10 Signs You’re Dealing With An Energy Vampire (BEWARE!)

Have you ever been around someone and just felt like things… weren’t right?

Maybe after spending time with them, you felt unusually tired, emotionally drained, or just plain upset.

This isn’t normal.

Healthy, good relationships should leave you feeling better, not worse.

You might actually be dealing with an emotional vampire.

These individuals have a unique way of sucking the positivity out of you and filling the air with negativity.

If you’ve never dealt with one before, or need help spotting the signs, we’ve got you covered…

Understanding these signs can help you protect your energy and maintain healthier relationships with the RIGHT people…

Signs You’re Dealing With An Energy Vampire

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They Drain Your Energy

Ever feel like you need a nap after hanging out with someone? Emotional vampires have a knack for making you feel emotionally depleted after every encounter.

It’s like they suck the life right out of you.

You might notice a pattern where your energy dips significantly during or after interactions with them, leaving you feeling drained for hours or even days.

Constant Negativity

No matter what’s happening, they have a dark cloud hanging over them. This person sees the glass half empty and often brings your mood down too.

Their constant negativity can make any conversation feel like a downer. It’s difficult to share any good news with them because they always find a way to overshadow it with gloom.

Need for Attention

Emotional vampires thrive on being the center of attention. If they’re not in the spotlight, they might sulk or create drama just to regain focus.

Their need for attention can be exhausting for everyone around. They often use their emotions as bait to keep you engaged, making you feel guilty if you don’t cater to their needs.

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Lack of Boundaries

They text you at all hours, ask overly personal questions, or borrow things without returning. An emotional vampire doesn’t really understand or respect your personal space.

They might show up uninvited or push you into conversations or situations that make you uncomfortable. This disregard for boundaries can be particularly challenging to navigate.

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Blame Shifting

Nothing is ever their fault. They’re experts at playing the blame game and making sure someone else always takes the fall for their mistakes.

Even when it’s clear that they’re at fault, they’ll twist the story and point fingers elsewhere, often convincing others to doubt the true version of events.

Lack of Empathy

Struggling with a tough day? Don’t expect much comfort. Emotional vampires struggle to put themselves in others’ shoes, making them seem cold or indifferent to your feelings.

Their inability to empathize can leave you feeling unsupported and misunderstood in times of need.

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Victim Mentality

They always seem to have it worse than anyone else. Emotional vampires often play the victim to manipulate others and attract sympathy and attention their way.

This tactic not only diverts attention back to them but also evades any responsibility they might have in a situation.

They’re Critical Of You

Emotional vampires frequently criticize others and can be dismissive of others’ achievements. Their comments often contain a sting, aimed to belittle rather than constructively critique.

This can make you feel undervalued and insecure about your own successes. They seem to find joy in pointing out flaws and rarely give compliments that don’t include a backhanded element.

It’s a way for them to maintain a sense of superiority by keeping others around them feeling small.

portrait photograph, man at cafe, very handsome with masculine features, and dark hair, no smile but not angry.

Emotional Hijacking

Conversations and interactions are dominated by their emotions and issues. Emotional vampires ensure that the focus remains on them and their problems, disregarding any attempts to shift the topic.

You might find that even when you start discussing your own experiences or emotions, the conversation quickly swerves back to them.

This continuous redirection can be frustrating and exhausting, as it leaves little room for mutual exchange or understanding in the relationship.

They essentially hijack emotional space, making everything about their own feelings and experiences.

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Resentment of Your Success

Watch out when good things come your way because emotional vampires often can’t stand to see others happy.

They might downplay your achievements or respond with cold envy instead of excitement.

Their resentment can manifest as subtle digs or outright dismissals of your successes, often under the guise of “just being honest.”

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