When A Taurus Man Misses You (13 MUST-KNOWS!)

The Taurus man is muscular, loyal, committed, and reliable. When he is in love, he can be a very romantic and passionate lover.

One of the most down-to-earth signs of the zodiac, these men are natural leaders with refined taste.

Every woman will be happy to have this man by her side, as you can rely on the Taurus at all times and know he has your back no matter what.

No wonder you are still thinking of him and missing him even though you might have broken up. Or maybe you have no idea how to attract a Taurus man.

I get it, these men can be tricky! The way to a Taurus man’s heart isn’t so direct.

These men enjoy serious relationships and are looking for their perfect match.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and as such, he has very calm and grounding energy. It is very rare to see this man acting irrationally or on impulse.

Quite the contrary, he is incredibly patient, steady, and calculated. Therefore it is very understandable if it has been difficult for you to crack the codes and discover if your Taurus man misses you.

Luckily we are here to help you identify all the signs and how Taurus man behaves when he starts missing you. 

When A Taurus Man Misses You

Man in bed looking to the side looking sad - When a Taurus Man Misses You

He Is On Your Social Media Profile

You go through your Instagram to check who has seen your story, and there he is. The Taurus guy of your dreams!

He may even be on the top of the list or one of the very first people to see your post.

This is not a coincidence, as the Taurus man will use the easiest method of communication available to him to taste the waters. 

He’ll start by checking on you, keeping tabs on your personal life, and catching up on everything that has been going on in your life.

Nowadays, your Facebook and Instagram profiles are the most straightforward and uncomplicated way for someone to keep tabs on you.

Moreover, he can do this without being too obvious about it, which for the proud Taurus is very important. 

He will like your photos and videos and leave comments in order to provoke you to start a conversation with him.

The more you ignore him, the more persistent he will be. After all, the Bull never gives up on his goal. 

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He Calls And Texts

A text or a call out of the blue from your Taurus man is a clear sign that he misses you, even if he calls with the excuse to ask you something or just to check up on you.

Of course, a prideful Taurus won’t approach you directly without knowing if you are willing to renew the communication, so this is his fishing expedition.

Pay attention that he is very calculated and incredibly charming. So if you decide to respond to the texts or calls, before you know it, you will start sharing details of how your day went and get up and go to bed talking to him.

He Is Still Single

If it has been some time since you have broken up with your Taurus man and he is still single, it is one more sign this man misses you.

Taurus is very picky and selective about who he dates. But when he is not interested in dating someone new, he is clearly hung up on you and misses your presence.

He Stays In Contact With Your Friends And Family

Man checking phone p A taurus guy will stay in contact with your family and friends if he misses you

If your friend tells you, she ran into your Taurus man, and the first question was how are you or he talked about you, know he still cares about you.

He knows your family or friends will share the encounter and all the details about it, so this is his subtle way of letting you know that he is thinking of you. 

He Is Jealous About You Seeing Other Men

Yes, the Taurus man can be incredibly jealous and protective of the person he likes.

So if he goes crazy, even if you mention the idea of being with somebody else, he is still madly in love with you.

The Bull doesn’t want to share you with anyone else because he knows how special you are and wishes to have you back in his life, so until then, he will protect his territory. 

He Will Spend hHs Money

Taurus is known to be one of the most hardworking and materialistic signs in the Zodiac.

So when he starts to spend his hard-earned money to buy you expensive gifts and lavishing bouquets and take you out on an elegant dinner date, this man is seriously blown away by you and wants you back in his life. 

He Wants To Be There For You

When a Taurus man misses you, he will find reasons to be actively included in your life and help in any way possible.

He will make himself available to you and offer his help and support. When this man cares deeply about someone, he will make sure he is always by your side, even when you don’t need his help.

He Will Change For You

One thing a Taurus man is best known for is his firm and stable nature. This man is not a fan of transformations, nor is he good with changes. Instead, he prefers familiarity and stability coming from staying in his comfort zone.

Therefore it can be quite challenging to make him change something about himself or his life. 

It is not an exception for relationships to break off because Taurus is too stubborn and incredibly difficult to deal with when it comes to transitions.

But after a while, you may notice he indeed became more flexible and altered his ways. This is a sign of him missing you and trying to win you back. 

He Will Make Up Excuses To See You

Taurus man is incredibly persistent, so if he misses you and wants to see you, he will undoubtedly find a way to do it. Another sign of him missing you is suddenly bumping into him everywhere you go.

He will never admit it and make it seem like a weird coincidence running into each other but offering to grab a coffee or lunch proves that your Taurus man has planned the encounter. 

If you accept his offer for a drink or lunch, what is even more interesting is how he will persuade you to stay longer in his company.

He will slowly drink his coffee, order another one or eat every single bite like he has the whole time in the world.

This is because the Bull is missing you and wants to spend as much time as possible with you. 

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He Will Try To Get Your Attention

Although the man born under the sign of Taurus comes out as very serious and responsible, deep down inside, they have an inner child that is pretty alive and active.

So when he starts to miss you, you will have the chance to see him acting more childish and even throwing a tantrum if you do not respond to his attention call. 

Speaking loud in the hope that you will turn and notice him is very much a Taurean thing to do when he tries to get the attention of the person he likes.

In addition, if his behavior is out of character, know that he is feeling lost without you. This is the biggest signal you can receive in order to confirm your doubts about whether the Taurus man misses you or not.

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He Is Affectionate And Needy

Affectionate couple - When a taurus man fall in live, they will be affectionate and needy

In general, Taurus man is very independent and self-reliant. So when he suddenly acts more needy and affectionate, it is his way of trying to bond with you and win back your attention.

The two of you may have had problems in the relationship and drifted apart, so now he has realized how fond he is of you and wants to make things as they were. 

Because the Bull misses you, he will also shower you with compliments and praises, making you feel loved and treasured.

In addition, he will want the two of you to do more things together and will be happy to share his passion and interests with you. 

He Is Less Focused On “Me Time”

The Taureanian is known to enjoy life and use every opportunity to pamper and spoil himself.

This is usually a time reserved just for him, so when he invites you to be part of the experience, you should know this is his way of telling you how much he enjoys being with you.

He misses you to the point where he is more interested in spending time with you rather than focusing on his “me time.”

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He Looks At You With Longing

The eyes of a Taurus man can never hide his feelings, no matter how this man acts or speaks. All it takes is for you to look at him, and you will instantly know how he feels about you.

If your Taurus man misses you, you will see that look full of longing and yearning instantly.

Moreover, he will look at you longer than usual, hoping to remember every detail on your face in case he doesn’t see you soon enough. 

The eyes are the soul’s windows, and if your Taurus man avoids eye contact, it means he doesn’t want you to see the pain, sadness, or despair in his eyes, especially if you are not together anymore.

This man is too proud for you to see him hurting after you. 

What Do You Do When You Miss A Taurus Man?

girl hand checking phone - what to do when you miss a Taurus man

You know now how your Taurus man acts when he misses you, but what if you are the one missing him? What should you do?

Here are some useful tips that can help you stop missing him by reconciling or moving forward. 

Make A Retrospection

First of all, when you start missing him, you should look inside of yourself to find the answer to the most important question, “Do you want to reconcile with your Taurus man?” or “Do you want to move forward?”

If the answer is to move forward, then you should cut all contact with this person and focus on yourself and your future.

Most times, you are not missing the person as much as you miss all the good times you had together and memories.

Therefore cutting communication with your Taurus man helps you get over him.

However, if your mission is to reconcile, then your goal is to remind him of the good time you had together.

Remember, patience is a virtue, and you will need plenty of it as you don’t want to come out as desperate and hopeless.

There is not a single man in the Zodiac sign that will respond to such behavior. 

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Focus On Yourself

If you miss your Taurus man, start by focusing on yourself and getting your life on track.

If you engage in activities you feel passionate about, you will have less time to feel sad and think about how much you miss this person.

In addition, you will start feeling better and automatically attract his attention back to you since Taurus man is strongly attracted to strong and independent women. 

Get Fresh Perspective

If you miss your Taurus man, it will help you if you look at things from a different perspective.

Sometimes the reason why relationships don’t work is very different from how the other person sees it or the people close to you.

So if you plan to get back with the Taurean, you need to know why things didn’t work out and see if you were right about it by talking to your close friends and loved ones. 

Sometimes people in your surroundings are able to notice things you don’t or refuse to see.

It will help you ease the pain from longing if you get clarity, so talk, analyze and try to look at the reason why you come to a point where you miss this person but from another point of view. 

How Do You Make A Taurus Man Miss You?

Girlfriends being happy - do not force it, if a Taurus guy doesn't miss you don't try harder to make him

The man born under the sign of Taurus is represented by the mighty Bull, which means he doesn’t give up easily and will not allow his weaknesses to come up to the surface.

This said, in order to make him miss you, you need to be very calculated and smart in your moves. 

Do Not Force It

Taurus likes to do things slowly and easily and at his own pace. Rushing this man into anything will never give you the desired result, including making him miss you.

So you need to be extra patient and wait for him to come to you in his own time. 

Of course, in the meanwhile, you are not supposed to just stand still and wait. On the contrary, we encourage you to bond with your friends, go out and have fun, focus on your work and projects, grow and progress!

Every success outside of your love life is a major key to making yourself feel complete and happy. 

Take Your Time Replying To His Messages

It is a classic trick, but when it comes to Taurus man, it works like magic.

The success in this lies in the fact that you are keeping your man on his toes as he needs to guess why you don’t reply to him immediately.

This way, you are more on his mind, and he is eager to find out where you are, with who, and what you are doing. 

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Change The Game

Taurus man is used to following a certain routine and patterns, so if you have already made the mistake of always being there for him and answering every time he calls, you still have hope to get the ball in your corner.

The simple trick is to change the game and your usual routines. 

Now, if he knows you are available every Wednesday to go out for a coffee or spend time together, move the encounter to another day.

If you have a habit of talking at a certain hour of the day (you probably do, since Taurus guys’ day is always on schedule), this time, do not answer the phone and call him after an hour or two, saying you were busy doing something. 

This way, you are making the Bull work harder for your attention and realize you shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In addition, since you have already gotten used to being together at a certain time or talking at a certain period of the day, he will already start to miss all of those moments with you, aka miss you. 

Look Nice

Girl wearing chic winter outfit - Taurus signs have refined taste and love woman with impeccable style

Taurus men are very picky and selective, and it doesn’t come as a surprise since they are ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus.

Therefore it is not an easy quest to get his attention. They like to be with a woman who takes her time to care for herself, looks nurtured, and feels confident in her skin.

However, since this man is very visual and drawn toward beauty, it will make a difference if you look your best and take care of your appearance.

When you feel confident and look nice, you are making sure he will miss you when you are not around. 

Be A Source Of Calmness And Serenity

As an Earth sign, Taurus men appreciate most the peace in their life.

So when the woman becomes a source of negative energy and turmoil for him, be sure that he will not have a problem walking away.

Therefore it is essential to add to the peace and serenity of his life and become the solution, not the problem.

This way, every time you are not near him, he will miss your grounding energy and the sense of peace you give to him.

How To Make a Taurus Guy Regret Losing You

Taurus guy checking phone, upset

When someone you love or like decides to leave you or let you go, it is very normal to feel hurt and disappointed.

Moreover, it can cause you to feel an intense desire for revenge and vengeance.

However, the desire to get even with someone and make them suffer is toxic and harmful as much for them as it is for you. 

Therefore it is best to show your Taurus man you were the best thing that happened to him rather than making him feel anger towards you.

So we will exclude revenge and tell you how to make the Bull regret losing you. 

Don’t Make Him Despise You, But Desire You

If you, in any way, choose to hurt Taurus men (even if unintentionally) and do them harm, you increase the chances of them despising you rather than regretting losing you.

Therefore it is best to focus on making him want you by reminding him of all the qualities you possess. 

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Be There For Him

Despite everything that happened between the two of you, if your goal is to make him regret not being with you anymore, you should make sure to stay in his life.

Be there for him, give him your support and offer your help.

Since the Taureanian helps everyone around them, it really makes him realize that he has lost someone worth keeping if you are reliable and trustworthy as they are. More importantly, if you are there for him!

Resist The Temptation To Argue

Arguments and conflicts are something every Taurus guy despises and avoids since it brings him uneasiness and upset him.

In addition, it interrupts his peace and serenity, which are something this man highly appreciates and values.

So if you start to argue and get into conflict after your separation, you will never make him feel sorry for losing you.

On the contrary, such behavior will only convince him that he has made the right decision.

Have A Great Time Together

The next time you are in his company, make sure to give all your best and get him to enjoy your company.

Make him laugh, relax and unwind.

The more enjoyment you have and the more relaxing your time together, the bigger the chances are that he will question the decision to move on with his life without you. 

Live Your Best Life

The best way to make a Taurus man regret losing you is if you make sure you are living your best life and you are not stuck in the past, only thinking of him.

Taurus will love to become once again a significant part of your life if he sees that you are happy, complete, and realized in all areas of your life.

Your personal and professional success will for sure make him doubt if losing you was the right move.

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