What Is A Triple Leo (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Leo, we instantly think about incredible self-confidence and someone with excellent leadership skills.

Leo, as the symbol itself, loves to lead people and be the center of attention.

People born under this sign are generous, ambitious, and glamorous. They know how to live life BIG.

Leo is ruled by the Sun; therefore, we love to be in the company of these people because they shine and have incredibly positive energy.

Courageous and talented in many ways, Leo will always find a way to capture people’s attention and be noticed.

Moreover, people born under this sign are friendly and social. They love to talk and have fun. In fact, a party without Leo might not be even that fun. 

What Is A Triple Leo?

what is a triple leo

Leo is a sign that likes to think big and live big. But, one particular group of people born in the sign of Leo have the Big 3 in Astrology.

What is the Big 3? Continue reading as we are about to explain to you why you aren’t just an ordinary Leo! 

Triple Leo

When your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign (Ascendant) all three fall in the same sign – Leo, you are described as a Triple Leo, or you have the Big3 in Astrology.

Congratulations, as you are the one and only owner of all that Leo’s glamor and amazingness.

But there is so much more to being a Triple Leo, and we discover that next.

Sun in Leo

The Sun sign in Astrology represents our main characteristics and personal traits. Leo is warm, generous, and social! When you like to organize something, and you want to do it with style, you turn to Leo.

Leadership and organization are natural traits of having the Sun in Leo. It also makes you fearless of being in the center of attention, and you never fail to impress people around you.

It is not uncommon for you to have the royal status in Astrology, just like Leo has it in the wildlife. 

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Moon in Leo

The Moon in Astrology points to our emotions and feelings. How a person deals with their feelings is discovered by looking at their Moon sign.

When the Moon is in Leo, you like the drama, and you are certainly not afraid to express your emotions.

You want people to praise and admire you, and you often seek approval and acceptance from others.

Your sense of security and stability in life comes from being accepted and cherished by people. Without attention and admiration, you can fall into the pit hole of self-pity and feel low.

Rising sign (The Ascendant) in Leo

The impression you leave when people meet you for the first time is discovered with the help of your Rising sign.

When you have your Ascendant in Leo, people see you as a genuinely warm and friendly person.

Everyone will agree you have a unique and incredibly stylish way of dressing, but you also shine out with confidence.

Your magnetic personality tends to attract and impress everyone. Meeting new people is never hard for you, and you love socializing. Fun and drama are the two main words people will use to describe you. 

We better roll out the red carpet as Triple Leo has arrived, and next, we discover more traits that make you special and unique. T

he Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, all in Leo, have a significant impact on your personality, and here is how. 

Qualities of a Triple Leo

group of friends - triple leo

You Do Everything BIG

Being a Triple Leo means you are most likely to do everything in a spectacular and big way! How big? Big enough for everyone to notice and admire it!

This means you enjoy spending money on luxurious things and owning the best of the best. You throw lavish parties, and people talk about them for months.

It is not a secret; you like to show off. Naturally, one or two or a dozen people will dislike you about that, but you will be happy because all the rest will love you! 

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You Are A Great Friend

Despite the fact that you like to do things in a showy way, you also like to be there for the people you love and help them.

In fact, when you are out buying things for yourself, you will never miss an opportunity to purchase something for your family, friends, and partner.

And since you do everything with style, the gifts you buy won’t be small or cheap. You can be a showoff and a little cocky, but you are never cheap or thrifty!

Living Life Like A Royalty

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you’d still manage to live like royalty!

It is because style can’t be bought with money, and you have it since birth by being a Triple Leo.

Ambitious And Hard-Working

As a Triple Leo, you can not think big when it comes to your career as well. You have great goals, and your strong determination and intelligence will make most of them a reality.

Although you are not a fan of authority and being given orders by others, if that is what will take you higher on the corporate ladder, you’ll accept it.

Luckily, it is never too long before your boss notices your extremely gifted personality, strong mind, and willingness.

Triple Leo is known for making fast progress in their career and comes to receiving a promotion quite quickly. 

You Know How To Get People’s Admiration And Praise

You will not suck up to your boss, but you will give them compliments and do your best to make them like you.

As a Triple Leo, it is in your blood to want people to like you.

So you will closely examine what they want and what makes them happy, and you’ll do all of that if it gives you praise and admiration in return.

Yes, you can also tend to buy off people’s affection and respect, but you don’t see it as something bad because you are still a hard-working employee. 

You Love Flattering And Compliments

If there is one thing you expect from your partner, family, and friends, it is to give you compliments and flatter you.

You will not overthink it if everything they say is genuine and honest because your high self-confidence assures you of your greatness.

So when your partner tells you you look great, you already know that because you said the same thing – to yourself, looking at the mirror. 

Impulsive And Impatient

There is a very thin line between being a purring kitten and roaring like a true Leo when people cross the red line.

The fact that you are a Triple Leo makes you intolerant of double-faced people and circumstances you find offending or discomforting.

You will not hesitate to express your opinion, and you won’t be very nice or calm when you do it. 

King/Queen Of The Drama

Yes, you like to be dramatic. Sometimes just for the sake of fun, you’ll make things bigger than they indeed are and do all the drama we most often see in the movies.

This trait makes you an excellent actor, and life with you can never be boring.

However, it can be overwhelming as you are known to dramatize even over the most trivial things. 

Protector Of The Weakest

Triple Leo is that person that used to protect people who were bullied in high school. This fact here makes you an amazing soul and a great fighter for justice.

You know your strength, and you’ll never be afraid to confront a bully or a person that hurts others just because they are in some way weaker than them.

As a Triple Leo, you are also a big defender of fairness, and you don’t like when people take advantage of you or someone else. 

Motivate And Inspire People

Your magnetic nature is a natural inspiration for people around you.

As a great communicator, you can always manage to motivate people to do more and ask more from life.

You are known to “push” everyone around you to become better and greater. It is really a noble thing to do because we all can be better, and you know that best!

Center Of Attention

You are born to entertain and own the spotlight.

You love when all eyes are on you and then is when the “Diva” comes out. Incredibly talented and creative, it is not a surprise if the art world is your field of interest.

Many actors, singers, and entertainers are, in fact, Triple Leo. 

You Are Fun And Love To Party

Triple Leo is the life of the party! You always have ideas to make things more exciting, and your courageous nature pushes you to live life on the edges.

You love the adrenaline, adventure, and the thrill of doing things that most won’t even dare. There is a true daredevil in you, Triple Leo! 

The Triple Ego

Yes, Triple Leo has a triple more enormous Ego than ordinary Leo, and at most times, it can be a problem.

You are known to get into power struggles and always aim to lead. You think of yourself highly and can be self-centered.

Assuming you always know what is best can be the biggest negative trait of a Triple Leo. 

In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in a world where everything will be the best of the best!

Big shopping malls, skyscrapers, and luxurious surroundings are your scenery. Jealous or not, we all want to live the glamorous life of a Triple Leo! 

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