8 Obvious Signs Someone Has Bad Intentions

The unfortunate truth is that not everyone you meet in life will have good intentions, and the hardest pill to swallow is that the people who have bad intentions for you often act the nicest.

It can be so difficult to work out if someone truly cares for you, or if they have some bad intentions lurking behind the facade they put up. As much as we all might want to see the goodness in others, you need to always be on the lookout for red flags.

By keeping on the lookout for red flags, you should be able to pick up on some signs that someone might not have the best intentions.

What are some signs that someone has bad intentions?

Some of the signs that someone has bad intentions include when you catch them out in habitual lies, they focus on their own needs and wants, they make you feel uncomfortable, and when their body language just seems off.

These can be from people who you have just met in your social circle, to someone with who you are romantically involved with. Keep reading to find out the signs that someone has bad intentions.

Red Flags That Someone Has Bad Intentions


The person you are concerned about will most likely do everything they can to make it seem like they have your best interests at heart, but if they really do have bad intentions, then there will definitely be signs for you to pick up on.

These are some of the things to look out for that show that someone is not who they claim to be:

They Constantly Lie

A person who is trying to put up a front that they care about you will constantly need to lie to get away with behavior. 

Once someone starts covering their tracks by lying, it all just spirals out of control, and their lies become bigger and even more obvious.

Someone who has good intentions in your life would not need to lie to you. Yes, we have all been guilty of telling white lies now and then, but this should not be habitual, and it should not be to hide other bad behavior that could negatively affect you.

They Focus On Their Own Needs And Wants

When a person has bad intentions, all of their interactions with you would be steered towards their needs and wants. They do not care about your feelings or what you want, and will only give out what they can get back.

Try to think of the time that you spent together. Do you find that you are constantly going along with their plan and doing all of the things that make them happy? When you bring up something that you want to do, do they just shut it down?

Relationships and friendships can often be very one-sided, and it takes a deep look to figure out whether or not your partner or friend really cares about what you want and need, rather than just making everything about them.

Someone with bad intentions will not be interested in your wellbeing and happiness and therefore put no effort towards making you happy if it does not suit them.

You Feel Uncomfortable Around Them

We are always told to trust our gut feeling, and this really is so true. Many of us have lost touch with our natural instincts, but you need to learn to listen to them again. If being around this person gives you a strange feeling, and you just feel ‘off’, do not ignore it.

It might not even be that it is your sixth sense picking up on this, but you might subconsciously have picked up on other signs, such as their body language or tone of voice being off, and this is raising some red flags for you, even though you might not be aware.

There would be no reason to feel uncomfortable or strange around someone you trust, so you need to pay attention to this and take it as a wake-up call to start looking for other signs that this person might not be who they say they are.

Their Body Language Is Off

When a person is knowingly luring you in to get you to trust them, but they have bad intentions, they will try to make their body language seem positive.

This might work for a while, but body language is something that cannot be faked forever. Over time you might start noticing how their body language and eye contact don’t quite add up to what they are saying, or what they want you to believe.

This can go either way. They might avoid eye contact with you, and have their body squared off so that they are not open to you. The other scenario is that they are aware of how their body language might come across, and overcompensate for this.

This could be by keeping uncomfortable prolonged eye contact and making their body language be overly open and available to you. This could make you feel uncomfortable in their presence, which they might be doing on purpose to intimidate you to do what they want.

It is true that some people just battle with body language and feel awkward around others, but if this person has strange body language and some other red flags, they are worth keeping an eye on.

You Never Make Progress Together

When you are in a friendship or relationship with someone who has good intentions, you grow together. This means celebrating your successes together and moving forward in your friendship or partnership.

When someone has bad intentions, there will be no progress in the friendship or relationship. They will not want there to be good moments or progression for you, and instead, they will only move the relationship forward when it suits them.

In a romantic relationship, there are milestones that couples go through, but if this person is rushing past some just to reach a certain point that suits them, you need to be cautious.

Some people are really great at playing this game and making you believe that they do have your best intentions at heart, but their actions will speak louder than words, and that is where you should be focussing your attention.

They Gaslight You

A person who loves you and wants the best for you will not gaslight you. Gaslighting someone just shows that they do not want you to be happy, and they want to push all of their issues and guilt onto you.

It can be really hard to tell when someone is gaslighting you at first, but if you feel like they are constantly throwing their problems back at you and are blaming you for things that you find to be an issue with them, then chances are they are gaslighting you.

It can be exhausting to be constantly gaslighted by someone, and often in these situations, they are doing this to break you down to a point where they can control you and get you to do what they want, which is very rarely a good thing.

You deserve a partner or friend who listens to you and understands where you are coming from, without pushing blame back onto you.

They Are Demanding

With no good intentions wished your way, this person in question will be demanding to get what they want out of the relationship, and will not be bothered about what you want.

They will demand to have things done their way and to steer the relationship on a path that suits them. Usually, a demanding personality goes hand in hand with manipulation, and they will wear you down to a point where you cannot fight back against their demands.

This is the perfect storm for them to fulfill their bad intentions, as they have got you down to a point where they can get what they want out of you without much fight back.

They Use Humor Against You

When someone has bad intentions, they might not want to make it apparent at first, which could chase you off and they wouldn’t be able to get what they want.

However, they would still show signs of not caring about you, and this can often be seen through them using humor against you. They would make you the center of their jokes and when you get upset, they will just tell you they are having fun and you are being too serious.

This is another way to wear you down and to eventually get you to go along with what they want.

Signs That Someone Has Bad Intentions

Always listen to your intuition, and if it is telling you that something just isn’t right with someone, you need to keep a lookout for signs that they might have bad intentions.

Take a read through the above red flags that someone might not have the best intentions for you, and try to work out whether the person you are concerned about really is in your life to benefit you, or if they have something more sinister planned.

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