Chiron In Taurus – How To Heal The Wound Of Materialism

Pain is part of life. We all carry wounds and scars that have a large impact on our life, therefore they can’t be overlooked. How our life would turn out to be, mostly comes from how we handle pain, and what we learn from it.

Chiron in Astrology is recognized to be the symbol of wounds we bear and lessons we gather through this lifetime.  

Looking at our Birth Chart we can see the position of our Chiron. If your Chiron is in Taurus, then you should continue reading this article.

We reveal the wounds that this Chiron brings, your healing gifts, and how to transform your pain and vulnerability into your greatest asset and strength to heal yourself and others around you.  

Chiron In Taurus – The Wound Of Materialism

chiron in Taurus with constellations in background

Wounds That Come From Materialism And Fear Of Loss

People born with Chiron in Taurus are all about security and stability in life, provided through the materialistic.

They are always searching for safety through material possessions and values and often tend to feel pain because material possessions aren’t fulfilling enough or are never enough. Just like Taurenians, they are money-oriented which can lead to feeling empty spiritually in life. As we all know, love and true happiness can’t be bought with money.

The Never-Ending Chase For Money And Power

It is quite a lonely life for people who only care for financial gain.

Although Chiron in Taurus can make you ambitious enough to reach high in life, it can get lonely being on the top.

Money can certainly buy a lot of things in life, but they can never buy true happiness and love, which is where the biggest pain comes for people with Chiron in this position.

Having money can give a feeling of security and stability, but it always comes with the fear of losing it all or not having enough to be secure for the rest of your life.

That is why often these Chiron wounds make you live extremely frugally and in constant fear.

The Pain Of Being Perceived As A Shallow Person

Since you are the only person that understands why you are so much into the materialistic, you get hurt when because of it, people perceive you as a shallow person.

As humans, we are used to receiving care and attentiveness from people close to us.

When those around you are not appreciated or valued more than your material possessions, you are unable to make a deep-felt relationship.

Either they run away from you, or you are considered to be superficial and shallow.

Although it is the truth, the fact that you are losing people and they don’t value you hurts and leaves you to carry the pain from not being accepted or understood.

But the undeniable truth is that you can’t be understood!

It would never be a natural thing for a human being to accept being put second after material possessions.

So you are the one who needs to work on your priorities.

The Wound Of Ever Experiencing An Intense Feeling Of Lack Of Something

The material appetite tends to grow and spread to other areas of your life. In time you start feeling a lack of love, attention, appreciation, trust, intimacy, and so on.

Your existing relationships are most often toxic and unhealthy. The reason for it, is because they are not based on love and respect, but use or financial gain. 

By never being focused on the spiritual side of life and the lack of balance is why you feel the emptiness and pain of living an unfulfilling life.

You tend to seek more of any area of your life since you must feel maximum security and guarantee at all. And there is no way, you can ever find a guarantee that everything will last and be there forever.

Life changes, so do people, so do you. Nothing is forever, so you must outgrow the pain and discomfort from changes.

The Chiron Pain Of Regret And Remorse

It comes later in life, in your adulthood or your senior years.

You look back at your life and you wonder if all that effort for gaining material possession was worth it? The answer rarely ever is yes.

Realizing that now it is too late to change the way you lived your life brings the most painful Chiron wound.

That is why it is very important to acknowledge your Chiron wounds and learn to transform them into good use.

How To Heal Chiron In Taurus

Healing from a Chiron wound is never easy, quick, or fast. Different pains and wounds come at different times in our life, and what matters is to learn from all of them.

Once we go through the pain we are able to heal and help ourselves and others. That part of Chiron is our Chiron gifts or our healing powers that come from this comet.

Chiron Healing Gifts

Chiron is your weakness and your vulnerability.

Chiron gift is what you learned and defeated in life. Look at it as the Sun after the storm, the Sun is your Chiron gift.

Tools to use to reach out to your dreams and help not only to yourself but to others as well. Chiron gifts are meant to be shared.

Accepting That Complete Security Can’t Be Reached

Life is not about living in strict frames that should never be moved or changed. It is quite the opposite.

One must be flexible, accept the changes, and be ready to risk if one wants a fulfilling life. The path to healing starts when you accept that utter security can’t be reached or found in the materialistic.

People or money won’t give you freedom, stability, and security. A well-balanced life is what can lead you toward that, and even then it is still a life with ups and downs down the road.

And that is okay, since life is one big adventure, and you are the one who understands that. That acceptance and recognition is your healing gift, and now it is your turn to open other people’s eyes.

You Can Replace The Material, But You Can Never Replace People

You don’t need to grow old to realize what matters in life, and that life is about the people we have, not the material possessions.

You know money can’t buy you love or happiness, at least not on the long way and that is why you are such a strong built character.

The Chiron wound has brought you the most important lesson in life, and the fear of emptiness in life is now gone. That is your most precious gift of all!

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