6 Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudges (Forever And Ever!)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where no matter how much you apologize, some people just won’t let go of past mistakes? These individuals may appear in various aspects of your life, be it platonic, romantic, or professional relationships.

Unsurprisingly, this stubbornness might be linked to an individual’s zodiac sign. These are the zodiac signs that hold grudges.

They are the typed that don’t forget and certainly don’t forgive. Is your zodiac sign on this list?! Take a look through the list and see if you (or anyone you know) matches the descriptions here…

Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudges

Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudges


As a water sign, Scorpio is known for being highly emotional and intensely loyal. However, if someone betrays a Scorpio, they are incredibly quick to hold a grudge.

No matter the size of the disloyalty, Scorpios are likely to ice that person out without a second thought.

To mend their relationship, the person who wronged the Scorpio must invest significant time building trust and love with them.

It won’t be easy to regain a Scorpio’s favor, so be prepared for a challenging journey if you’re looking to get back into their good graces.


As a Taurus, it’s no surprise that you’re known for being quite stubborn, and holding grudges can come naturally to you. When someone wrongs you, it’s challenging for you to ever fully forgive them.

In fact, it’s almost as if you could keep a list of names, remembering who has upset you.

Deep down, you may want to forgive and accept apologies, but your pride and determination stand in the way.

It’s possible for you to move past your pride and accept someone’s apology; however, regaining trust in that person may be a different story altogether.


Woman Upset: Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudges

As an Aries, you are a fire sign with a passionate and fiery temper. Being the first sign of the zodiac means you have high expectations in your relationships and enjoy being the center of attention.

Your energetic and spirited nature means you’re quick to express your feelings when you’re upset, but it’s hard for you to let go of past grievances.

If someone betrays your trust, beware of deceptive kindness, as Aries may still harbor resentment even if they seem warm and friendly afterward.


As a Leo, when someone wrongs you, they’ll likely find themselves needing to take a hasty retreat. Your powerful presence and strong personality make it unwise for others to cross you.

Holding a grudge comes naturally, and during this time, you may exhibit a harsher demeanor as a protective measure.

Usually, your disposition is warm and nurturing, but after being hurt, you tend to put up a guard. While you are capable of eventually releasing the grudge, the person who caused the harm has to genuinely demonstrate their worthiness to regain your trust.

Even though it may be challenging at times, having a loyal Leo friend is truly valuable, making the effort to regain their trust worthwhile.


As a Libra, if you ever feel insulted, you have a tendency to shut down and become virtually invisible. You don’t give others a chance to apologize, showing how skilled you are in avoiding confrontation.

It’s worth noting that you’re quite an accomplished actor too. Sometimes you might act as if everything is fine and pretend to have forgiven someone, only to revisit the issue a few days later. Grudges can last forever with you.

You have a remarkable talent for giving the silent treatment. Normally, you’re an exceptionally fair and logical person, but when someone offends you, your composure can easily falter. Even if you ultimately forgive them, the memory will always remain with you.


Stonewalling: Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudges

Cancer is the third water sign along with Pisces and Scorpio, which makes them sensitive and emotional. Being nurturing is one of their positive traits, but as they are ruled by the moon, moodiness is also common.

You’ll find that Cancer individuals feel things incredibly deeply, so they might not truly ever recover from certain situations.

When it comes to forgiveness, Cancers try their best but might struggle to fully let their guard down. You will notice that they tend to protect themselves from those who have harmed them.

And if anyone hurts someone they care about, don’t even think about being easily forgiven.

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