June Cancer vs. July Cancer: What’s The Difference?!

People born under the sign of Cancer are sensitive, kind, and generous. Their nurturing and caring nature drives them to always want to help and protect people around them. Cancer is especially protective of their home and family.

These people feel the most joy being in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by people they love and family. It is very usual for people born in the sign of Cancer to be very family-oriented.

They have dreams of finding the perfect partner, having a fairytale wedding, and living in a warm and cute house, full of love, and having a big family! Sounds like a true Cancer, right?

These are the traits that generally describe Cancer people, however, sometimes we can meet individuals born in this sign that, compared to one another, have nothing in common, or there are significant differences in the way they behave, their views, and beliefs. The reason for that hides in the month of their birth, or one is probably a June-Cancer, while the other July-Cancer.

Today we look at the biggest differences between people that share the same Sun sign, so let us find out what makes June-Cancer differ from their fellow July-Cancer.

Why Are June Cancer and July Cancer Different?

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June Cancer Is The Perfect Illustration Of The Sign

Cancer ruling planet is the planet directly connected to our emotions and feelings, the Moon.

However, July-Cancer by being born in the second or third decan has a co-ruling planet that influences their behavior and traits.

Since June-Cancer is solely ruled by the Moon, they tend to be the perfect example or illustration of the Cancer sign traits. We can spot June-Cancer being sentimental, sensitive, and empathic.

They prefer comfort over everything else, and at times it can be quite hard to convince them to leave the comfort of their home and attend a party. 

July Cancer Is More Spiritual

All Cancerians tend to be strongly connected with spirituality and their senses, especially since this sign is ruled by the Moon.

But July-Cancer has much stronger senses and connection with the spiritual side of life, since they are also under the influence of Neptune, the planet of fantasies and illusions, and Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformations.

It is not unusual for July-Cancer to have an incredibly strong intuition that is rarely ever wrong.

July-Cancer is wrapped in more mystery than their fellow June-Cancer, and when it comes to which one is harder to read, July-Cancer wins this time.

July-Cancer can hide emotion like no one else, and they often tend to repress whatever feelings they have.

So if you step on their toes at the wrong time all that you heard and learned about Cancer being so nice and calm, well, let’s say you have woken the Cancer that is best to stay asleep, forever! 

June Cancer Is More Sensitive

It is not hard to spot Cancer getting emotional. Sometimes they can even cry at commercials. However, compared to July Cancer, people born in June are more sensitive.

Their empathic side is almost like a psychic or having a sixth sense. They can easily tune in with other people’s emotions and sympathize with their pain.

June-Cancer experiences other people’s pain so strongly like they are the ones going through it.

Having such a sensitive side is the reason why we are associated with moodiness every time we speak about Cancer.

If other Cancers tend to be moody and shift their mood so fast, just imagine how increased this is in June-Cancer.

Yes, they can be like the cartoon character, the one with the gray cloud always following them, placed over their head raining non-stop.

July Cancer Is More Prone To Withdraw In Its Shell

Like the crab, the symbol of Cancer, July-Cancer its defensive mechanism can quickly make them pull away from the world and hide in their shell.

This is the most possible to happen in times when July-Cancer tends to feel vulnerable and exposed.

Cancer born in July is extremely overprotective of their feelings, so they can be really hard opening to people.

In fact, if they are third decan Cancer, born in mid-July under the influence of Pluto, the most distant and intense planet, makes July-Cancer even more defensive and prone to keep their emotions for themself.

They are the best at shutting people and the world off and retrieve back in their home where they feel the safest.

July-Cancer can build the biggest emotional walls you have ever seen in a person. 

June Cancer Has Bigger Nurturing Instincts

Although it is known for all Cancer to be extremely caring and nurturing, this trait is a little extra highlighted in Cancerians born in June.

Again the reason for it lies in the influence of the Moon. They have a strong natural instinct that helps them give the best comfort, help, and support to people who need it. It is quite often for this Cancer to choose a career in medicine.

Female June-Cancers is always the mother-like figure and even when they are younger, they are always the ones going after everybody, making sure everyone is safe and good.

June-Cancer is the friend to go to if you are going through a tough breakup, lost your job, or had a fight with someone you love.

They will offer you the most comfortable chair, wrap you up in a blanket, and offer you an ice cream or spoil you with a full plate of delicious food.

You can pour your heart out to them, cry as much as you want, and they will not judge you, but they might cry together with you!  

July Cancer Is More Independent

Cancerians like to have people they love close to them and tend to rely often on their partner or family.

However, July-Cancer can be a little more independent and cope up with loneliness better than their fellow June-Cancer.

People born in July always handle breakups better, separations or moving and living in different countries.

It is not like they will not be sad or hurt, but it is less likely to find them crying all day wrapped up in their emotions like the Cancer born in June.

July-Cancer will find a way faster to adjust to the new circumstances and accept the change.

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