 3 in Capricorn?

Before you answer that, continue to read as we will explain the meaning of the Big3 and the traits and characteristics of a Triple Capricorn. 

What Is A Triple Capricorn?

Astrology refers to the Sun sign, Moon sign, and the Ascendant (Rising sign) as the Big 3, so when all of them fall in the same sign and form a stellium, you are a Triple Capricorn or a fellow sign.

Why Is The Big 3 So Important?

The Sun, Moon, and Rising signs significantly influence a person’s distinctive traits and personalities.

These three together represent a fundamental part of you. Who you are, how you feel, and how people see you can be found by looking at a person’s Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. 

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun in Capricorn makes you a goal chaser but also an achiever. As a Capricorn Sun sign, you have clear goals in life you want to reach.

Your ambitious nature often leads you to make significant sacrifices in order to complete your dreams and goals.

You are practical, organized, and incredibly focused. The rest of the world may settle for mediocrity, but not you. You strive for excellence in life!

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon sign is how you deal with your emotions and how you process feelings.

The Moon in Capricorn gives you incredible self-confidence as you know your limits, and you are never afraid to push yourself.

You like to challenge yourself. But sometimes, your need to control everything can cause you to feel overwhelmed and distressed.

As we all are aware, you can’t control everything in life, although your Moon in Capricorn may urge you to do it. 

The Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Capricorn

How people perceive you and what is the first impression you leave on them can be discovered by looking at your Rising sign.

When your Ascendant is in Capricorn, people might perceive you as cold and distant.

You could also leave the impression of always being serious and never smiling, but that is if they don’t know your wild side.

However, since you are highly ambitious and money is always on your mind, people can also describe you as highly materialistic. 

Now that we have covered the bases being a Triple Capricorn can be a blessing as you’ll manage to come far in life relying on your ambitions and hardworking nature.

But on the other hand, it can become a burden in the form of obsession over success and money that can take over your life. T

o discover all the blessings or bad sides of being a Triple Capricorn, continue reading…. 

Qualities of a Triple Capricorn


Overly Ambitious

When you are a Triple Capricorn, your ambitious nature is triple times more intensified in you! You could sacrifice your personal life over your career, and you might often do that unconsciously.

Your devotion toward your career goals is so high that it might take up priority over any other area of your life.

Being highly ambitious might not be bad, but not a single success is good enough for you when you are a Triple Capricorn.

You will always find new goals to chase and live wanting more! That can be quite an exhausting and difficult tempo of living. 

A Born Leader

Being born with the Big3 in Capricorn makes you an excellent leader with exceptional leadership skills.

However, you must try to understand that not all people have the inner strength you do, and at times your words can be very hard.

You can be pretty bossy and demanding as a leader, but that is only because you go from yourself. You will always deliver your job perfectly, so you tend to require excellence in your employees’ work.

Firm and strict, you could also be very stubborn and refuse to accept others’ suggestions or opinions, which unfortunately is not a good trait in a great leader! But you can get there if you work on this matter and learn to listen to people more. 

Keeping Up Walls

As a Triple Capricorn, you need time to learn to trust people; even then, your walls can stay up.

It is more difficult and challenging for you to learn to let go and have fun. You might struggle more to shutting off your mind and loosening up.

As most people have Monday till Friday to worry about the job, and to party on the weekends, for you, the concept of enjoying the weekend and doing nothing is hard to accept or understand.

Don’t get us wrong, you do have a wild and fun side, but sometimes you are too afraid to show it as you think it will make you vulnerable.

A Good Friend

a good friend group enjoying drinks at the beach

When it comes to helping people around you succeed and progress in life, you are the first to give them a hand and help out.

You are very familiar with the mantra, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

It is amazing having a Triple Capricorn as a friend, as you give full support and encourage people to live and pursue their dreams as you do. You are a great role model to follow. 

Money Oriented

Triple Capricorn makes you have money on your mind at all times. You are also very careful and somewhat thrifty with your money as you know to value their worth.

However, you don’t hesitate to provide the best life for you and your loved ones with the help of green paper. 

You Work Best When You Follow Rules And Directions

You don’t like to break the rules, as they are present for a reason. Having patterns in life helps you function fully and successfully complete your chores and responsibilities.

As a Triple Capricorn, you are best at your work when you are given directions and guidance you should follow.

Otherwise, you might find yourself lost. However, in a case where there are no rules, you make your own.

Overall, you are strict and firm, just like your ruling planet Saturn and you need structure in your life.

Traditional And Somewhat Conservative

You have great respect for tradition and family values.

It might even make you somewhat conservative, but in your defense, something that was good enough for your grandparents and parents must be good enough for you and future generations. You have great respect for your family and often act as their anchor.

The fact that you always keep up your words ensures your family and your loved ones that they can always count on you and rely on you for support and help.

You are the person that even members of your extended family turn to for advice and guidance.

Slow To Fall In Love

You calculate everything in life, even your emotions. You don’t like to rush into relationships, and falling in love is never an overnight thing for you.

Before you give yourself and your heart, you like to be sure it is the right choice. For you, like most things in life, even love is an investment.

Therefore, you will always ensure it is a wise investment and that you’ll get your fair share of the deal. Yes, as Triple Capricorn, you weigh everything on a scale. You want to receive as much as you give. 

Loyal And Stable 

You are one of the most stable and loyal people in the Zodiac, Triple Capricorn!

For you, the word commitment is always taken very seriously, and you highly value and respect structure, stability, and loyalty.

You may take some time to fall in love, but once you do, it is forever and ever! 

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would live in a highly organized world with a clear set of rules we need to follow.

But you will make it worthy, as the reward of following the rules will come with being able to live in complete harmony and peace.

We can all benefit by learning to chase after our dreams with the courage, determination, and bravery you do! 

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