What Is A Triple Aries? (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Aries, we instantly think of power and charm!   Yes, people born under the sign of Aries are one of the biggest charmers in the Zodiac. I mean, who can resist their fearlessness and intensive self-confidence when they approach you? 

Aries is a fire sign ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Mars governs strength, passion, and energy. The Bull is constantly in motion, and they are very clear on what they want! Adventurous and full of energy, there is nothing that can stop these people from getting what they want. And that is hot!

Aries is a cardinal sign or the initiator of the Zodiac. These people represent a spark or idea. They think big, and you’ll always catch them passing from one to another project as they quickly become bored from what they were doing previously.

The Bull polarity is masculine, which has nothing to do with gender but with how this sign focuses its energy. Masculine signs thrive off outer energy, and they love to go out and be among people. 

Having The Big 3 In Aries

What Is A Triple Aries

Obviously, being an Aries has its perks, but what does it mean if you are a triple Aries? Let’s go through the basics first.

In case you don’t know much about Astrology, having a stellium in Aries, or your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising sign) are all in Aries, you are a triple Aries.

This is also known as the Big 3 in Astrology, and this is how it impacts you. 

Sun in Aries

The Sun sign represents our main characteristics and traits. Aries is bold, highly energetic, and not shy at all.

They have a child-like nature and love to explore. Being an Aries Sun sign means you need constant stimulation in life, both physically and mentally.

You don’t like to be tamed down and highly value your independence. 

Moon in Aries

The Moon is all about emotions and how people deal with their feelings. Having the Moon in Aries gives you the power to enjoy your solitude. You are not afraid to be alone, although that is hardly possible with your outgoing nature.

The Moon in Aries makes you rather impulsive and short-tempered, so it is best if people don’t mess around with you or play with your emotions.

Once you are aroused, there is no holding back!

Rising Sign (The Ascendant) in Aries

Your Rising sign points out how people perceive you and what impression you leave on them. If your Ascendant is in Aries, you are seen as a fearless and independent person.

However, chances are you come off as sometimes intimidating to people around you, as you always know what you want and can be pretty opinionated.

People that don’t know you can sometimes see you as trouble or problematic, but people close to you know that you are only trying to protect what you want and most care for. 

It is not easy being a triple Aries, and in order to better understand what it means, having the Big 3 in Aries, continue reading this article.

Next, we look at the characteristics of a Triple Aries and help you understand your personality better.  

Triple Aries Have A Truly Explosive Personality!

You are dynamic and impulsive! I mean, Mars rules your Sun sign! Sometimes your temper can be a real problem, especially in situations when you need to withhold yourself and stay calm.

It can be truly hard for you to control yourself from expressing your emotions and opinions. Keeping a poker face is not your strongest trait.

Boy or a girl, being a triple Aries means you’ll always react, especially if provoked. It wouldn’t be surprising if you used to get in a lot of fights as a child and still continue squeezing your fists to this day when you feel angry or being provoked.

However, violence is never an answer, and I am sure you are pretty aware of that.

Powerful and Magnetic!

Knowing what you want in life always gives you the upper hand. Being in control and not showing fear gives you an advantage, and as a triple Aries, you are somewhat superior compared to others in many ways.

Your tremendous confidence is magnetic! People almost instantly notice when you enter the room, and just by the way you walk, it can be seen you are a triple Aries.

You walk with your head up high, looking directly at people, smiling since you know how good you look!

However, your independence and self-confidence can be so intensified at times that they become a stumbling block when it comes to forming close personal relationships.  

You Can Come Out As Too Strong And Straightforward!

You are very honest and direct. The Moon in Aries overshadows your sensitive side, and you rather tell it as it is than circle it around. That said, you really don’t like when people act needy and clingy.

Only a partner that gives you complete freedom and space to be yourself can manage to keep you close. Otherwise, before they blink, you have already moved on and found somebody new.

Being a triple Aries, you don’t want to depend on anyone or anything. But you also expect the same from people in your surroundings. 

Only Your Way Is The Right Way! 

You are very strongly opinionated and incredibly stubborn. Unfortunately, you often take different opinions and views as a personal attack, and if you try to see them as friendly comments, things can get much easier for you.

Not every disagreement is a criticism of you or your behavior. Triple Aries can often mean a triple harder for someone to make you change your mind and accept a suggestion.

You know it all, and you know it best! But we both know that is not possible, isn’t it? Please, don’t argue with me, Triple Aries; continue reading. 😉

Incredibly Impatient

You don’t like to wait, and your lack of patience is your worst enemy. I believe Triple Aries wrote the lyrics, “I want it all! I want it now!” – (Queen, I want it all).

Patience might be a virtue, but you will never know! You walk fast, you drive fast, and you hate standing in lines!

In situations where you must wait or stay still, you tend to become intolerant and unbearable.

It is safe to say you are not the most wanted customer in a market, the bank, or any place you need to wait! Luckily your incredible charm helps!

Not Really An A-Student.

Education and studying are not fields that catch your attention. On the other hand, sport and adventure are more appealing.

It is not rare as triple Aries that you may not have even taken the time to get a good education.

Education degrees and titles don’t attract you, and for that matter, people who have them are most often perceived by you as pretentious and boring.

However, this doesn’t mean you don’t use your mind. On the contrary, your mind is always working and engaged.

You are very intelligent but more of a street-smart rather than an A-student.

Great Leadership Skills!

Ideas come pretty easy to you, and you have the boldness to act. You have natural authority over people, and they listen to you.

You are a great leader, but you might choose your right hand to be someone who has the qualities of tactics and careful planning.

You are more of a person – “Let’s do this fast and just get it over with!” 

Great Friend And Protector Of The People You Love!

As a triple Aries, you don’t allow anyone to mess with your family, friends, and loved ones.

You are incredibly protective and defensive of what matters to you. In a relationship, you can be very jealous and possessive, but not in a controlling way.

Freedom is what you demand, so by any means, you won’t take it from your partner.

However, if someone looks at your significant one, you can instantly burst into flames!

Learning to trust each other and create a firm bond can help you overcome all of those jealous moments and unnecessary arguments in the relationship. 

You Can Act Selfishly

Often, being a triple Aries means your needs come first. Don’t get the wrong impression.

You don’t have a problem sharing what you have with others around you. That is not the kind of selfishness you can show.

You can come out as selfish when it is about fulfilling your needs and desires.

You can sometimes act like a three-year-old and demand to be your way! You like when things are going your way, and that leaves very little for the other person even to have a saying. 

Extreme Desire For Adventure And Fun!

You like to have fun and live every day differently. Routine and patterns don’t match your triple Aries personality.

You’ll run fast from boring people, jobs, events, and life! You are not afraid to make changes, pack your bags, and leave if that guarantees the adventure of your life!

The average and ordinary are never enough for you, and you always strive for more!

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living without a moment of boredom or dullness!

You are all about adventure, fun, and living life! We can all use some of your fiery passion and energy to get up from bed and conquer the world!

You can be many things, but never lazy or sluggish. 

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