How To Get A Taurus Man To Chase You (7 STRATEGIES)

There are a lot of reasons why you would like to have a Taurus man by your side. I mean, they are smart, ambitious, and you can feel so secure and safe by his side.

The stable nature Taurus has gives you the vibe that this man is great relationship material, and trust us, you are not wrong.

Taurus man is the most loyal and affectionate sign when they are in love. But they are not quite the easy catch!

How Do You Get A Taurus Man To Chase You


First of all, you must understand that this man is different and the old and familiar tricks we women know won’t work on him.

But don’t worry, in this article we give you the ultimate tips and advice to make him crazy for you, instead of you chasing him.

DON’T Be Hot and Cold

The old rule of playing HOT and COLD is a big NO!

Usually, when we want to catch someone’s attention we go with our first instinct of playing not interested and later on show our affection about them.

We play the old game of Hot and Cold because we are taught that it will make a man chase us. Well, this game would never work on the Bull. Pretending you don’t really care about him, and then showing you interest will be such a turn-off for the Taurus man.

In fact, it would do the quite opposite of him chasing you, to him running away for you. The reason why you can’t make a Taurus man chase you with this game is that this man looks for a secure, stable, and determined woman.

So most likely by playing this trick on them will only make him see you as someone that is not consistent with their goals in life, unstable, and can’t be trusted, and that is something they never go after, let alone chase it.

Get Flirty

Flirt with him and show him directly that you like him.

Instead of pretending you are not into him, show your boldness and be open about how you feel about this man. Flirt with him using your body and words.

This man appreciates honesty and boldness. Attract him with looks, wardrobe, hair, eyes, and seductive touch.

This way you would make him feel safe enough to approach you and make a move.  

Never Try To Make Him Jealous

NEVER use “make him jealous” move on Taurus.

In the game of love, we tend to play on the jealousy card. With Taurus man the minute you try to make him jealous, he would lose interest in you, so this trick is a big NO as well.

If you want to make this man chase you, show him that you are certain in what you want and you don’t wish for another man’s attention.

Again, Taurus is very loyal and faithful, so there is nothing more attractive for this man than a woman that acts the same way.

Show him that he can trust you and this is something that would make a Taurus man go after you.

The goal in their life is to have security and stability, so become his dream woman by not shaking up his love life.

Take It Slow

Don’t rush the spark between you.

Once you’ve got a spark between you and Taurus man, you should never rush it to make it into flames.

Like everything else in life, Taurus takes it quite seriously the choice of woman they want to be with, so they would need time to make that decision.

Give your Taurus man enough time to get to know you and don’t initiate anything more than what he has offered you.

If you want to make him chase you, make sure to show that you too are willing to wait for both of you to know each other better before you go any further with the relationship.

This way you are showing him that for you too is important the choice of man and it is not something you take it easy, but rather serious and very careful.  

Build Trust

Make him trust you.

The Taurus man can be shy and tend to hide their emotions and feelings. In the beginning, he probably will be watching you quite closely to see if they can trust you. Use this to your advantage and show him your loyalty.

Be there for him and always follow through with little things like being on time for your dates, keeping your word, and being consistent in your plans.

Even the smallest things like answering your phone when he calls you or texting back in mannerly time can secure this man that you are someone they can have trust, so they would like to chase you to make you part of their life.

Don’t Rely On Him

Show him you are an independent and stable woman.

The man born under the sign of Taurus is always in search of security in life. Having a woman that has the same goal is something they find quite attractive.

Tell him your plans for your career and life. Make him see you have your affairs in order.

Let him know that you know your direction in life and you are ready to make your dreams come true while depending on your abilities and skills.

A smart and independent woman is what they look for in life, so once you show him that you are all that, this man will not allow you to slip through his hands and he will do everything in his power to have you.  

Show Him Your Feminine Side

Show your feminine and gentle side.

Although he likes his woman strong and independent, he is also the kind of man that melts down in front of a woman that is caring, sensitive, and a true lady.

Don’t be afraid to show your gentle side and your feminine power.

Allow him to be the man for you and occasionally ask him to help you in certain things. They love to feel like a hero and protect, so by allowing him to care for you would only make him want you more.

Remember, Taurus man is never interested in a woman that won’t let him take the initiative so you rather be the lady who lets him seduce you and draw you towards him.

You are in fact making him chase you, but he doesn’t have to know that. Let him think chasing you is his idea all along.

This is the biggest trick in your sleeves so use it to make a Taurus man chase you like crazy.

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