How Do Scorpio Deal With Breakups? (16 MUST-KNOWS!)

Breakups are hard on anyone, and no matter the reason why the relationship has ended, we all can agree that moving on is not easy, even when you are the one leaving.

Each Zodiac sign has a unique and different way of dealing with a breakup, and today we talk about dark and mysterious Scorpio. 

What To Know About Scorpios

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Mystery And Confusion

Looking back, you’d probably agree that the whole relationship with your Scorpio was somewhat mysterious, and somehow you never managed to reveal all there was about your Scorpio partner.

That is because this sign is the most mysterious and secretive sign of all!

When we say dark Scorpio, we refer to the hidden side of these people where no one is absolutely allowed to enter and find out what is behind that door.

The Scorpio Is Powerful And Intuitive

These people might seem to you like they can read people’s thoughts, and you are not far from the truth, but when it comes to you reading theirs, you will hit a thick and tall wall. 

Mighty Scorpio Won’t Show Weakness

After a breakup, these people won’t show a sign of weakness because it is a powerful and mighty Scorpio!

Your split with this person will be wrapped out in mystery, as you won’t be able to understand what is on the mind of Scorpio.

You’ll wonder what this person wants from you because no matter if they are leaving you or you are leaving them, Scorpio will keep calling after the breakup. 

Cold And Reserved

When we look at Scorpio after a breakup, they tend to seem like heartless people without any emotions.

They can seem so distant and cold that one might wonder if they ever loved you or it was just a game for the Scorpio. The truth is that this person never takes a breakup lightly.

In fact, they invest their whole heart and energy in the relationship, and although they seem like they handle the separation quite alright, all strong on the inside, the Scorpio suffers deep inside.

They just won’t give you the satisfaction of knowing that. Scorpio will never show weakness! 

Scorpio Is An Ex You Don’t Wish To Have

People born under this sign are known to hold on to grudges after the breakup, and even if they are the ones that are leaving you, Scorpio will always keep a close eye on you after the split!

When rejected, these natives become incredibly vengeful and obsessed with the idea of getting even with you!

They will plot their revenge, and not to mention that you are dealing with a Scorpio who will never forget or forgive!

So How Does Scorpio Deal With Breakups?

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It is almost impossible not to wonder how your ex is dealing after the breakup and how they cope without you.

It is not a competition we say, but we know that we are competing, and although you can be the nicest person on Earth, you’d still want to know if your ex suffers for you, because as humans, knowing that someone misses us, it kind of feeds our ego.

I know it sounds a little bit evil, but it is the bitter truth. 

Scorpio Will Quickly Move On 

It might be hard to hear this, but a person born in this sign won’t sit alone in their room, shedding tears for you for a long time.

In fact, they might not even cry! Their defensive mechanism forbids them to feel sorry for themself and cry over someone since it is not their loss!

Scorpio firmly believes that they are the best lovers, and it is kind of hard to cry for someone if that other person has lost the best thing they ever had – them! 

Emotionally Scorpio Will Need Time

They might move fast physically, and you’ll quickly hear news about them dating someone new.

However, Scorpio will need more time to get over their ex on an emotional level. 

They Will Think About You And Miss You

No, we are not trying to comfort you by telling you this. Scorpio will continue thinking about you long after the separation, even in a new relationship.

They might never admit it, but they will miss you and glimpse over your past together on more than one occasion. 

Acting Worthy For An Oscar

Scorpio will act happy and carefree.

They will convince their surroundings that they have moved on fast from you, and there is no single regret about their breakup. But, this is hardly true.

All of their actions and doings will be part of the best acting performance meant to convince you and people near them that they are FINE after the breakup!

This is part of their plot and revenge against you. 

Scorpio Will Seek Revenge

You deal with a person who can hardly ever let go and move on like your relationship never existed, especially if you are the one breaking up with them!

If they have been hurt by you, their revenge can quickly escalate into a public war against you!

Scorpio won’t be afraid to use all resources at their disposal to get back at you.

Social media, mutual friends, and even your friends will hear about their anger and negative feelings for you.

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Scorpio Will Obsess After The Breakup

It is hardly a “moving on” if you are obsessing over your ex-partner, and Scorpio is known for doing this almost every time they go through a separation.

This person will continue to follow your posts and stories on social media, and if you block them, they will find a way to check on you.

In addition, Scorpio will play moments from your relationship repeatedly in their head, thinking what went wrong so they can learn from their mistakes and implement what they have learned in the next relationship. 

Scorpio Will Make Sure You Don’t Move On

After the breakup, Scorpio will find a way to still stay present in your life and prevent you from moving on or at least stop you from moving on before they do.

For you the breakup might not be a competition, but for a Scorpio, it always is! Some sign will be happy to hear you have found somebody new and you are happy, but not a Scorpio.

Scorpio wants to be the one you will never forget or replace. The best you ever had and the one you never got over them.

Phone Call And Texts

Yes, your ex Scorpio will call and text you, but only if you are doing good without them.

They might even play the friend card just so they can stay present in your life and have the opportunity to remind you what you have lost after you have broken up with them.

All the confusion a Scorpio will create in your head is also part of their master plan for revenge. 

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Breaking Up Is Never Closure For Scorpio

While some Zodiac signs look at breaking up as a closure, and it gives them peace of mind, Scorpio sees it as a lost battle.

They like to control and hold the ropes in their hands, so by letting go, it is not freedom they find, but one more reason to stay awake at night. 

When Will Scorpio Move On?

If you are the one that decided to break up with a Scorpio and you sincerely want to move on with your life, you probably ask when the Scorpio will do the same?

Don’t worry.

After some time, they will get tired and manage to convince themself that you are the one that lost the best thing you ever had, and just like magic, they will turn the page and move on.

However, mentioning your name in their presence will always put a dark shadow over their face! 

Scorpio Never Forgives Or Forgets

After a breakup, these people will never forgive you if you hurt them, or forget!

They will continue to carry the pain and bitterness as a lesson for the future, which explains why Scorpio is so emotionally closed and difficult to reach out to them.

Every ache and break up these people have been through causes them to lift even a bigger shield and create walls.

It explains a lot why they seem so cold and distant. It is a Scorpio mechanism for survival and protection from heartbreak. 

Time Is The Best Remedy

It might sound like a cliché, but it is a fact that time is the best remedy to heal as for everybody else, so does Scorpio.

Time will teach Scorpio and you to live without each other, and all of that once was a habit that kept both parties thinking about one another will fade.

In the end, what causes the most pain after a breakup besides the emotions is being used to having that person in your life, the habit of being with them.

Scorpio will learn to function like before they meet you or according to their new life surroundings as time goes by. So will you, so it is a win-win.

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