What Is A Triple Pisces (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Pisces, we relate to emotions, sensitivity, and empathy. The last sign in the Zodiac, Pisces, are people we turn to when we need understanding, comfort, and unconditional love!

They don’t judge, have a heart full of love, and talk to people from a place of understanding and compassion. 

The Fish is ruled by the planet of dreams, Neptune. People born in this sign can travel to any place on Earth just with the power of their creative minds.

You can notice Pisces by having that dreamy look, full of hope and longing.

They tend to daydream a lot! The life in their mind is much more colorful and lovely. They tend to fantasize about having a perfect love story, job, life, etc.

The heart of a Pisces is full of unconditional love and support for the people they love. It is indeed a real treasure having a Pisces in your life!

What Is A Triple Pisces?

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Having your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) all in Pisces means you are a Triple Pisces!

It is a truly unique and rare occasion to be a Triple Pisces! Astrology refers to this phenomenon as the Big3, and if you had the luck to be that person, then this article is for you. 

Next, we talk about what makes you special and who are your unique characteristics by not being an ordinary Pisces. 

The Big3 In Astrology

For you to better understand the meaning of the Big3, we will first go through the basic significance of the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

Sun In Pisces

Your Sun sign is who you are. Your traits and personality come from the placement of the Sun on the day you were born.

Pisces have a gentle soul and the ability to give the whole world love! As a Pisces, you are very creative, intuitive, and trustworthy.

Your ruling planet allows you to see the world differently from the rest. It may be hard to face reality at times, as you tend to see everything through rose-tinted glasses. 

Moon In Pisces

The Moon reflects our inner emotions. By looking at its placement at the time when we were born, we get to discover the most vulnerable and sensitive side of us.

One part we might tend to selfishly keep to ourselves or just for the people we love and count as very close.

With the Moon in Pisces, you can deal with emotions pretty hard because you tend to keep everything close to your heart. As a result, you get very sensitive and emotional.

As the biggest empath in the Zodiac, you are more than able to tap into other people’s emotions.

Not only can you walk a mile in another person’s shoes, but you are also able to feel their pain as yours as well. 

Rising Sign In Pisces

Your Rising sign or the Ascendant is how people see you. Here Astrology looks at what is the first impression you leave on people.

With your Rising sign in Pisces, people may see you as fragile and incredibly emotional.

Sometimes they tend to take advantage of your innocence and can take you for granted.

That is the biggest baggage you have to carry on through your life by having your Ascendant sign in Pisces.

Now that we know the basic facts about Triple Pisces, let us look deeper into the meaning of having the Big3 in this water sign. 

Qualities of a Triple Pisces

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Energy Sponge

As a Triple Pisces, you could read and sense energy like no other sign. You are able to read people’s energy without even wanting. It is just who you are.

In a room with just a single person who is in a bad mood, you can instantly sense them.

Having the Big3 in Pisces makes you an excellent psychic and an energy channel.

There is no doubt that this is a gift as much as a burden. You could feel incredibly exhausted and drained after spending too much time with people. 

Absorbing Negative Energy

You have the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into a positive but at your own expense.

For a Triple Pisces, it is the most important thing to make sure you always cut negative and toxic relationships in your life.

In addition, you need to protect yourself and your health by protecting your energy. It will be wise to look for crystals such as Selenite and Amethyst for energy protection and cleansing of your Aura. 

Incredibly Empathic

You are able to tap into other people’s pain, grief, sorrow, anger, or happiness instantly.

However, as Triple Pisces, the negative side of this is that not only you can sense these emotions but share them as your own.

If people close to you are hurting, you are hurting as well. There are cases when a Triple Pisces describes the same pain on their body as the person actually experiencing it. 

Big Dreamer

Dreams are a big part of your life. As a Triple Pisces, Neptune has the most influence on you.

You dream when you sleep, and you dream when you are awake.

It could be extremely difficult for you at times to make distinctions between what is reality and what is actually the result of your imagination.

You could spend hours and hours daydreaming about all the things you want in life. The negative side of this is not being able to be satisfied with what reality has to offer!

Fantasizing A Lot!

You could dream and fantasize about finding your perfect partner, and in your dreams, all is flawless.

But, unfortunately, that kind of perfection can only exist in your fantasies.

So when you face reality and the world, you could end up feeling disappointed and sad.

You could spend your life feeling like something is missing, and that is because you tend to fantasize a lot and refuse to accept that those fantasies can’t actually transform into a reality.

After all, well, they are too perfect!

Caring and Nurturing

You like it when you get to care about people and help. You have a big heart ready to let in anyone who needs love and nurturing.

However, it is dangerous how naive and open as a Triple Pisces you can be with people you know very little.

You could end up hurt and heartbroken just because you tend to see the best in people.

That is humble and kind, but never refuse to see people through the eyes of someone close to you as other people don’t have your rose-tinted glasses on. 

Highly Emotional

Triple Pisces might be the most emotional people in the Zodiac! You are a ball of emotions and feelings.

So yes, you can sometimes be oversensitive and cry a lot, but looking at the bright side, at least you are not repressing your emotions which is very healthy!

Incredibly Creative

Your ruling planet has a Triple effect on you. First, your imagination and creativity are over the roof!

Working in the art world or having a creative job could bring fortune and abundance to you because, let’s face it, there is no one better at creativity, art, or vivid imagination than you. 

Highly Intuitive

You should never stop listening to your intuition! Allow your guts to follow you in life and listen to that small voice in your head.

As a Triple Pisces, they are incredibly strong and on point.

Trust us when we say that no one is more intuitive than a Triple Pisces. You can sense and know things before they even happen!

Deep Need For Love

In this sometimes cold world, you can’t imagine yourself functioning on your own!

Being a Triple Pisces means you have an incredible need to love and be loved. And not only in a romantic way!

You seek love within your family circle, friendships, and colleagues.

Your emotional side can’t understand the concept of someone being ok with being alone and not caring about love. Love is practically the sole center of your Universe!

The Biggest Romantics

Yes, the award for who is the biggest romantic of all goes to you.

Candles, flowers, a night under the stars, gazing into your partner’s eyes for hours… you name it!

As a Triple Pisces, you get all the credit for the romance in the relationship.

Without any withhold, you are ready to sacrifice yourself for the person you love and for love! What can be more romantic than that?!

Time Alone To Recharge

Although you always seek love in your life, you also can be a looner. But just until you recharge yourself and your energy is ready to handle people.

Use your unique connection with nature and water, and spend as much time as you can outside and near the sea, ocean, lake, or river, as it is the fastest way to recharge your batteries and renew your strength!

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would live in a world created from a Fairytale.

Everyone will be nice, kind, and giving. We would place love on a pedestal and never take it for granted!

We could all use to be a little more like you, Triple Pisces, and dare to dream of a better world.

You could teach us about hope and faith and never giving up on people we love!

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