How To Know If Someone Misses You Without Contact (10 SIGNS!)

The no-contact period during a break or breakup in a relationship can be quite a struggle! While usually applied to romantic partnerships, even platonic ones need to come to a pause or end sometimes.

Although you know the importance of maintaining no-contact, you’re likely still thinking about that person.

Do they care? How are they? And, most importantly, do they miss you? Here’s how to know if someone misses you without contact.

How To Know If Someone Misses You Without Contact

They Keep Checking Your Social Medias

They Keep Checking Your Social Medias

When you can’t contact someone, one of the easiest ways to check on someone is via social media.

Someone who misses you will be constantly checking your profile to see how you’re doing and what you’re up to.

But how can you tell if someone’s checking your social media if they’re not interacting with your posts?

Most platforms with a “story” function allow you to see who’s viewed your stories.

Plus, if someone visits your profile a lot, the algorithm will put him close to the top of your friend or following lists.

They Post Things That Are Indirectly Aimed At You

They Post Things That Are Indirectly Aimed At You

Speaking of social media, someone who misses you without contact will likely be quite active on theirs.

They’ll be posting up a storm, more than they did before you went no-contact. This is their way of getting your attention and indirectly informing you of their life.

This can get even less subtle when they post things that are meant for you to see. These may be posts about how they’ve changed, sad lyrics, or inside jokes.

The point is that when you read those posts, you’ll get the feeling that they’re aimed at you.

They’re Making Lifestyle Changes

They're Making Lifestyle Changes

In order to handle missing you, someone might try to distract themselves and push themselves to move on.

This means they may make a series of sudden and unusual lifestyle changes as they work on handling their emotions. 

If this person was a couch potato and now is always at the gym, for example, they’re trying to forget their pain.

They wouldn’t need to distract themselves with big changes unless they felt something.

They Still Talk To Your Friends Or Family

They Still Talk To Your Friends Or Family

Someone who doesn’t miss you isn’t going to be interested in keeping contact with your loved ones.

Unless you have a lot of mutual friends, they don’t have much excuse to hang out with people close to you. 

But if they miss you, that person may spend time with your family and friends.

This gives them the chance to ask about you and hear scrapes of info about how you’re doing.

They Change Something About Their Appearance

They Change Something About Their Appearance

Have you ever noticed that when someone’s going through a tough time, they often try to change their appearance?

This is to give them an element of something to control in their lives.

This person might dye their hair, grow facial hair or shave (if applicable), or completely switch up their dress sense.

It’s all fair game for them, of course! But they wouldn’t need to do this if they didn’t miss you.

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You’ve Accidentally Seen Them A Few Times

You've Accidentally Seen Them A Few Times

Someone who misses you might intentionally orchestrate “accidental” meetings.

They’ll show up at your favorite places or near where you live or work, pretending to be only coincidentally there. 

Sure, you might not even acknowledge each other during these “chance” meetings.

But just seeing you can help them to ease the ache of missing you!

You Haven’t Seen Them At All Despite Being Close By

You Haven't Seen Them At All Despite Being Close By

Here’s the other extreme of the previous point. If you live or work close to one another, it’s reasonable that there will be genuine accidental meetings now and then.

That’s not the same as orchestrating meetings. It’s just natural.

So if you notice that you never bump into them at all, even at all the places they always frequent, take note!

They miss you and are trying to avoid you to reduce the pain of seeing you and knowing they can’t contact you.

The People In Their Life Say They Talk About You

The People In Their Life Say They Talk About You

Someone who misses you will talk about that to their close friends and family.

Your mutual friends will be able to let you know if that’s what’s happening! They might even complain about it if that someone won’t stop going on about you. 

If you’re trying to be subtle, don’t ask for information about what this person says directly. But there’s no harm in being direct if you’re truly curious. 

They’re Lashing Out Left And Right

They're Lashing Out Left And Right

Have you heard on the grapevine that this person has been a little snippy lately?

Are their other relationships in jeopardy? Have they fallen out with some people?

This might be happening because they’re lashing out due to missing you.

Emotions are high and stress is building, causing them to be a bit of a jerk to those around them. Yikes! 

You’ve Been Being Your Best Self

You've Been Being Your Best Self

The truth is that you don’t always need to look for signs to know that someone misses you. People naturally miss those they once spent a lot of time with.

No-contact periods in relationships practically create the opportunity for you to both miss each other. You can know that this person misses you simply by living your best life. 

When you’re happy, showing the great side of your life, and surrounding yourself with good people, they’ll see that. And that’s often all it takes to make someone miss you – you don’t even have to try!

So if you’re focusing on your life and living it well, you can be sure that someone misses you without contact.

Is It True If You See Someone In Your Dream, They Miss You?

There truly is no scientific proof or evidence that supports the idea that dreaming about someone means they miss you.

Most psychologists believe dreams are simply the manifestation of the dreamer’s subconscious mind. Dreams can be influenced or triggered by many different things.

Dreaming of someone you know can simply be your subconscious mind missing them. Or it could just be that they have been on your mind lately.

Now, that’s the scientific reasoning and psychologist-approved answer.

Personally, my answer differs. I think sometimes dreams can simply be that, just dreams. But my woo-woo side does come out here.

I think people, especially people who care for one another deeply, are connected on levels we can’t explain. Science doesn’t have ways of measuring these connections.

So dreaming of someone you haven’t thought of in a while can be them also thinking of you. It can be them missing you.

It can be a lot of things.

It’s like those situations when you think of someone you haven’t thought of or spoken in ages and then receive a text or call from them that day.

It’s like they were thinking of you before reaching out. Has this ever happened to you? Because it’s happened to me on numerous occasions.

So, yes. Sometimes. Sometimes I do think dreaming of someone can mean they miss you, or have had you in their thoughts at some point recently.

But I wouldn’t base my next actions based on a dream. Unless, of course, you are inspired to do so. Do what’s right for you!


You can’t break a no-contact period just for the sake of finding out if someone misses you. What’s more, breaking that agreement can cause them to miss you less.

So instead of jeopardizing things, try to notice the subtle signs that someone misses you without contacting them.

If nothing else, knowing that will give you some satisfaction that you’re not alone!I

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