How Does A Man Act When He’s Falling In Love? (11 Tell-Tale Signs!)

You might be wanting to find out exactly how he might feel about you, without having to go in and ask him straight up.

Reading someone else’s feelings and emotions can be difficult, especially if it is someone new in your life that you are still getting to know.

It isn’t always obvious. Whether it’s been 7 days or 7 months dating, it’s not always easy to figure out when someone genuinely falls for you. There can be some obvious signs, but when someone is slowly falling for you, those signs aren’t so blatant.

The good news is even though everyone expresses their emotions differently and everyone acts differently in relationships, there are some common signs to look for that he is falling in love.

Let’s dive into it to learn how a man acts when he is falling in love and see if there are any big signs he may be smitten…

How Do Men Act When Falling In Love

How Do Men Act When Falling In Love

He Chooses You

One of the first signs you will notice that he is falling in love is when he starts to choose you over everyone else, and over other things in his life.

Even if it’s prioritizing you for just a few minutes a day, he’ll make sure to do so.

He chooses to spend time with you, he initiates plans to see you, he calls when he says he will, and he chooses to prioritize you in his life.

You will notice that you start to become his priority, even if he doesn’t say it out loud.

There is a definite shift that happens in relationships when it starts being less about “me” and starts being more about “we.”

If you notice this shift in him, there is a good chance he is falling in love with you, and you are quickly becoming a priority in his life.

He Takes Care Of You

When he is falling in love with you, he would want to ensure that he keeps you happy and that you are comfortable and cared for.

This means he will take the time to make you tea, to let you sit back and relax while he does the dishes, or is just gentlemanly overall.

Your happiness now becomes his mission, and because he cares about you and because he is falling in love with you, he will do everything he can to make you happy.

It might be a little frustrating at first if you are a very independent person, but understand that his wanting to look after you comes from his strong feelings towards you and you should indulge him for a bit and make him feel that his efforts are appreciated, and they are making you happy!

He Lets You Into His Inner Circle

Most of us are very protective of our inner circle, where we hold the people closest to us, either family or friends.

He will start bringing you into that circle and introducing you to those who mean the most to him, such as family or friends, when he starts to fall in love with you.

He would be mad about you and you would be on his mind all the time so, naturally he would want to start introducing you to the people that mean the most to him.

This way you can start getting to know them and maybe form your own part of his inner circle.

He Wants To Know More About You

If you are at the stage where he is falling in love with you, chances are that he already knows a good deal about you and your life.

However, if he is really falling in love with you, he will want to get to know you more and will ask you more personal questions and more about your past.

This shows that he wants to know all of you, not just the you that suits him at that moment.

This shows commitment, and it shows he is investing his time in you and your relationship, for it to be long-term, which would only happen if he were falling in love.

He Shows PDA

Public displays of affection, or PDA, are not easy for everyone, and for many of us, is something that we prefer not to do!

If he starts showing more PDA towards you, and you notice an increase in this, it shows that he is more comfortable letting the world know that you are together and that he is acknowledging that you are the one person who he wants to be with.

He would not be making this statement through PDA to the world around him if he wasn’t falling in love with you, and if he wasn’t sure that you were the person that he wants to be with.

He Gives You Space

So it is a bit contradictory to say that someone who is falling in love with you, who should be fawning over you and wanting to spend every moment with you would give you space.

But if he lets you have your own space and do your own things without him, it shows that he is falling in love with you, but has a very mature idea on how relationships work.

Even though a long-term relationship might be very possible between the two of you, you both still need to be your own person and have your own life.

Him falling in love with you cannot consume you and your life, and he would acknowledge that it is healthy for both of you to still have your own space.

He Talks About Your Relationship

Whether the two of you are exclusive or not will depend on your relationship and where you stand, but if he is falling in love with you, he would want to make sure that he knows where you stand in your relationship so that he does not end up getting hurt.

He will start asking you about your relationship and might even ask you to go exclusive.

If the two of you are already in an exclusive relationship, he would talk about the future together, and look for ways to reassure himself that the two of you are in a lasting relationship.

You should only ever progress as fast as you are comfortable with, so it is good to be open about these things. Let him know how you feel, and make sure the lines of communication are always open.

He Communicates

One of the biggest factors in making a relationship work is to have good communication.

If he is falling in love with you, this communication should come easily to him.

He would have no issue texting you or calling you first and would want to sit down and talk about things.

While this might fade over time as your relationship progresses and the two of you settle into life together, he should always show that he is willing to communicate and talk to you, without it being too restricting, or without him backing off from communicating completely.

He Wants To Do Things With You, Not Alone

He Wants To Do Things With You, Not Alone
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When you are falling in love, you realize that life is better with the person you love, and if he is falling in love with you, you would notice this by him wanting to do everything with you, rather than doing it alone.

He will include you in all the small things, even simple errands like grocery shopping or going for walks.

He is in the mindset that doing things with you is so much better than doing it alone, and his desire to spend time with you becomes quite overwhelming!

He Stops Going Out

Single men often spend their time out with friends at pubs and bars, and if he is falling in love with you, he might not feel compelled to do these things anymore, especially if this is what he used to do to meet women.

While this is a good sign, that he is settling into being with someone else and not on his own, it is still good to encourage him to see friends and to have his own life, as it can become quite suffocating always being together and not having any space apart.

He Is Open With You

Falling in love comes with a range of quite strong emotions, and he might be completely honest with you on how he feels.

This definitely does give you a better indication of where the two of you stand and does give you some comfort that you know how he feels.

If he genuinely is falling in love with you, it would likely lead to him letting you know so that he doesn’t risk losing you, or you not feeling sure in where the two of you stand. He probably also won’t be able to help himself!

Signs That He Is Falling In Love

There are a few signs to look for that show that a man is falling in love. The way he acts and the things he says will start to change, and you do begin to become the center of his universe.

While you should keep an eye out for all of these signs, it is always a good idea to talk about things face to face and find out how both of you are feeling. It might take weeks and months off of guessing how the other person feels, and you can start your journey together sooner!

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