Why Is Taurus So Attracted To Virgo (14 Reasons!)

When Taurus meets Virgo for the first time, they are immediately attracted to each other, and it feels like it is a match made in heaven! Why is that? Continue reading as we solve the mystery for you. 

Here are all the reasons why the mighty Taurus is so strongly drawn towards the intelligent Virgo.

Why Taurus Is Attracted To Virgo

They’re Both Earth Signs

They are both Earth signs, so it comes as no surprise when you realize that they both have very similar approaches towards life.

Both Taurus and Virgo hate taking risks in life. When they come to a decision it has to be a well-thought-out and “safe” one.

Virgos always calculates the risk before taking any action and the Taurus finds this so appealing!

Taurus Loves The Security Virgos Provide

Taurus loves having security and stability in life.

Virgos are known to be the workaholic of the Zodiac, and Taurus find that quite attractive.

Not to be mistaken, Taurus will not live off someone else’s back, they too are hardworking, but they are aware that it takes two people together to build an empire! 

Taurus are strong, powerful, and reliable people, so they are drawn towards characters who have the same strong personality as they do. The Virgo by being independent and trustworthy is why Taurus sees a soulmate in them. 

Their Ruling Planets Match

Ruled by Venus, Taurus grabs the attention of everyone in the room.

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury so they are easygoing and very sociable.

Taurus adores that about them, and the two of them together can spend hours and hours in their own company, or the company of different people by being the ideal couple.

People simply love being around them! 

They’re Both Stubborn

Taurus are known to be stubborn, but so is Virgo, and guess what? Taurus finds that attractive! 

To your surprise, Taurus love people with strong attitudes who will defend firmly their beliefs and stands.

However, with the influence of Virgo, Taurus can learn to be slightly more open to compromises on their opinions and views, but only if it is a justified and proven point.

Virgo Is Extremely Caring

The caring side of Virgo is what makes Taurus fall in love with it! 

Virgos tend to overthink, and sometimes they worry too much. On the other hand, Taurus rarely worries about anything.

Virgos tend to lead themself almost to anxiety for worrying too much because they don’t want to let anyone down.

Taurus finds this trait about Virgos very adorable, and Virgo’s caring side is exactly what captures their heart. Virgo is companionate, caring and helpful and Taurus love that! 

Virgo Has A Big Heart

Taurus is attracted to Virgo’s big heart!

The warm heart of the Virgo can help the Taurus bring down the walls around their heart.

They are perfect for each other as they tend to bring out the best in each other.

Taurus are strong and committed, so you can always count on their support and help, making the Virgo more relaxed and calm just because of their presence around. 

They Want The Same Things In Life

Taurus loves the firm life structure and clear goals a Virgo has.

It is known that Taurus is not a fan of changes and these people very much prefer to have a stable and steady life frame.

Virgos are organized and their life will be pointless without firm structures and familiar patterns – proven that works, that they will gladly follow.

Both signs are perfect for each other as they will enjoy stability and drama-free life because all will be well-organized upfront.

They Love The Kitchen

Taurus is so attracted to the great culinary skills a Virgo has! 

Taurus love to eat and they enjoy food. They are the “foodies” of the Zodiac.

The best thing about this match is the fact that most Virgos love to cook, experiment, and try new recipes in the kitchen.

The fact that the Virgo will offer to cook a meal for the Taurus is a reason why Taurus falls in love instantly with this sign.

Even if the meal is not something exotic but something easy and simple, Virgo will serve it as it is served in a 7 stars restaurant. 

Virgo Is All About The Details

Virgo knows that all is in the details and Taurus will be swept off their feet because of this. 

Taurus love the fact that Virgo is as organized and tidy as they are! 

The home of a Taurus will always be in perfect order, but so is the home of a Virgo.

They both love to have a clean working space, clean car, and functional home where everything is in their place and in perfect order.

You see it right here why these two will make a perfect wed couple. 

They Make Them Smile

If you make them smile, they will fall in love with you, and Virgo knows this!

Virgo has a great sense of humor and Taurus is attracted by the fact that these people can make them laugh!

Virgo’s jokes are smart, unique, and clever. Taurus enjoys being in the company of Virgos as they make them feel vigorous and alive. 

They Show Interest In Their Life

Taurus is attracted to Virgo because they show interest in their life!

The ruling planet of Virgo – Mercury, provides them with quite the intellect and fast mind, so they will love asking them questions and finding out everything there is to know about the Taurus.

And if you are Taurus or know Taurus, you already know how much they love the attention, right? 

Every sign that is ruled by the planet of beauty and love – Venus, loves to talk about themself and wants people to admire them.

Most Virgos end up working as journalists, writers, or some kind of researchers, so this match is perfect looking at it from the point where one will listen (Virgo) the other (Taurus) will speak and tell their stories.

Virgo’s Are Giving


The unselfishness and the giving side of Virgo are what attract Taurus immediately.

Taurus can be selfish and tend to keep their emotions hidden. Virgos on the other side are generous and have no problem sharing all they have even if it is with a complete stranger.

This behavior of Virgo that is little known to Taurus, they find it very much attractive. Taurus strives to become a better person by looking at Virgo’s behavior and their effort to make the world a better place.

They’re Hardworking

The ambition and hustle a Virgo has is an instant attraction for Taurus.

Taurus loves how ambitious the Virgo is because they see themself in the Virgo. Both signs dream of accomplishing a lot of things!

They think big and dream big! Taurus is hardworking and ambitious the same as Virgo so both of them will have respect for each other because of this forever! 

The (Sexual) Chemistry Is Incomparable

Taurus is attracted to the emotions and passion Virgo brings in the bedroom.

Virgo is a warm and passionate lover and this is why Taurus is so attracted to them. They will make love with hours and Taurus will tend to fulfill every desire and craving the creative Virgo has! 

In General..

If you are Taurus and your love is a Virgo or the other way around, hold to it tight! Astrology shows this love combination is one of the most perfect combinations ever!

Both are Earth signs that love to have money in the bank, stable jobs, and successful careers.

Nice and clean home and well spent time doing intellectual and cultural activities. It is a match made in heaven, isn’t it!?   

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