How To Know If A Taurus Man Is Using You (10 SIGNS!)

Is the Taurus man in your life playing you? Do you wonder if his interest in intimacy is a short-term flight of fancy?

Though not the hardest sign to decode, a Taurus can still leave a trail of confusion in his wake with his antics! Here’s how to know if a Taurus man is playing you.

How To Know If A Taurus Man Is Using You

He’s Inconsistent With You

He's Inconsistent With You

Taurus is a fixed earth sign.

This means that men of this sign like stability in their lives. In fact, they’re almost immovable when it comes to people they like.

If they want you, they’ll make it clear and will do everything they can to go steady.

So if a Taurus man is being inconsistent with you, he’s probably just using you and leading you on.

This includes behaviors like ghosting and returning weeks later, or only showing interest in you sometimes.

If a Taurus man sees a future with you, he’d be committing quickly for stability!

His Body Language Spells Disinterest

His Body Language Spells Disinterest

Taurus men like to throw their whole bodies and all their senses into their interactions.

This means they can be very direct with body language, wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

A Taurus man who is genuinely interested in you will not be able to hide it.

They tend to be very touchy and physical. I swear most Taurus men love language is physical touch.

So if he’s standoffish and not very affectionate, that’s a very obvious sign he doesn’t see a future with you and he’s putting in the bare minimum effort.

If his body language seems to convey the opposite of the words he says, he’s using you!

He Only Calls You To Hook Up, And The Hookups Aren’t Always Great

He Only Calls You To Hook Up, And The Hookups Aren't Always Great

Taurus is led by the planet Venus. This means that Taurus men tend to be sensual, passionate, and even sultry.

Combined with their earth inclinations, this makes for the enjoyment of sensory experiences. They want to take things slow to enjoy it all to its fullest.

This can make you feel special when a Taurus man basically rings you up as a booty call.

But he’s doing it because he’s driven by Venus to enjoy and experience intimacy. He’s using you to fulfill those urges! 

In addition, many Taurus men are great lovers. But when they’re not that interested, they can be very selfish in bed. Remember he’s looking to enjoy himself first.

Your needs and desires may end up being secondary to that if he’s only using you.

(And even if the intimacy is great, it’s often just part of the sensory experience for him!)

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He Doesn’t Talk About Anything Personal

He Doesn't Talk About Anything Personal

Given his love for stability, a Taurus man likes to get to know people on a deep level. He wants his potential partners to get to know him in a true sense. 

So if he dodges personal questions and refuses to talk about anything meaningful, he’s just using you.

His feelings don’t go beyond the surface!

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He Criticizes You

He Criticizes You

Due to their love of whole, sensory experiences, Taurus men can be quite artistic.

When they like someone, the flaws of that person are part of the experience. 

When they’re not interested, those flaws are annoying and get in the way of their desires.

An overly critical Taurus man is using you and doesn’t see you as the right fit for him.

He Never Gets Jealous, Ever

He Never Gets Jealous, Ever

Some people don’t realize how terrifying a Taurus is when they’re angry!

Although they’re not as fiery as the preceding sign, Aries, they can get passionately temperamental.

In fact, their anger is often bigger and bolder because it’s rooted in the strength of the earth. 

A Taurus man who likes you for real will be jealous when other men show interest in you. If you’re hanging out with others, he’s sure to start blowing steam out of his nose.

No wonder Taurus is represented by the Bull! 

So if that special Taurus man has no reaction at all to your dating life, he’s probably not really interested. His heart’s not in your interactions and he’s just using you.

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He’s Not Romantic At All

He's Not Romantic At All

Ruled by Venus, a Taurus man can be quite romantic!

A lack of any signs of romance means exactly what it seems to: he’s not interested.

This doesn’t mean he’s writing you poetry and serenading you, but if he’s treating you like one of his bros, he’s likely not that interested in you.

He’s not pulling out the stops because he doesn’t see a point in it, as you’re not the right person for him.

He might even be too focused on himself to notice that you want a little pampering. 

He’s Still Talking To Other People Romantically Or Intimately

He's Still Talking To Other People Romantically Or Intimately

Taurus men are known for being very slow to adapt and change.

They’re highly stubborn as a result of their earth influences, taking after their symbol of the Bull.

This means that they can often get stuck in their ways, even when they know they have to move on.

If the Taurus man in your life is hung up on his ex, he might ask you to be patient with him. Or he might say he wants to take things slow, as he’s still interested in other people.

Don’t buy into this! He’s going to be moving so slowly through this that waiting it out will waste months of your time. 

At this point, he’s either using you (at worst) or not ready to be with you (at best), so it’s best to move on.

If he comes back into your life later when he’s ready, then great!

He Requests Favors From You

He Requests Favors From You

As previously mentioned, Taurus men are all about experiences. This extends to enjoying luxurious comforts in life. 

If you’re someone who can give these things to him, a Taurus man may use you just to get those favors out of you.

Be extra wary if he never repays any favors you provide with some nice gestures of his own!

Taurus men love to be providers and take care of the people they care about. But if he’s in the receiving mode and only asking you for favors, he’s 100% using you.

He Never Wants To Talk About A Future Involving You

This is the most telling sign that a Taurus man is using you. He’s a stable person who values security and comfort.

If he really wanted you around long-term, he’d already be making plans to keep you there. 

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Taurus men aren’t subtle about their feelings. They value commitment, intimacy, and stable relationships.

There is nothing subtle about a Taurus man.

Trust us when we say that it’ll be pretty obvious when a Taurus man wants you!

If you don’t see any of those bright neon signs of interest, he’s likely just using you.

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