7 Little Signs A Taurus Man Is Playing You (RED-FLAGS!)

Taurus man is charming, attractive, and sensual. The man born under this sign is a man of few words, but his actions speak louder than any speech. 

His is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus, and that is why we understand the strong attraction you have for the Taurus man.

After all, George Clooney is Taurus, and that explains more than enough about Taurus man charm.

A Taurus man won’t easily show his feelings.

Earthy Taurus is very cautious by nature and quite reserved.

So, no wonder why it is hard for you to figure out whether he is serious about your relationship or is he just playing you.

There are few clues specific for the Taurus man, and here we discover all of them to you.

Read through and figure out where the two of you stand…

Signs A Taurus Man Is Playing You

He’s Not Actively Trying To Impress You

Taurus man is not trying to impress you.

When this man has a serious intention to be with a woman, they will do their best to impress her.

If he is not interested, he won’t even make the effort to show you his best qualities and attributes.

You won’t get to see him in his best outfit or hear about his latest achievement at work.

None of that will be important enough for him to share it with you if he doesn’t plan to stay for long.

Taurus man wants to impress when he wants to assure you that he is good enough for you to be with him.

This way, he doesn’t care enough if you leave or stay, so therefore he does not bother to impress you.  

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He Doesn’t Care

He acts like he doesn’t care for you.

This should be an easy sign for us women to interpret as a red flag, if only we hadn’t met so many men who act this way, just so, to arouse our curiosity and interest in them.

Ignoring might be a powerful aphrodisiac for women, but this is something a Taurus man won’t practice.

Playing hard to get doesn’t apply to a man born under this sign.

The way Taurus man acts is always a reflection of the way he feels about you.

So if your Taurus man acts like he doesn’t like you, you need to move along and find someone who is ready to settle down with you.

Remember, if the Taurus man is serious about you and cares for you, he will reassure you of his affection primarily through actions, not words.

He’s Unreachable

You can’t reach him.

If your Taurus man is only available when he wants to be, he is most likely playing you.

If you wait for him to respond back to your texts or calls and it is difficult to reach him, your Taurus man is not with you for the long run, but rather just for the fun of it.

A man born under the sign of Taurus is stable, responsible, and reliable, therefore when he is in love he will always answer when you call, text back instantly, and be there for you.

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Flat Out Tells You He Doesn’t See A Future

Taurus man says he doesn’t see a future with you.

When the Taurus man tells you he doesn’t see a future with you, you should believe him.

If one thing is distinctive about this man, that is, that they always tell the truth, no matter how painful or hurtful it is.

Yes, it can be intimidating to ask him such a direct question, but be sure you will get an honest answer.

Even if he is playing you, he won’t try to string you along if you step forward and ask him about whether he is serious about you or not.

This man is too proud to be with a woman just because he is lying to her.    

He Doesn’t Open Up

You know very little about him.

The Taurus man won’t share details of his personal life with you if he is playing you.

Since they walk strongly down to earth, they are very practical and calculated.

This man knows that sharing his intimate life with you means intimacy, and that is something they reserve only for the woman they are ready to commit to.

The fewer details he shares with you, the more you should be alert, and end the relationship before you get hurt. 

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He’s Not Romantic

He won’t be romantic or take you on dates.

Yes, this man is romantic and caring even if they seem so kept and cold.

In fact, the reason he is being cold and reserved towards you is that he is not serious or he doesn’t have feelings for you.

When a Taurus man is in love, there will be romantic candles, dinner, flowers, gifts, and romance all the way.

He will gladly take you out on dates because they would want to show the world the woman they chose to be by his side.

Having a glass of wine before heading to the bedroom is not something a Taurus man will do as a romantic gesture for the woman he loves.

His Ex Is Still Around

His ex is still present in his life.

If your Taurus man is not done with his other women from his past, we don’t even have to tell you that he is playing you.

No matter if he is not even communicating or having contact with his ex, he will still mention her or keep a reminder of their relationship.

This is a huge red flag and warning for you to move fast as further as you can from this man.

When the Taurus man is committed to you, they will make sure all loose ends from his past love life are cut.

The thing is that this man won’t even try to deny it or hide the fact he is still hung up on his ex, and trust us, that is not an invitation for you to try harder.

You won’t make him forget her.

Never with any man you should compete for his attention and beg him to put you on a pedestal, before his ex-girlfriend.

If the Taurus man acts like you are not a match for her, you shouldn’t try harder to prove him wrong, but try harder to make better decisions in your love life.

Leave him, he is playing you. 

Taurus man is definitely marriage material.

They are affectionate, loyal and look for a relationship that would give them security and stability.

That is, when they are in love.

They will always have your back, make you feel safe, loved, and assure you that you can rely on them, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to spot the differences after you know the red flags.  

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