How Does A Pisces Man Test You (10 Ways!)

Wondering how a Pisces man tests you?! We’ve got you covered!

Pisces men are notoriously complicated and hard to understand!

While they’re often accepting, calm, and sensitive, they’re also extremely observant. When they’re interested in you at the beginning of a relationship, they want proof that you’re right for them.

Sometimes, they think the best way to get that proof is by testing you to see what you’re truly like.

So, how does a Pisces test you in the beginning of the relationship? Read on to find out….

How Does A Pisces Man Test You

He Closes Off

A pisces man tests you by closing off at times

Pisces is a water sign, so those born under it are often sensitive and emotional. For Pisces men, that emotional nature comes with a fair bit of social stigma.

He might feel uncomfortable being vulnerable about his true sensitivity because he’s not sure how you’ll react. It might even make him feel less “macho” than he wants to be!

That’s why a Pisces man might close himself off and shut down emotionally. It’s a test to see how you’ll react to this and if you’re worthy of his vulnerability. Sometimes, the test isn’t even a conscious one, but one performed out of an instinct to protect himself. 

Regardless of the reason for this test, don’t be too pushy. Express your support for him and say you’ll be happy to hear him out when he’s ready to be more open with you.

He Tests Your Availability As A Companion

He Tests Your Availability As A Companion

Pisces is represented by two fish, so it’s no wonder that those born under the sign always want companions! A Pisces man doesn’t typically want to do things alone. He’ll want you to accompany him to various places and spend lots of time with him.

Not everyone is ready for their time to be taken up by the attention required by a Pisces man. He needs to test your availability to ensure that you’ll be happy to spend all of that time with him.

He Ensures Your Intention

He Ensures Your Intention

Those born under the sign of Pisces are often very generous individuals. As such, they’re also taken advantage of quite often.

A Pisces man has probably faced many questionable forms of commitment before. Due to these experiences, he can’t be sure of your intent and loyalty until he tests it.

A Pisces man wants to ensure that you’ll devote yourself to him as much as he’d do for you. If he senses a lack of dedication on your part or a change in intent, he’ll switch up. He’ll try to mirror your level of dedication or your intentions to see if you’ll prove your commitment or give up.

Pisces men are very good at switching up to mirror you because Pisces is a mutable sign. He’s adaptable to any alterations and is alert to them. Like the fish that represent him, he’ll go with the flow until he knows for sure where you stand.

He Doesn’t Reach Out First After Conflict

Pisces is the final water sign, closing up the cycle that started with Cancer and Scorpio. This means that a Pisces man has all the empathy of the other water signs, but with more closure.

He’s capable of forgiveness, change, and leaving things in the past. In fact, that’s how he prefers to live. But if that’s the case, then why doesn’t he reach out after a fight?

This is another one of a Pisces man’s tests. He needs to know that you’re like him. He wants you to reach out first and prove your ability to handle conflict without starting drama.

He craves emotional stability and knows that fights will bring out the worst in you. If you know how to cool down and reach out maturely, he’ll be quick to provide emotional support and be with you.

He Checks How You Fit Into His Social Circle

He Checks How You Fit Into His Social Circle

Remember what we said about the two fishes and the dislike of being alone? Pisces men are definitely pack animals as a result!

Their friends and family are super important to them, and they can’t imagine dating someone who won’t easily fit this circle.

If a Pisces man is interested in you, he’ll test your compatibility with his “pack”. You need to be able to hang out with them well before he considers dating you seriously.

He also takes the opinions of his social circle into account with great detail. If his buddies don’t like you, he’ll take that as a red flag on you. 

He Withdraws

He Withdraws

Like all water signs, a Pisces man can be a bit wishy-washy. That’s why you might worry if he suddenly withdraws from you and seems to show less interest. He stops responding to texts and starts ignoring your calls. That silent treatment can be extremely icy!

You might be concerned, but don’t be! This is likely just another test from the Pisces man in your life. He, once again, wants to know how you might react in this situation. 

In addition, although Pisces men want constant companionship in a physical sense, they also need emotional and personal space. Once you’re committed long-term, a Pisces man already knows you’re his physical companion and feels secure in that. 

At this latter point, he’ll want the same space that all human beings naturally need for themselves. He needs to make sure that you’ll be able to give that to him, and withdrawing can be a test of that.

The best thing to do here is to not be pushy. Send him a message saying you’ll be waiting when he’s ready to talk to you again. 

He Tests Your Boundaries

He Tests Your Boundaries

We’ve talked about how Pisces is the final water sign and symbolizes the closure of the learning cycle of water signs. A Pisces man has the most empathy and the most sensitivity.

He has a huge capacity for emotion and forgiveness – but he only manages this because of good boundaries. Without strong boundaries and control, these feelings would overwhelm him.

This is why a Pisces man might test your boundaries when you begin to date. He wants to see if you’ll stand your ground and reinforce your limits the same way he has to.

If you’re unable to do that, he’ll see that you lack the maturity he needs in a partner. So stand up for yourself and don’t let him cross the boundaries you’ve set!

He Plays It Hot And Cold

He Plays It Hot And Cold

Remember what we said about water signs and wishy-washiness? A Pisces man utilizes that nature to its utmost when he tests you.

The fish that represent this sign swim in the opposite direction, symbolizing the constant division in his decisions. That’s why men of this sign have such a huge reputation for being confusing to date. 

One day, he’s showering you with all the affection in the world. The next, he’s totally distant and inattentive. He’s doing this because he’s testing your reactions once again. How well can you manage this confusion and conflict?

Luckily, Pisces men only do this when they’re not sure of your intentions. He’s giving you the chance to duck away and leave. Once you prove that you’re not going to be discouraged and that you’ll fight for him, this behavior will stop.

He Evaluates Your Social Circle

He Evaluates Your Social Circle

Since Pisces men are such pack animals, as previously stated, they also think someone’s “pack” says a lot about them.

The Pisces man in your life will want to see who you spend your time with and surround yourself with. To him, those people will say a lot about you. 

This means he’ll test you by wanting to meet those you’re closest to. If he gets bad vibes from them, he’ll naturally consider this a red flag.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re surrounded by good people before you try to snag a Pisces man!

He Pushes Your Buttons Expertly

He Pushes Your Buttons Expertly

You already know that Pisces men are highly empathetic. This means that a Pisces man will quickly figure out how to push your buttons, and he’ll do it. This is his way of testing your temper. 

Pisces men hate conflict due to their high emotions and prefer to be accepting and laid-back. Some take that too far and approach things from a rose-colored angle, as their ruling planet of Neptune pushes them to. They want situations to be ideal at all times.

Of course, most Pisces men will learn to make up for that shortcoming. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll ever learn to be okay with explosive fighting. They need to make sure that you can manage your temper and respond maturely and calmly to their goading. 

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It can be frustrating when a Pisces man tests you. It’s reasonable if you feel confused by his actions or irritated by the way he’s behaving. There’s a degree of testing that’s reasonable when you’re both seeing if you’re compatible.

But there’s also a point where that devolves into unhealthy, toxic mind games. No matter someone’s astrological sign, each individual is capable of opting for healthy communication!

If a Pisces man is into you, the “tests” he uses won’t get in the way of the formation of a healthy connection between you. Make sure you’re able to differentiate a Pisces’ tests from a person’s red flags!

If it’s green flags all the way, then pay attention to the tests you get and run with them. You’ll impress that Pisces man in your life in no time!

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