10 STRONG Signs A Libra Man Is Not Into You

Libras can be unpredictable and mysterious, and the men of this sign prove that point. Although Libras are considered a very flirtatious sign, can you spot the signs when a libra man is not into you?!

It can be subtle as they are big flirts but it won’t leave much doubt in your mind after you know how to spot these telltale signs.

They can be a walking contradiction and send all sorts of mixed signals that can be confusing to others.

If you’ve been trying to get closer to a Libra man, you might be stumped as to whether or not the feeling is mutual.

So, how can you tell? Here are some strong signs a Libra man is not into you.

Signs A Libra Man Doesn’t Like You

His Options Are Open

His Options Are Open

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, a planet of love and romance. This is a significant contributor to their reputation for being both flirtatious when single and deeply committed when dating someone. 

Libra men are romantics who want to be loyal and ride-or-die when they truly like someone.

But when their heart hasn’t been captured, they need to feed their desire for romance with flirtation and casual encounters.

So if the Libra man in your life is flirting around and clearly keeping his options open, he’s not into you. He doesn’t consider you a serious option. If he did, he’d commit quickly.

He Doesn’t Communicate With You 

He Doesn't Communicate With You 

Libras are air signs. That means they’re chatty and love to talk and be social. The only reason a Libra man wouldn’t want to even text you is that he doesn’t like you.

He’s trying to make it clear that he has zero interest by leaving you on read and avoiding your calls.

This is especially true if even intellectual conversations don’t grab his attention. Libras are intelligent and love debate and discussion, so they can’t resist that sort of back-and-forth.

They’ll only not jump in if they’re trying to send a message of disinterest.

He Doesn’t Stand Up For You

He Doesn't Stand Up For You

Libra is symbolized by scales. They’re all about balance, fairness, and justice.

When they see someone being treated poorly, they immediately want to defend them. 

It’s easy to see, then, why it’s a bad sign if a Libra man won’t do that for you. He’s not willing to put in any energy at all for your sake, which should be all you need to know.

If he leaves you to fend for yourself when you’re being mistreated, he’s completely disinterested in furthering your relationship.

He’s Not Emotionally Attached

He's Not Emotionally Attached

Sometimes, it can be hard to see that a Libra man isn’t into you. As previously mentioned, they’re very much about constant flirtation and romance.

This means anyone who they find attractive or slightly interesting is fair game for them.

You can feel like he’s interested because he’s turning on the charm when in reality you’re just another name on a list.

The key way to determine a Libra man’s true intentions is by paying attention to his attachment.

Is he closed-off and reluctant to be vulnerable? Do you often feel confused about his intentions? Is he hard to understand?

If you’ve answered yes, then chances are he’s just playing around and isn’t really into you. 

He Doesn’t Share Thoughts With You

He Doesn't Share Thoughts With You

Libras, like most air signs, are eager to learn and share what they know. They want to talk, share ideas, and have big discussions.

They’ll do this with basically anyone who they enjoy the company of and value the opinions of.

So if a Libra man has zero excitement when it comes to sharing his thoughts, he’s completely checked out.

He Makes False Promises

He Makes False Promises

The scales of Libra also represent harmony. As such, Libra men don’t want to rock the boat. They want to keep everyone happy, even people they’re not into.

This means that they’ll even be untruthful for the sake of maintaining the peace. That’s how Libras get a reputation for being manipulators!

To try and placate you, a Libra man may attempt to sell you on false promises.

He’ll keep you in limbo, never giving you a straight answer, but offering hope for them in the future. It’s a very unfair tactic and it tends to get worse as time goes on.

Eventually, he hopes that his continual lies will make you give up first. It’s best to take the hint.

He Gives You The Cold Shoulder

He Gives You The Cold Shoulder

Despite being of a Cardinal sign, Libra men don’t like negative confrontation. They prefer waiting to try and make you get their hints.

One of those common hints is when they ignore or avoid you.

They’ll withdraw the attention they gave you and seem distant and aloof until you give up.

He Only Wants You In The Bedroom

He Only Wants You In The Bedroom

You might be hopeful about a relationship if you’re in a Libra man’s bedroom a lot.

You might feel that, because you spend all this time together, he could be into you. Unfortunately, that may not be true. 

As we said, Libra men are total flirts. Venus rules them and pushes them to desire intimacy frequently. They have no trouble having fun with numerous people, staying unattached and disinterested throughout.

If a Libra man only wants to be with you when you’re beneath the sheets, he’s just being a player. 

He Picks Fights and Criticizes You

He Picks Fights and Criticizes You

Remember what we said about Libras prioritizing harmony? That can go out the window if a Libra man isn’t into you.

Libras indeed enjoy a good debate in general, but they don’t want those debates to escalate into arguments. 

So when a Libra man picks fights and turns everything into an unpleasant battle, he’s doing that intentionally. He wants you to lose interest in him and leave him alone and is pushing you away until you do.

He’s Never Said That He’s Into You

He's Never Said That He's Into You

The fact is that Libras are great communicators and strong romantics. A Libra man knows how to court the people he’s genuinely interested in.

When he knows he wants something, as a Cardinal sign, he’ll initiate.

Sure, it can take him a while to be sure about what he wants, but eventually, he’ll come clean and be upfront.

So if the Libra man in your life has never told you that he’s into you, he probably isn’t. Libra men are private individuals and will only be totally open to those they’re serious about.

If he’s never asked you out or if he tends to hide his feelings, his interests aren’t here. 

In Conclusion…

Ironically, Libra men are hardest to understand when they’re the least interested. A man of this sign who’s into you isn’t going to leave you confused and hanging.

If he won’t start being real with you, it’s best to leave him behind and move on!

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