How Does A Leo Man Show Interest In A Woman (12 WAYS!)

If you have fallen for the charm of a Leo man, we completely understand! This man is ruled by the Sun, which explains why he radiates such warm energy wherever he appears.

It is easy for a man born under the sign of Leo to draw people towards him as he is friendly, social, and entertaining.

However, it is his friendly side that might tend to confuse you, and it can make things difficult for you to know if a Leo man is truly into you or if he is just being nice and friendly to you. 

Therefore you need to continue reading this article as we tell you all you need to know about Leo man and, most importantly, how a Leo man shows interest in a woman. 

What To Know About Leo Men

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Leo Man Is Intelligent, Kind-Hearted, And An Entertainer

In order for you to better understand your Leo man let us go first through the main characteristics of the sign and answer the question – What is a Leo man truly like?

Leo is a fire sign whose modality is fixed, meaning he drives on his passion, and you can always rely on him.

This man is known to be highly energetic and known to thrive on attention.

Complimenting and praising your Leo man always helps you to get closer to his heart.

But avoid being overbearing and clingy, as the one thing this man doesn’t like in a woman is being too needy.

Leo Man Seeks A Woman That Is Passionate And Independent

If most men are afraid of a strong-minded woman, Leo man is pretty much the opposite.

This strong masculine man knows how to match his energy with the one equally strong and powerful woman like him.

In fact, being strong and independent is what a Leo man seeks in a woman.

Yes, you’ll need to get used to the fact that he will always be in the center of attention, but if he likes you, you’ll never feel left out, not for a second.

Get Ready For An Adventure! 

If you like to hold on to a Leo man’s attention, you must avoid routine, monotony, and predictability in your relationship.

This man likes to live life to its fullest, and the woman next to him must be able to keep up the step with him.

Adventure, fun, and free-spirit are a must if you want to be with a Leo man. If you respect him and act with confidence, your Leo man will be ready to give you its heart and love you unconditionally! 

Now when you know what your Leo man is like and what kind of woman attracts him, continue reading to find out if your Leo man likes you.

Next, we discover all the small and big gestures this man makes when he is interested in a woman. 

How Does A Leo Man Show Interest In A Woman

Couple about to kiss - How Does A Leo Man Show Interest In A Woman

He Will Try To Impress You! 

Leo is no different from the Lion, the King of the jungle.

Once he meets a woman that interests him, this man will do all in his power to show you that he is the best among everyone else.

He will show off by wearing his best clothes, talking about his professional success, and mentioning his valuable possessions.

Don’t mistake him for a shallow or superficial person. It is only the primal instinct of a man to want to impress you this way, as in the man world, it means he is a breadwinner.

Leo man has a big Ego, so don’t laugh when you notice him standing straighter, trying to look taller and bigger when he is in your company. 

A Date Like One From A Red Carpet!

If a Leo man likes you, he will roll down the red carpet when he takes you out on a date!

It might not be the very first date, as he needs to assure him that you are the right one for him, but the moment he knows he truly likes you, nothing is too much!

He will take you to an expensive restaurant and order the best on the menu.

Afterward, you might receive an enormous bouquet to thank you for the great night, and he’ll keep mentioning great places and restaurants the two of you can visit.

Keep in mind that Leo’s life is lavishing, and if he likes you, he’ll want you to be part of his luxurious and extravagant life. 

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He Will Make Sure The World Sees You Together

Leo man likes the best of the best. So when it comes to partners, he might be picky. This man likes to have the best, so if he chooses you, take it as a compliment.

After all, he is the King, which makes you his Queen. When a Leo man is interested in a woman, he’ll like to mark his territory, and that means he will be eager to show you off to the world.

If he chooses to take you out on the most popular and hot places at the moment, know that he wants to brag with you and at the same time mark you as his.

Before he even tells you something, know that your Leo man is showing his interest in you by not holding back from being seen in public in your company.

Keep in mind that this man might be friendly, but when it comes to partners, he will not show off in public with one just like that.

Here you have one of the easiest and biggest clues to know if he is interested in you. 

He Will Fight For Your Attention

Just as his Lion Zodiac symbol, your Leo man will try to grab your attention.

This man knows what he wants, and he is not afraid to go after it, so the sudden visits to your office or running into him at your favorite bar is just a strategic move on his part to make sure he has your attention.

Once you seem to notice your Leo man everywhere you go, know that this man is into you and he likes you.

If he weren’t interested in you, a Leo man with his social popularity would have so many places to be, instead of going to the same bar three times in a row while you are there too. 

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People Will Notice He Likes You

Being subtle is not much of a Leo man thing. Instead, this man is very straightforward and direct, so if people start noticing he is into you, know they are right.

Moreover, if you feel like this man is interested in you, chances are you are not mistaken.

A Leo man might be a lot of things, but shy and timid are not one of them.

He will make sure you know he likes you and go fearlessly after you, just as he goes after anything he wants in life.

What a Leo man wants, a Leo man gets, well, most of the time. 

He Compliments And Flatters You

Your Leo man is someone that enjoys attention and compliments, and we already have established that.

But the moment he starts praising and complimenting you, know that he is very much interested in you.

Moreover, a Leo man is not someone who will spread around with compliments just like that. He might enjoy flattering, but he will not return it back unless he really means it.

So when he says to you, “You look nice” or “You are beautiful,” note that he is also expressing his interest in you. 

Making Physical Contact With You

If your Leo man touches your hand, back or shoulder every chance he gets, he is trying to tell you he likes you.

This man is very much into giving affection and the power of the touch.

Holding your hand a minute longer or giving you a long hug is a clear sign of this man’s interest in you, and moreover, he is testing the energy flow between you.

We all know the chemistry between two people is essential for the success of a relationship. 

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He Makes Sure You Two Have An Intimate Time Together

If a Leo man pulls out of the crowd and takes you with him to a quiet place to talk to you, it is a clear signal of his affection.

This man loves being in large groups of people, so any time he decides to withdraw and spend time with just the two of you, it means he genuinely likes you.

Likewise, talking to you for hours while a party is going on is a way for this man to get to know you.

You don’t need a bigger proof of him being interested in you than the one having his full focus and attention. 

It’s All In The Eyes

When a Leo man likes a woman, you can tell by the way he looks at you. He will look directly at you, wait for your eyes to make contact, and then keep staring at you.

This man is powerful and dominant, and locking eyes with you is his way of telling you this. If you like him too, keep looking directly at his eyes and then smile.

It won’t be long before this man approaches you and makes you feel like you are the only ones in the room. 

He Likes To Share His Hobbies And Interests With You

The Leo man is pretty self-sufficient and independent. He doesn’t need company in order to pursue the activities he is passionate about.

What we are trying to say is that a Leo man is not someone who needs you but rather wants you.

So if he invites you to participate in something he is deeply passionate about, it is a sign of his interest in you.

He will also make sure to show interest in your hobbies and favorite activities as this man likes to learn and discover new things.

So to keep him interested in you, ensure you have a wide spectrum of interests and hobbies. 

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He Seeks Your Approval

He might seem strong and highly confident, but when a Leo man is interested in a woman, he wants to know how you feel about him.

Your opinion about him matters to this man, and most importantly, he will want to know if you like him too.

Therefore, your Leo man will make sure to ask what you think about some of his work projects or personal goals, whether you like his shirt or hair, and other cute questions. Seeking your approval means he is interested in you and that he likes you. 

Getting Jealous If You Talk To Other Men

Yes, Leo is very confident and secure in himself, but it doesn’t mean he is not jealous. In fact, if this man is interested in a woman, he will find it hard to hide his jealousy.

As a result, you can see him asking you all sorts of questions about who is the man you were talking to and what was the topic.

Don’t forget that Leo is a fire sign, so he can be highly impulsive and protective, particularly if another man threatens to steal what he already considers as his.

As a note to this, keep in mind that trying to make this man jealous by flirting with other men can be a huge red flag and only chase him away from you.

Leo’s motto is simple – If you are with the King, why need to look at others?

In conclusion, if a Leo man is interested in you, it won’t take too long before he comes forward and expresses his emotions to you.

As mentioned before, this man is not afraid to go after what he wants, and his courageous nature is a huge part of his irresistible charm.

He will go over the top to show you his love and devotion, but you need to know that he will expect the same in return.

A relationship with a Leo man can quickly turn into the most passionate and fiery romantic connection you have ever had with a man!

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