What Is The Taurus Man Communication Style?! (23 THINGS TO KNOW!)

Taurus Men are very reliable and understanding. They are typically easy to get along with. The Taurus man is patient and avoids conflict.

Taurus is a fixed sign therefore at times, they can be quite stubborn and tend to hold onto their values.

They are opinionated and it can take a while before they are ready to accept something they do not understand.

Men born under this sign tend to listen more than they speak, be extremely direct, and be very flirty (if interested in you romantically.)

In relationships, they are patient and understanding of their partners. As an Earth sign, the Taurus man is responsible and serious.

They are committed to their relationships and always try to solve any problem they encounter.

Let’s dive into the qualities of a Taurus man and his style of communication…

How Does A Taurus Man Communicate

Man talking an using his hands

He Is Reliable

Taurus is an earth sign so they have a strong sense of responsibility.

They are good at helping others, and you can easily rely on them for anything important. They are serious and know how to resolve problems in the best possible way.

When a Taurus says something, you can trust they mean it. A Taurus guy will typically be true and honor his word.

This isn’t the zodiac sign that will give off mixed signals.

He Is Stubborn

Taurus is a Fixed sign. Therefore, Taurus men are one to hold onto their values and beliefs. He may find it difficult to accept anything he does not understand.

He can be quite stubborn and close-minded, so communication with him can be hard, and changing his mind about anything will be almost impossible.

This sign won’t flipflop or change their mind easily. Although this can be infuriating when dating, it means that if they say something today, that will likely still hold true for them two weeks (or two years) later.

So you always know where you stand with them as they don’t change their mind often (or ever.)

This can make him very committed to his ideas and anything he pursues. He is unlikely to give up on the things he truly believes in. 

He Is Attentive

Taturus guy being attentive during conversation

Taurus men are good at listening in conversations. They pay attention to the things you have to say and are very focused on you.

They have good memory and are likely to remember a lot of the things you say to them. They are attentive and interested in the conversations they hold with others.

You’ve likely noticed the eye contact with a Taurus guy is a bit intense. They are paying attention to your every word and show genuine interest in what you have to say.

And trust me, if he doesn’t like you or value your friendship, you will be able to notice as well. He may not give you his full attention.

Hell. He may give you less than 50% of it and scope around the room. Although kind-hearted, they don’t fake interest so you always know where you stand.

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He Is Optimistic

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony. This signifies that the Taurus man can have a very optimistic and abundant mindset.

He wants the best for others and he is very positive in his approach. Conversations with him can always make you feel better and more optimistic.

Even if he is in a bad place, he always tries to look forward to something good happening soon.

If you’re going through a rough patch, he will want to talk and offer words of advice. This can be frustrating for some, as sometimes you just want to vent and don’t necessarily want advice.

But a Taurus guy will always try and see the cup half full and try to help you in anyway he knows how.

He Is Patient

The Taurus man is very patient and understanding of others. In conversations, he takes his time before making a decision or forming an opinion on a certain topic.

He prefers to analyze the situation before making a decision. He is unlikely to be impulsive and primal, especially when he has to do something important. 

He may also be the type that pauses before replying. It’s as if he’s carefully analyzing and picking his words deliberately.

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He Is Charismatic

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction, so the Taurus man is naturally very charismatic and likable.

He attracts the attention of others and can easily leave a great impression on people. He is a good communicator and knows how to make others feel good around him.

He could be a sweet talker and always brings out the best side of others.

People are naturally drawn to Taurus men and he may not even realize it. He has a subtle charismatic power that he isn’t even aware of many times.

Even if you’re dealing with a shy Taurus, they still have this silent charisma about them that draws people in.

He Is Confident

The Taurus man is very confident in his intellect and abilities.

He is very secure and self-assured. He knows his worth, and in conversations, he is unlikely to self-deprecate or make himself look bad in any way.

Taurus has a lot of pride and self-worth, so he always makes sure to put his best self forward.

These men think very highly of themselves, and it’s very unlikely that they are described as ‘humble’ by many.

This doesn’t mean they walk around with an inflated ego, but it does mean they have no problem putting their foot down.

They aren’t the types to be talked down to and are infamous for their temper, especially if they feel disrespected by you.

He Can Be Flirtatious

Flrty man and woman looking into each others eyes deeply

Taurus is charismatic and likeable. As a Venus-ruled sign, Taurus can be very attractive and can easily draw the attention of others.

The Taurus man can be quite flirtatious and knows how to make the people around him feel like the only one in the room when they talk to him.

He knows how to compliment others, make strong eye contact, and people may feel like their best selves when they are around him. He brings out people’s confidence. 

Their body language isn’t overtly sexual, but there is always a hint of flirty energy with them. As an earth sign, they are very sensual and there may be some hidden (sexual) meanings behind their words.

He Can Be Close-Minded

Taurus are Fixed signs and are well known for their stubbornness and inability to accept the things they do not understand. This can (and usually does) become a problem.

Oftentimes, he is unwilling to change his mind or opinions. He is patient enough to learn, but he can be very stubborn and tends to hold onto his values.

At times, this can lead to arguments. He is unlikely to make compromises or change his mind.

Being close-minded can lead to conflicts and disagreements in relationships. It can also be difficult to grow and evolve with them if they aren’t willing to explore new ideas, perspectives, or ways of thinking.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most negative traits a Taurus guy has. Being close-minded can create a barrier in your relationship and communication style.

It can prevent the two of you from truly understanding each other and connecting.

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He Is Trustworthy

On a brighter note, Taurus men are very loyal and trustworthy.

He respects the people he loves, and when someone confides something personal in him, he is unlikely to share that information with others.

Taurus men are reliable and serious. If they say something, makes a promise or commitment, you can rely on them to honor their word.

This is extremely important as it allows both parties to feel secure in their relationship. You have very little to worry about with a Taurus guy once he has given you his word.

He Easily Solves Problems

Taurus is very patient and understanding of others.

If you have a problem and you share it with a Taurus man, he is likely to do anything possible to help you solve it.

He is very patient and is willing to put the time into thinking of ways to fix your problem and help you. 

These men tend to be practical and solution-oriented. They love to solve problems and always have advice to give.

Depending on who is on the receiving end, it can be taken well or seen as ‘overbearing.’ Just know that they mean well.

In fact, if they go into ‘problem-solving mode’ with you, it generally means they care about you and your well-being.

If they didn’t, they would probably give you some generic reply and move the conversation along.

Trust me, I hate unsolicited advice as much as the next guy. But know it’s coming from a place of concern and love, not control or thinking they ‘know better.’ (Unless, of course, you’re dating a narcissist. More on that in another post.)

He Is Knowledgeable

Man reading a book

The Taurus man is very educated and knowledgeable. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so he is intelligent and understanding.

He can have various interests and may know a lot about certain subject, like art and history. He always finds an interesting topic to talk about and discuss.

Because they also tend to have a broad knowledge on multiple subjects, they tend to be a very interesting person to get to know.

This can lead to meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas.

He Is Understanding

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony and peace. This means Taurus men value peace and can be very understanding of those around them.

In conversations, he always tries to listen to the other person and make them feel valid. He is good at providing reassurance for those in need. 

They try to emotionally connect and see what you’re going through. He’ll typically try to find common ground as well during conflicts, even if they are extremely stubborn.

This is a good person to open up to as they will always try their best to put themselves in your shoes.

He Is Appreciative

The Taurus man never fails to show his appreciation and affection for the people he loves. In communication, he is very kind and understanding.

He always pays respect to the person he talks to. In a romantic relationship, he is great at complimenting his partner and giving them reassurance.

He shows his gratitude for the people around him.

This can show up as being physically affectionate, but more often than not, he will be kind and genuine with his words. Letting you know just how much you mean to him.

He Has A Beautiful Voice

Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty and harmony. The Taurus man can be blessed with a nice voice and a beautiful way of talking.

He may draw the attention of others when he speaks. He can be a great singer or narrator. He can speak in a very calm manner. He is eloquent. 

This also ties into the previous point about charisma. You mix his beautiful voice plus that charisma and this man can sweet-talk anyone.

He Can Be Easily Misunderstood

Taurus can be easily misunderstood in conversations. At times they may find it hard to be expressive and may find it difficult to explain their opinions in depth.

This shows that at times they can be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others. They aren’t very direct in communication and may prefer to keep quiet and avoid sharing too much with others.

This sign can easily be seen as ‘reserved,’ but they aren’t, at least not once they’ve gotten to know you.

They don’t play games, but they can be hard to read at times and it causes a lot of frustration for those closest to them.

He Is Financially Responsible

The Taurus man is very financially responsible. He is very patient when making financial decisions and is unlikely to take risks.

In his relationships, he has no problem communicating about money and his financial plans. He is ambitious and driven and seeks to live a financially comfortable life.

Taurus loves luxury, high-quality items, and the finer things in life. He will do anything he can to live that lifestyle. He can be generous, and he may love spoiling his partner. 

On the negative side of things, he can be overly concerned with status symbols and flaunt his wealth.

He may casually brag about what he has or is buying, as these items are important to him. This can make him seem ‘douchey’ or materialistic to some.

He Is Avoidant Of Conflict

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of peace therefore, a Taurus man is unlikely to seek conflict.

Moreover, he can be avoidant of conflict and any form of argument. He finds it difficult to deal with any situations that can disrupt his peace.

He may keep quiet about a lot of problems in his relationships in order to avoid any potential arguments. 

These men can ‘shut down’ when conflict is presented. They may not want to talk or address it.

This is a major issue for romantic relationships, especially if you’re in it for the long haul.

He Can Be Mysterious

Although Taurus is a very charismatic sign, at times, he can be quite mysterious and may prefer to keep a lot to himself.

He isn’t very talkative or expressive of his emotions. In relationships, he enjoys spending time with his partner, but communication may not be his number one priority.

There can be an aura of mystery surrounding him, especially around people whom he doesn’t know that well. He can be difficult to read.

These types of men tend to never reveal their hand. They like to sit back and analyze the people in their lives before opening up fully.

He Is Creative

Craetive man - One of the unknown taurus man secrets is they are extremely ccreative individuals

Venus rules Taurus making these men very artistic and creative. He can be good at writing or drawing. He is very expressive of himself and his emotions.

He may use a creative outlet to show that side of himself. The Taurus man is likely to be one who enjoys spending time on his creative hobbies and activities.

He can have various interests and is likely to have a hidden talent, which may take others by surprise.

Because they have a creative mind, they are likely to be very witty and see things differently. Most Taurus are known for their quick wit, sarcasm, and banter.

He Is Persistent

As a fixed sign, they are naturally very stubborn and persistent. Once the Taurus man sets his mind on something, he is unlikely to give up on it.

He wants to turn his ideas into reality no matter how much time it may take. He is committed to the things he wants in life. 

This persistence can show up in your relationship with them in numerous ways. They are unlikely to give up easily on a relationship with you.

They’ll work hard to make things work and be clear.

On the other side, this persistence can be annoying if its on a topic you want to just move on from.

He Is Ambitious

The Taurus man can be very ambitious and stubborn.

He wants the best for himself and those around him so he will try to do anything to make the right plan and pursue what he wants. 

Since he loves the good life, his work will likely come first.

This can be frustrating if you’re trying to talk to him about something and he’s in ‘work mode.’

It will be like he muted you and just isn’t paying you any mind during that time. These men are known to silence their phones when working and forget the world exists.

He Needs Reassurance

Taurus is a fixed sign and this normally means he has a big ego and can be quite prideful. Therefore he requires a lot of validation and verbal reassurance from those around him, especially his partner.

He needs someone who makes him feel valid and worthy, someone who compliments his achievements and makes him feel good about himself.

At face value, this can make him seem needy. Taurus like to feel important and validated, and if he isn’t getting that may casually fish for compliments.

What Is The Taurus Man Texting Style?

man texting on iphone - What is the Taurus men texting style?!

Taurus guys can be a complex texter. He can be quite easy to misunderstand because he is patient and takes his time in his responses, so others can easily perceive this as a lack of interest from his side. 

He is unlikely to reach out first because he can be quite passive and may prefer the other party to initiate contact.  

Although he is unlikely to show interest at first, he can be quite stubborn, and it will be noticeable when he wants to create a stronger and more personal connection with someone. 

He will be attentive, and he will remember a lot of small details about the other person which was mentioned in their chats. These can be offhand comments you make that you didn’t pay any attention to, but you’ll notice he did.

The Taurus man is a sweet talker and he can be very flirtatious when messaging his romantic interest. He is good at giving compliments and making the other person feel special and wanted. 

The Taurus man might not be the best texter, but he is good at showing his interest, and he can be very stubborn when he likes someone.

Regardless of how busy he is, he will make time to text them and arrange a date with them. 

In General…

The Taurus man is not very communicative or easy to understand. Despite that, he is reliable and trustworthy – he is someone who can always help you in times of need.

He has the ability to solve problems on his own. He is patient and persistent – once he sets his mind on something, he will commit to it and take all of the needed steps to have it. 

The Taurus man is charismatic and sweet, he knows how to make others feel complimented and valid. He is attentive and flirtatious. He avoids conflict in conversations and has a very peaceful presence.

The Taurus man can be a bad texter due to his inability to reach out first and initiate contact. Despite that, if he does have interest in someone, he will make sure to show it.

He pays attention to details and can always brighten your day with his words and compliments.

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