How Does Cancer Man Test You? (10 MUST-KNOWS!)

Cancer is one of the most sensitive and nurturing signs in the horoscope! If you have met a man that is affectionate, nice and cares about your emotions, it must be Cancer!

The man born under this sign is incredibly loyal, gentle, and respectful.

Being in a relationship with him may make you feel like a princess.

This is because they like to protect and make sure you always feel safe by their side. 

Now you are even more attracted to your Cancer man!

It is impossible to resist the charm of a Cancer man as this person can sense your energy and always make you feel comfortable and pleasant.

Moreover, it is easy to talk to him about your emotions as he is deeply sensitive and spiritually open.

The Cancer man is nurturing, and you may notice how easy it is to reach out to him for help and support. 

Cancer is cautious when it comes to their love choices.

Despite him being pretty friendly and open, the Crab won’t give in to love that quickly. This man will test you before he decides that you are the one for him.

Luckily there is Astrology to help you and give you hints on all the things you need to pay attention to if you want to lock down the love with your Cancer man.

Next, we discover all the mysteries around the Cancer man and how he will test you to see if you are indeed the one.

How Does Cancer Man Test You

How Does Cancer Man Test You - Couple smiling at phone

He Will Observe Your Way Of Treating Other People

For the Cancer man, having an equally caring and nice partner is extremely important. So he will pay close attention to the way you treat other people.

This man is incredibly empathetic and considerate, so if being nice is not part of how you talk and address people, it is a deal-breaker.

You’d better make sure to always be nice and polite and treat everyone with respect and consideration. 

Testing You To See If You Are Emotional

While most men won’t enjoy the company of sensitive and emotional women, the Crab man admires the courage to be open about your feelings.

This man will make sure to test and see whether you can be open and honest with him and able to share emotions.

A cold and numb personality is something that won’t attract this man’s attention.

However, keep in mind that although he might offer you a hug to comfort you when you feel sad, crying on every occasion and emotionally overreacting is also a scene he will gladly escape. 

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He Will Test To See If You Are Independent And Ambitious 

A cancer man loves to be with a woman that is hardworking and goal-oriented. Your independence is a huge turn-on for him.

Therefore, questions and interest about your job and professional plans will be part of his test to see if you are the right woman for him.

Make sure to show excitement and passion about your work and present to him your five or ten-year plan.

It is always refreshing to meet a woman that knows what she likes and has a goal in her life, so the Crab is no exception to this rule.

Your Family Values, Views, And Beliefs 

The Cancer man is highly family-oriented, and most of them dream of finding the perfect woman and settling down.

He might want to have a family, and it will be important to him to know your stands and beliefs on this subject.

Don’t be surprised if intimate questions such as “Do you want a family and children” come up early in your dating phase.

It is perfectly alright if you are not that type of woman, as everyone is entitled to their choices in life.

However, it is important to be honest, and open about this rather sensitive matter with your Crab man.

This way, you’ll both avoid complications and uncomfortable moments.

And the fact that you have been honest with each other can only help you build a healthier bond. 

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Testing Your Loyalty

The best thing about a Cancer man is his strong devotion and loyalty towards the person he loves.

He is rarely the type of man that will lie to you, cheat or disrespect you in any other way.

But, he will also test to see if you are equally loyal and trustworthy.

Don’t try to lie to him, and he will remember everything and ask you again just so he can test if you are honest.

While you go out, he might seem loose and relaxed, but his eyes will be on you checking to see if you notice other men.

Flirting with someone to make him jealous can only prove to this man that you have failed the test to be the woman of his dreams.

Stay loyal, respect him, and you’ll have his heart and love forever!

Make Sure You Show Affection And Care About Him 

How Does Cancer Man Test You -  couple holding hands at coffee shop

The Cancer man is strong and independent, but once in a while, he will test to see if he can rely on you.

Perhaps he will call you to tell you he is not feeling well, so if you are not headed his way with chicken soup and intend to take care and nurture him, know you have failed the test.

Cancer is the most nurturing sign in the Zodiac.

Most of the time, people born under this sign place other people’s needs before theirs.

So if you are sick, he will be right there next to your bed, making sure you have all that you need and helping you recover.

However, in return, your Cancer man will expect the same thing from you. 

Your Texts Or Calls Are Also A Test For The Cancer Man

You might ask how a text or a call can be a test?

Well, your Cancer man will expect you to text him a good morning, goodnight, and call him in between.

He will also do the same, but if you don’t hear from him, know that he is testing you to see if you will remember to wish him a good day or call to ask how his day went.

These small things matter to the Crab. It shows him you pay attention and you are interested in him.

Every time you ask how he feels or how his day was, he’ll know you care for him, which is passing the test for you.

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Introducing You To His Friends And Family 

Don’t be surprised if, very quickly, since you started dating a Cancer man, he invites you to meet his friends or his family.

This is a very important test for the Cancer man, as he highly values and appreciates the opinion of his group and his family.

Make sure you are yourself, as that is the only way to charm people. If you fake your smile or conversations, the Crab will know.

Your friends and family will love the real, amazing you!

And lucky, the Cancer man won’t break up if one or two close people in his life didn’t approve of you.

After all, not everyone can like us, and that is perfectly okay. 

Pulling Away From You

When you date a Cancer man, the ultimate test will be when he suddenly pulls a bit away from you.

It is not that he has lost interest in you.

Quite the opposite, this man doesn’t want to lose you, but he will make sure that you feel the same way.

Therefore he might start for a while to invite you on fewer dates and spend less time with you. Don’t be disappointed.

Step up your game, show initiative, and be the one inviting him to spend time together.

Show him you don’t want to lose him and that you enjoy spending your time in his company.

This way, he will be sure that you feel strongly about him, and he will feel secure enough to take the next step in the relationship. 

Romance And Passion

How Does Cancer Man Test You - Couple laughing at restaurant

Your Cancer man, as mentioned before, is very sensitive. He enjoys romance and small gestures of love.

Candle dinner, romantic walks, and small surprises will melt his heart.

You don’t have to be the greatest cook in the world, but a homemade dinner will be the most romantic thing for your Cancer man.

It will also help you pass the test that you are ready to give him all the love and attention he is already willing to give to you. 

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Final Thoughts

The Cancer man is a ball full of emotions, and this man enjoys being in love!

He is highly intuitive and sensitive to other people’s emotions, so being completely honest and open with him will help you pass all the tests.

Going through all is worth it as you’ll get to be with a man that appreciates you and loves you unconditionally.

Don’t forget about romance! This man is one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac. 

The Cancer man will give you the world if you turn out to be the perfect woman for him!

He will accept all of your flaws and love you for them, but you need to be open and show him the real you! 

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