4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely Cheat, According To An Astrologer

Wondering which zodiac signs might have a wandering eye?!

Before you start side-eying your partner, remember these are just predictions and someone’s entire chart plays a major role in their tendencies and loyalty.

But…. Some signs are more likely to be ‘out in the streets’ and if you’re wondering which those are… They’re these…

Zodiac Signs Most Likely Cheat

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Gemini: The Master Flirt

Strap in if you’re dating a Gemini, because you’re in for a ride as unpredictable as their playlist on a long road trip.

Imagine someone with the charm of a rom-com lead and the attention span of a toddler in a toy store – that’s your Gemini.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they’re equipped with the gift of gab and can talk their way into (or out of) anything.

Geminis live for variety; they crave new experiences like a cat craves catnip. Their wandering eye isn’t so much about discontent as it is about curiosity – “Is the grass greener or is it just AstroTurf?” they wonder.

But don’t worry, at the heart of it, Geminis are looking for someone who can match their zest for life and conversation. Just keep them on their toes, and maybe hide their phone during the full moon.

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Libra: The Lover of Love

Oh, Libras, with Venus as your ruler, you’re the zodiac’s hopeless romantic, believing in love like it’s a Disney movie – but with better fashion sense.

You’re all about harmony, balance, and making sure everyone’s getting along, which means you’re often caught playing mediator in your friends’ group chat.

But this aversion to conflict can be your Achilles’ heel; rather than confront relationship issues, you might find yourself sliding into someone else’s DMs for a distraction.

It’s not that you’re disloyal; you just have a hard time making up your mind. “To cheat or not to cheat” could very well be your Hamlet moment.

Remember, Libras, communication is key – that, and maybe a good therapist to help you navigate those indecisive waves.

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Sagittarius: The Adventurous Spirit

If Sagittarius had a dating profile, it would say, “Must love dogs, adventure, and never asking me where I am at 3 AM.”

Governed by Jupiter, these free spirits are on a perpetual quest for knowledge, growth, and someone who won’t ask them to settle down and do boring things like budgeting.

Sagittarians are as likely to ghost you for a spontaneous trip to Bali as they are to charm your socks off with tales of their escapades.

They crave excitement and freedom, and if the relationship starts to feel like a routine, they might start looking for the exit – or at least a side quest.

The key to keeping a Sagittarius close is to share in their love of adventure and always keep them guessing what’s next. Just make sure your idea of “guessing” doesn’t involve surprise family visits.

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Aquarius: The Eccentric Soul

Aquarians are the type to invent a new language just because they’re bored on a Tuesday. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion, they’re the zodiac’s resident aliens – quirky, independent, and a tad emotionally elusive.

Aquarians treat love like they do their WiFi connection: essential for downloading new ideas but frustrating when it gets too clingy.

They value intellectual stimulation and freedom, so if the relationship feels too vanilla, they might start looking for sprinkles elsewhere.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom; Aquarians are fiercely loyal to those who understand their need for space and can engage in deep, philosophical discussions about why the chicken really crossed the road.

To keep an Aquarius interested, simply be yourself – but maybe with a little extra weirdness.

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