How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Heartbreak

Heartbreak can feel like wandering through a maze with no exit in sight. But fear not! The stars above might just hold the secrets to navigating this emotional labyrinth.

Whether you’re a fiery Aries charging headfirst into new adventures or a contemplative Pisces swimming through your sea of feelings, each zodiac sign has its unique roadmap for healing a broken heart.

Here is how each sign deals with the highs and lows of heartbreak…

How Each Zodiac Sign Deal With Heartbreak


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When heartbreak hits, Aries doesn’t just walk it off—they sprint. Always ready to turn lemons into lemonade, they dive into new activities, ensuring there’s no time to dwell on past heartaches.

Their strategy is simple: stay busy, stay bright, and stay ahead.


Taurus takes the scenic route to recovery. They curl up with comfort food and nostalgic movies, creating a cozy cocoon until their heart feels ready to face the world again.

For them, healing is best done in a warm blanket with perhaps a large pizza by their side.

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Gemini deals with heartbreak the way they handle life: they talk it out.

Whether it’s a deep conversation with friends or a new blog post, sharing their thoughts helps clear their mind. Geminis find solace in social interaction and intellectual distractions.


Cancer retreats into their shell, finding solace in the privacy of their home. It’s all about self-care and perhaps, a good cry in a comfy blanket fort.

Their heart heals in quiet moments and gentle self-reflection.


Leo turns a breakup into a glow-up. They’re at the salon, trying out new looks, or on social media, sharing their life’s new highlights reel.

Leos recover by reminding everyone, including themselves, just how fabulous they really are.


Virgo busies themselves making lists of lessons learned and ways to avoid future heartache, possibly while reorganizing their closet for the fifth time this week.

They believe in constructive recovery, aligning everything from emotions to sock drawers.

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Libra seeks harmony in the arts, finding balance through creative expression, be it painting, poetry, or music.

Their recovery involves aesthetics and sharing time with close friends to restore their inner peace and equilibrium.

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Scorpio plunges into the emotional depths, emerging reborn and ready to conquer new challenges. They’re not just moving on; they’re leveling up.

A Scorpio transforms heartbreak into a force for personal empowerment and profound change.


Sagittarius packs their bags and heads for new horizons—literally. A spontaneous trip or a new class helps remind them that the world is vast and full of possibilities.

They heal by exploring and learning, finding joy in new experiences.


Capricorn channels their inner CEO, turning personal goals into a mission.

Their practical and disciplined nature ensures that even their heartbreak is managed with precision and proactive effort, aiming always to build a stronger foundation for the future.

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Aquarius finds solace in helping others, often turning their focus outward to community projects.

Their healing comes from being part of something larger than themselves, engaging in social causes and innovative ideas that benefit the wider world.

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Pisces swims through their emotions, often using their artistic talents to navigate through their feelings, finding peace in the beauty they create from their sorrows.

Their approach to heartbreak is both mystical and creative, allowing them to flow around their pain until they can heal.

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