20 Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material (& 5 HE DOESN’T!)

Wondering what the tell-tale signs he sees you as girlfriend material are?! We got you covered! Plus, 5 sneaky signs he doesn’t! So keep your eyes peeled…

The early days of dating are exciting and full of butterflies! As time goes on, you might want to take things to the next level and start a committed relationship, and you would hope that he feels the same!

If you don’t feel comfortable coming out and asking him whether he sees you as a potential girlfriend or not, you would want to look for signs that he sees you as girlfriend material.

Looking for signs that he sees potential in you helps you better gauge where the relationship is going, and you know to adjust your expectations in case things don’t work out how you want.

Keep reading to find out all the signs that he sees you as girlfriend material, and that there is great potential for the two of you going forward!

Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

He Talks About The Future

If he talks about the future with you, then it is a sure sign that he sees you in his future! Why would he spend his time making plans going forward with you if he doesn’t see you being around for too long?

In the beginning, it might be great to focus on the present and have fun, but as time progresses, the two of you connect more, and it would be natural to start slowly seeing a future together.

If he shies away from talking about the future and doesn’t like to commit to plans too far ahead, it could be a sign that he isn’t actually planning on being around for too long, and is probably a sign that he doesn’t plan on making you his girlfriend.

However, if he likes to make plans ahead of time, talks about what you and him can do together, and even talks about a relationship, he sees girlfriend potential in you!

He Opens Up To You

He would not waste his time talking to you about his life and letting you know about his past if he didn’t think that you would be around for very long.

Not only does him opening up about his past show that he sees you sticking around, but it also shows that he feels comfortable talking to you about his life, and possibly things that make him more vulnerable.

Allowing you in and letting you get to know about his life and his past shows that he is investing in you and your future together.

He Introduces You To His Friends

It might be too early to introduce you to his family, especially if you are not dating yet, but if he starts introducing you to his friends, then it shows that he is planning for you to be in his life for quite some time.

It shows that he really likes you, and feels comfortable enough that his friends will like you too! It might also be a test to see what his friends think of you, before he makes the plunge to ask you to be his girlfriend.

He could introduce you to his friends at one big hangout, or he could slowly start introducing you to them as time goes on – either way, it shows that he wants you to become part of his inner circle.

He Introduces You To His Family

Like we said above, it would still be quite early to introduce you to his family, but if he takes you to meet his parents or siblings, then you can be pretty sure that he sees you as girlfriend material!

It might feel like a huge step meeting some of his family, but take it as a good sign that he wants you in his life in the future, and he wants you to get to know his family and hopefully fit in with them.

He Values Your Opinion

If he was just in it for the moment and not for a long-term relationship, he wouldn’t really care too much to find out your opinion on things, let alone value it.

When you are with someone who you can see a future with and respect, then you value what they have to say and their opinions.

If he takes you seriously and asks your opinions on things, then it shows he really likes you, and that he appreciates you as a person. Having the respect to value your opinion, and actually listen to it, is a great start to any relationship.

He Asks About Your Past

Just like him opening up about his past shows he plans on keeping you around, the same goes for when he asks about your past.

He is genuinely interested in you, and wants to know as much about you as he possibly can. He would ask about your childhood, your life and everything else that there is to know. This is him committing to getting to know you on a deeper level, which shows that he sees potential there.

The two of you might even find more to bond over when opening up about your past, and you could find that you have more in common than you expect!

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His Compliments Are Meaningful

Any guy can give you a compliment on how you look, but when a guy really likes you, he sees past this and he will fall for things that aren’t always physical.

He will compliment your intelligence, your kindness, or your nurturing side. Whatever it is, he sees you as more than someone who he can try woo into bed, and he would slowly be falling for you too.

Paying you compliments that are not only about your looks shows that he also sees you for who you are, and that he has taken the time to notice you and the way you act, and he is getting to know you on a whole new level.

He Lets His Guard Down

When you are casually seeing someone that you don’t expect to have in your life for too long, you wouldn’t let your guard down with them.

When he knows that he trusts you and he thinks you will be around for some time, he might start letting his guard down with you, and let you in more.

This could be him opening up more about his feelings and his vulnerable side, or it could just be him showing you his interests and what makes him uniquely him.

This might also be his way of testing how you react when you see his vulnerable side, and if you are still interested in him after finding out who he really is.

He Isn’t Seeing Anyone Else

The dating game isn’t exclusive, and you can often tell when his attention is divided between you and someone else, or even a few other people. It makes sense to keep your options open, especially if you are both on the same page.

When you notice that he isn’t seeing anyone else or has deleted his dating apps, then he is focusing on you and putting all of his eggs in your basket!

It is always good to be a little cautious, as he could just be good at hiding that he speaks to others, but if it is quite obvious that you are the only woman in his life, then it is likely because he sees the potential in you, and you are the one he wants to be with.

Just make sure that the two of you are always on the same page and that there is an understanding as to what you are, so that one person isn’t left hurt at the end of the day.

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He Is Affectionate

Affection, in a non-sexual way, comes when a guy really likes you, and when he sees you for more than just your body. The intimacy might still be there, but in between that, he shows you a loving affection in the form of physical contact. 

He would want to hold your hand, cuddle, and playfully touch you. He is embracing his sensitive side to show you that he cares for you and wants to be around you, and physically connected to you, and that it doesn’t have to be sexual.

This would really only happen if he truly sees you as a longterm companion and he connects with you on more than a sexual level.

He Goes Out Of His Way Just For You

If you are casually dating, he doesn’t need to go out of your way to help you, as there is no need for him to invest in your relationship.

However, when he thinks that there is potential between the two of you, and when he genuinely cares about you, then he would go out of his way for you.

This could be him helping you change the tire on your car, him fetching you from work, or even just giving you a shoulder to cry on.

No matter how busy he is, if he is there for you when you need him, then he definitely sees you as girlfriend material. This also shows that he wants to be the person you rely on, and it’s great for you to have someone to rely on too!

He Pays Attention

Falling for someone means that you pay attention to even the smallest details. When he sees you as someone who could become his girlfriend, he would start remembering all the things that are important to you.

He would understand your likes and dislikes more, and he will listen to what you actually say. If you mention a movie you enjoy, he might buy you cinema tickets to go watch it. If you mention your favorite meal, he might try cooking it for you one night for a stay-at-home date.

Whatever it might be, him paying attention to the smaller details shows how much he actually cares about you, and how much he wants to make you happy.

He Always Responds

A guy who isn’t really interested in building a relationship with you will not bother to respond to you quickly all the time. He would take his time and deal with other priorities first.

If he is into you, and into you in a way that is long-lasting and meaningful, he will always do his best to respond to you as soon as he can, and he will encourage conversation too.

Keep in mind that everyone has things that keep them busy, so don’t be too disheartened if he doesn’t always respond straight away. He might be at work or at school, so keep this in mind. You should be able to tell when he is brushing you off, or when he has been genuinely too busy to reply to you.

He Treats You Differently

If he treats you differently to how he treats other women, it is a sign that he sees you as someone who has potential. There might not be other women around to compare to, but maybe his friends let you know that they have never seen him like this around a girl before, or that you bring out a good side of him.

However it comes out, him treating you differently to how he treats everyone else really just cements that he likes you more than just a casual fling, and that he wants to see where things end up going with you.

He Spends His Free Time With You

Free time is a very precious commodity! If he chooses to spend his free time with you, then you can be sure that he really does like you a lot, and he doesn’t want to do anything other than be around you.

Not only would he want to spend his free time with you, but he would spend as much time texting you too. You take up a lot of space in his life, and he loves it!

He Stays The Night

A friends with benefits situation, or even just casually hooking up, often means that he won’t stay the night, and he will leave to go spend the night at his own place.

When he sees you as a possible girlfriend, he would have more respect for you than this, and he would want to spend the night with you.

He would want to make the most of your time together, even if it means cuddling while sleeping. Your time together is more than just sexual to him, and staying over more often just means he is more dedicated to you, and he can see a future for the two of you.

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He Doesn’t Send Mixed Signals

Having cold feet when it comes to commitment is completely natural, but if he sends you mixed signals, occasionally ghosts you, and doesn’t always treat you consistently, then it could just be that he isn’t ready for the commitment, even if he sees you as a possible girlfriend.

However, if he sends you consistent signs that he is into you and he is committed and wanting to take things further, then trust in the fact that there likely will be a future for the both of you!

You deserve someone who gives you the best of themselves, and who doesn’t mess you around.

He Asks To Be Exclusive

He might not feel ready to ask you to be his girlfriend just yet, but he also doesn’t want you to see other people. When this happens, he will probably have the ‘exclusive chat’  with you.

He would ask you to not date other people, and would say that he won’t either. Taking things to this exclusive stage definitely indicates that he thinks you could become his girlfriend, and he is feeling almost territorial over you (in a good way!)

Taking things exclusive also allows both of you to work out how you would be as a couple, and whether it is a relationship that would work out or not.

He Confides In You

When he starts seeing you as someone that he would want to be in a relationship with, he would build up a trust with you, and the emotional connection that you share means that he would feel comfortable confiding in you.

He might come to you with issues he is having at work, with his friends, or just anything that he has on his mind. You are becoming his person!

He Invites You To Special Events

A special event could mean anything to him, but when he starts inviting you to special events, he is showing that he thinks you will be around for longer.

He could ask you to come watch him play a sports game, or he could ask you to attend a friend’s birthday with him. No matter the occasion, inviting you to these events, and genuinely wanting you to be there, is a good sign that he sees you as someone who could become his girlfriend.

Signs That He Doesn’t See You As Girlfriend Material

couple on the beach

Knowing the signs to look for that he sees you as girlfriend material is one thing, but you should also be aware of the signs that he doesn’t see you as a possible girlfriend, just so you can be sure!

He Takes Ages To Reply

If he takes ages to reply to you, especially when he isn’t busy, and leaves you on read all the time, he doesn’t really care how you feel.

This sounds harsh, but someone who is truly interested in you, and who wants to build a relationship with you, would put effort into replying to you and keeping up the conversation.

He Only Sees You In Private

If he has no plans to keep you around for long, he would not bother introducing you to his friends or be seen out in public with you where he knows people might recognize him. This saves him having to give an explanation later on as to why you aren’t around anymore.

When the two of you only ever meet in private, or at each other’s houses, then it is quite a strong sign that he doesn’t see you as girlfriend material, and you are currently just his flavor of the week.

He Always Has An Excuse

He will come up with every excuse in the book to get out of helping you, being there for you or to get out of a date the two of you had planned.

You need to be with someone you can rely on, and you can usually pick out signs that someone is reliable from early on. If he is already flaking on you from day one, he doesn’t respect you enough and doesn’t see a future with you.

He Is Seeing Other People

Someone who sees you as girlfriend material will not be interested in other women, and he will not spend his time on dating sites or trying to chat up other girls.

If you know that he is doing this, proceed with caution. Yes, the two of you might not have gone exclusive yet, but if he thinks that there is a future with you, he shouldn’t want to be seeing anyone else, and he should be wanting to spend more time with just you.

He Is Mysterious

Mystery can be good, but if he is mysterious to a whole new level, where you can barely ever find out anything about him, take notice of the red flags. He might be holding things back from you because he doesn’t want to commit.

Seeing you as girlfriend material means that he will feel comfortable being open with you, but when he is hiding more than he is revealing, it isn’t a good sign.

Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

To help put your mind at ease, take a read through the above list of all the signs that he sees you as girlfriend material, and that there is a good chance that the two of you might have a future together!

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