What Is A Triple Libra (Everything To Know!)

When we think about Libra, we instantly imagine a gracious person with a big smile on their face and impeccable taste in fashion!

This person loves when people get along, and everyone is included! They are strong and sensitive at the same time!

Libra Is An Air Sign Ruled By The Planet Venus

Planet Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, and since it governs beauty, love, and harmony, Libra loves to dress nice, have fancy pieces of jewelry on them, and disharmony causes them to feel distressed.

People born under the sign of Libra are diplomatic, fair, and fighters for justice! Libra is an Air sign, always thinking and analyzing.

They seek mental stimulation in everything they do and have a good eye for details.

They find their inspiration from their relationships, books and movies, and all the beauty surrounding them! 

What Is A Triple Libra? 

what is a triple libra

A Triple Libra or the “Big 3” is a person born with the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign (The Ascendant), all in the sign of Libra. This is also known as a stellium. A stellium is formed when you have three or more placements in the same sign or, in this case, Libra stellium. 

You could easily calculate your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign on many astrology sites by typing in your date, time, and place of birth. Before we continue to talk about the main characteristics and traits of Triple Libra, just quick info on the astrology bases of the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. 

The Sun sign is your identity! It is how you express yourself and see the world around you. Your individuality and your true self are represented in your Sun sign. Based on your Sun sign, you could find out your strongest and weakest sides and find your ideal career or soul mate.

The Moon sign is your emotions! Where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth can reveal the subconscious part of you or the side you keep for yourself hidden from the world. Your Moon sign can portray how you deal with your emotions and express your feelings.

Your Rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) is how people see you! It reveals your social identity and how other people perceive you. Knowing your Rising sign will help you understand how you react in public and what is the general impression you leave on other people. 

If you have your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in Libra, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out what makes you unique and special for having the “Big 3” in your Birth Chart. 

Extreme Social Grace

Being a triple Libra means you have the ability to fit smoothly in all kinds of groups of people, but looking at you from afar, one can see you as a part of the upper-class society.

And not in a bad way! This is a compliment!

As a triple Libra, you have high etiquette, and you always behave properly. For example, consider your table manners!

Under no circumstances will you be caught speaking with your mouth full or forget to use a napkin!

A Vibe You Give To People Like They’re Being In A Royal Company

People in your company can often feel like being in the presence of royalty, and again not in a bad way!

On the contrary, it is one more compliment for your perfect and pleasant behavior.

You walk, talk, sit and speak with grace! Your movements and motions are perfectly coordinated, and you manage to be a true lady or a gentleman at all times! 

Not Built To Be Alone

The big 3 in your Birth Chart means you don’t do well by yourself. In fact, you despise being alone, and seeking a relationship that will last for a lifetime is your focus!

You dream of getting married and never separating from the love of your life. Being in a couple is what drives and motivates you.

Being in a relationship, for you as triple Libra, has a lot to do with balance. When you are not in a couple, you tend to feel lost and unbalanced.

Codependency in your relationship can be a big problem for you, especially if you choose a very independent partner like your fellow air signs Aquarius or Gemini. Although, you are supposed to be a great match with an Air sign.

But there is one more thing about being a triple Libra; You believe opposites attract!  

You Make Friends Easily

Born with the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in Libra means you also place your friends as a priority in life!

Like in your love life, you like to have friendships that’ll start from your childhood and grow into friends for life.

Here, balance also plays a big part for you.

Having long-term and strong bonds with your friends gives you a sense of harmony; hence you feel secure and calm!

However, having childhood friendships doesn’t stop you from making new friendships. In fact, you love to go from one person to another at a social gathering and get to know everybody.

Your relaxed and laid-back attitude makes people enjoy and love being in your company!

You Have Excellent Communications Skills!

Being an Air sign is given to having great communications skills, but having a Libra stellium makes you AMAZING in your communications.

Unlike your fellow air sign Gemini you don’t like to chatter or gossip since you don’t like when anybody says something bad about someone, even if it is about an enemy of yours.

But, you want to bond with people, align with their body language and tone of voice and make them feel comfortable!

You Are A Good Listener

All we mentioned above also makes you a great listener! Don’t be surprised if people always come to you to tell you their problems and share their stories!

As a triple Libra, you are a great listener!

You don’t interrupt as you never want to be rude, and once they finish their story, you’ll be pleased to share your own experience on the topic.

Being sensitive and compassionate helps you tune in with other people’s emotions and always offer them your most comforting and kind words. 

Worst At Making Decisions

As a Libra, you can be very indecisive, but as a triple Libra, well, sometimes it can be impossible for you to make a decision! Having close people you love and trust can be very helpful in this case.

You are not stubborn and know how to take advice from others, which is why your family and friends become your safety net in life, personally, emotionally, and professionally!

Even when you fall, you bounce back quickly because you have your loved ones to catch you!

Observant And Detail Oriented

Being a triple Libra makes you incredibly observant of your surroundings.

Just by stepping into the room, you know other people’s moods, as you react to other people’s energy very intensely.

Being able to read the room’s energy helps you always make the right moves and say the right words!

You are born to be a lawyer and work in diplomacy, education, or the art world! 

Incredibly Creative And Artistic

Your home with all the perfect decorations and unique details can give you up in a second that you are a triple Libra!

You are born with an incredibly creative mind, and you possess some amazing artistic skills.

Even if your work is not related to art, you’ll enjoy spending time painting just as a hobby or visiting every single art exhibition.

Your impeccable taste can make you an excellent decorator, and it is not a wonder why people turn to you for advice once they decide to redecorate their home.

Beauty and originality is what defines you! 

Love For Fashion

When we say love for fashion, we don’t mean you follow trends blindly. No, no! An artistic and original Libra will never wear what everyone else around them wears!

Their taste is too impressive for that! Having Libra Constellation in your Birth Chart makes you stylish rather than fashionable.

And yes, there is a big difference between these two.

Being fashionable means following and dressing according to current popular trends, while being stylish is having elegance and refined taste in manners or dressings.

As a result, you are never overdressed, and your clothes have the label of timeless fashion, or they never go out of style!

Details, Details, and More Details!

Your earrings or your elegant watch on your wrist is chosen with attention and love! You can’t help yourself as you love the beauty in the details!

Jewelry, watches, colognes, and perfumes are your addiction in life!

Besides always being dressed nicely, as a triple Libra, you always smell amazingly good! And your skin is nurtured and has that natural glow! Oh, we have so much to learn about beauty from you, triple Libra! 
In conclusion, if you were to rule the world, we would be living in perfect balance and harmony!

You are all about love and peace and beauty! You are beautiful on the outside as well on the inside!

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