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TheFab20s is a blog focused on helping the average busy Millennial make the most of her twenties. One simple article at a time.

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Our goal is to share tips and tricks that will improve your everyday life. We want to help simplify your life. We like to keep things simple around here, nothing crazy or extravagant. TheFab20s is just your virtual BFF. We’re that friend that will make you laugh but also be very honest and direct.

You are capable of creating a life you love! And we’re here to help.

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About The Founder

My name is Claudia and I live in South Florida with my fur babies. I’m obsessed with self-care, healthy living, makeup dupes, and all things self-improvement.

I founded TheFab20s simply because it’s the site I needed in my early twenties. I wanted to create a space where woman can come and gather tips and tricks plus useful information on how to #Adult.

There are many great blogs out there, but none really filled the void I was looking for, and just like that TheFab20s was born.

All the stuff I wish I knew in my early twenties and am learning in my late twenties

I hope at least one article benefits you in some way or another

I want to help you create a life you love

Filled with Fun, Adventure, Creativity, Travel, and Wellness.

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