Why Are Geminis So Fickle? (11 THINGS TO KNOW)

Why are Geminis so fickle?! Are they ‘inconsiderate’ or could they just be ‘living in the moment?’ Let’s dig deeper to better understand our twin friends…

Geminis are perceived as indecisive, fake, and a real handful to be around. They’re also famously fickle, even from the most charitable of perspectives.

In fact, Geminis (along with Scorpio) are one of the most hated signs of the zodiac. But are they really that bad?

Could they just be misunderstood?

I’m sure you (just as I) have met some amazing Geminis in your life. But maybe you’re a more stable, responsible person and their flakiness mixed with that ‘head in the clouds’ vibe just rubs you the wrong way.

Let’s not be so quick to judge them! Instead, let’s try to understand: why are Geminis so fickle?

Why Are Geminis So Fickle

Geminis Are Indecisive

Geminis can change their minds in a matter of seconds.

They can’t decide what they truly want easily. This means they’ve constantly got so much going on in their head all at once.

They’re weighing choices, thinking of all the things they want, and filling their lives with options.

The symbol of the twins means this sign is always holding thoughts and stances usually reserved for multiple people!

All of that indecisiveness lends itself to fickle behavior. Since they can’t pin down their desires, they’re always shifting here and there with their many interests.

Helping a Gemini to make a decision can reduce their most fickle impulses.

But for the most part, a Gemini will cycle through many conclusions before coming to the one they’re willing to stand by.

Geminis Love Adventure At Any Cost

Geminis Love Adventure At Any Cost

Geminis enjoy any form of adventure, even if it’s negative.

This means that they’re going to like looking for trouble, as trouble always provides some adventure.

This motivation in a Gemini’s life can make them extra fickle.

Dropping things to embark on something new is certainly a risk, but it’s a promise of adventure.

The more questionable the risk-to-reward ratio, the more alluring it is to a Gemini.

Geminis Are Adaptable

Geminis Are Adaptable

Geminis are capable of changing and going with the flow. This is thanks to the fact that they’re a mutable sign.

They’re great at adapting to new situations and are amazing survivors.

Everything they’re faced with, they can make into their own. They’re versatile – and that also makes them fickle.

Essentially, the fact that Geminis are so adept at changing at the drop of a hat comes with fickleness.

They’re not fake for it – they’re just able to roll with the punches.

They never know when they’ll need to adapt, so the fickleness is constant.

Geminis Are Quick Witted

Geminis Are Quick Witted

Ruled by the planet Mercury, a Gemini is quick to think and speak.

Geminis have brains going at a mile a minute and tend to be several steps ahead in their processing.

The lightning quickness can be quite overwhelming to be around.

Mercury dictates communication styles, too.

This manifests in fickleness when they speak bluntly, suddenly, and in ways that are difficult to follow. 

Geminis Are Outgoing

Geminis Are Outgoing

Geminis are hugely friendly and confident. Despite having a bit of a bad reputation, they’re surprisingly social.

This outgoing nature makes them a little all over the place, which only adds to their fickle behavior.

All of that confidence can come with a bit of a bite that can seem overwhelming to others.

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Geminis Revel In Individuality

Geminis Revel In Individuality

While Geminis do want to be socially integrated, they’re also not too concerned with convention.

They’re not rebellious, but they’re certainly outspoken about who they are.

They love who they are and value their personal freedom first. They’ll cater to themselves first before catering to norms.

Additional fickleness comes from the mix of individuality and social confidence of the Gemini.

They swing dramatically between being around others and being isolated and happy by themselves.

Some people perceive this as a little fake, but that’s not the case.

It’s just more of that fickleness that allows a Gemini to go after what they want unapologetically!

Geminis Are Erratic

Geminis Are Erratic

Erratic behavior is unpredictable behavior, and that summarizes Geminis pretty well.

They can’t sit still and have trouble staying engaged, getting bored at remarkable rates. It takes a lot to truly hold their attention. 

To others who aren’t privy to the erratic thoughts of a Gemini, it can be a real trip around one.

They seem to pull stuff out of nowhere so you always have to be on your toes. It makes them look even more fickle!

Geminis Have Strong Empathy

Geminis Have Strong Empathy

This may come as a surprise to many who have heard about the worst traits of a Gemini. But believe it or not, Geminis are highly empathetic.

They absorb other people’s ideas quickly, which is why some consider them two-faced. But with that absorption also comes other people’s feelings.

A Gemini is capable of truly consuming the experiences and emotions of others.

Their high levels of empathy can cause them to change track when interacting with others. They have subtle insight that makes them reactive to people.

This reads as fickleness as they quickly shuffle and change to accommodate others.

Geminis Are Impulsive

Geminis are impulsive

Geminis don’t think before they act.

They jump in head-first to whatever new thing catches their fancy. This can make them very fickle.

Their focus on one project is quickly disrupted by a new shiny one. This applies to everything else, too – hobbies, friends, romances, even jobs.

It’s no wonder that they’re so fickle; they just can’t help diving into anything that comes by!

Geminis Have A Lot Of Nervous Energy

Geminis Have A Lot Of Nervous Energy

While not necessarily significantly anxious, Geminis tend to have a fair bit of nervous energy.

This is due in part to the overthinking that often comes with air signs and their head full of ideas.

This means that Geminis tend to be drawn to activities that will help them to burn off that energy.

They want to feel exhilarated often, and there’s nothing exhilarating about being predictable.

Their fickleness is, therefore, a product of the need to express the energy they hold.

Geminis Are Curious

Geminis Are Curious

Geminis love to experience and see new things.

Their interest is quickly grabbed by many things at once.

This means that they can have tons of things occurring at the same time. Their interests are wide-ranging.

They don’t stay still, moving between these different things. No wonder they’re so fickle. They have so much to do!

In Conclusion

The fickleness of a Gemini isn’t about being fake or apathetic. Instead, it’s about being adaptable, enjoying adventure, and thirsting for knowledge and experiences.

When you understand where they come from, that fickleness makes a lot more sense!

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