How To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man (10 TIPS!)

Your feminine energy is one of the most powerful tools you have, and it is time to stop suppressing it just to fit into a man’s world.

There is no right amount of feminine energy for a woman to give off, it is free-flowing and natural, and empowering once you embrace it.

As empowering as it may be, so many of us battle to be in our feminine energy with a man, when in actual fact there is absolutely no reason male and feminine energy cannot co-exist.

If you want to be in touch with your feminine energy with a man and radiate more feminine energy, you might be a little lost as to where to start.

Keep reading for some tips and exercises to help make the most of your feminine energy, and to allow it to radiate from within you.

What Is Feminine Energy?

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Feminine energy can be many things depending on who you are, but at its core, it encompasses all of the nurturing traits a woman has to connect to others in a fulfilling way. It includes empathy, compassion, kindness, and strength.

Finding your feminine energy means finding your creativity and relying on your intuition more, and being as free-flowing as the world around you. By embracing all of this, you will be more yourself than before, and this is where you can draw strength from.

Feminine energy is on the opposite spectrum to masculine energy, which is assertive, strong, and structured. The two balance each other out, which is why it is so important to find your feminine energy when with a man.

Following and embracing our feminine energy gives us the power and understanding to forgive, compromise, and empathize with others, which can be some of the hardest traits to have.

While about empathy and kindness, feminine energy can be powerful and freeing, and embracing your own can unleash so much more in your life.

How To Be In Your Feminine Energy

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Whether you are with a man or on your own, there are ways that you can embrace your feminine energy to be able to find your own power within.

Everything in life is a balance, and your feminine energy might be the balance that you need to find to be in a healthier, more understanding relationship with your partner.

Here are some ways that you can try to be in your feminine energy with a man:

Express Your Creativity

You might not consider yourself to be a creative person, but creativity can mean so many different things. Women are creators, and to tap into this, you need to express your creativity.

Creativity can come in many different forms. It can be painting, dancing, singing, or decorating your home. Whatever your source of creativity might be, you need to get in touch with it and let go of any structure or rigidity.

You might even find that you are happiest when being creative, as this is harnessing your feminine energy, which makes you feel really intune with yourself and your power.

Receive More

Women are natural sacrificers, we give up so much to support those around us, whether it be a partner, a family or even friends.

We give more than we take, but this does not mean you should shut yourself off to receiving from others. 

Don’t feel weak asking for help, and don’t feel bad for accepting help when it is offered. Sometimes, that help can be what you need to reconnect with yourself again or to give yourself a bit of space that you have needed.

Be More Sensual

Connect more with your senses and really pay attention to what is around you. Taking an extra moment to feel the breeze on your cheek, or taking in the scent of fresh flowers, can bring so much gratification and relaxation, something you might not even have known you were missing.

We are very sensual as women, but often we don’t explore this side of ourselves. Connecting with mother nature and your senses can really bring out the feminine energy within, and make you feel more intune with the world around you.

Accept And Love Yourself

It is so hard to truly accept and love who you are, but tapping into your feminine energy can really help with this.

As women, we nurture, empathise and care for others around us, and often forget to practice  this with ourselves.

Use these positive traits that you have as a female to love yourself unconditionally and to accept who you are, as you are. Don’t let your partners vision of you alter how you feel about yourself, but rather see yourself for who you know yourself to be.

Be Mindful Of Masculine Energy

Life is a balance of all things, and as a female, your feminine energy will be strongest, but you need to also acknowledge the masculine energy coming in from your partner and from yourself.

All of us will have some sort of masculine energy within, giving us structure and competitiveness, which is something we need to be successful in careers and out in the world. However, make sure that this does not outweigh your feminine energy.

Leave the masculine energy behind when you leave the workplace, and do something creative and sensual to bring your feminine energy out again.

Trust Your Instincts

We are blessed with a very powerful gift – intuition, so don’t let this gift slip away. Trust your gut, it is part of your feminine energy and you need to listen to it.

When in a relationship with someone new, your instincts will be your best friend, and you need to take hints when something doesnt feel right. Listening to your instincts and trusting how you feel will be such a help to finding the right man and choosing your partner for life.

Your subconscious can pick up on red flags that you might not even notice, so take note of these feelings and look for other signs that something might not be right.

Be Honest And Open

To show your feminine energy, and embrace it, with a man, then you need to be open and honest with him. This can be so difficult, but the more you practice it, the easier it will be.

Being honest and open is part of your feminine energy, and can be such a great trait to bring into a relationship. 

Tell him how you feel, keep eye contact, be open and just tell him what is on your mind. This is not only a great way to tap into your feminine energy, but it is the building block to a healthy relationship, and hopefully it encourages him to tap into his feminine side more and be more open and honest with you.

Embrace Your Emotions

Your emotions are your strength, and while they can feel so overwhelming at times, you need to learn to embrace and accept your emotions.

Take the time you need to understand the different things you feel, and why you feel that way, and then take control of that.

Women are often judged on being too emotional, but this can be a guiding light to finding your feminine energy, and the balance that a relationship needs to stay loving and open.

Embrace Your Beauty

Do not let the world define to you what beautiful is, and instead dip into your feminine energy to love your curves, your imperfections, and everything that makes you beautifully you.

Do things that make you feel beautiful, and bring out your feminine side and energy. Give yourself a pamper session now and then, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and don’t judge you or make you feel inferior.

Being in a relationship with a person who relishes your natural beauty can be such a help with this, and make sure to not push this away, and rather learn to love yourself through his eyes too.

Find Your Independence

You will not be able to dip into your feminine energy if you are dependent on your partner. In order to learn more about yourself and embrace what is within you, you need to find some independence.

This could mean spending more time on your own, finding friends outside of the relationship, or picking up new hobbies that are just for you.

By finding your independence, you will be able to explore more of what makes you a powerful, compassionate woman.

Radiating Feminine Energy

Radiating feminine energy is all about letting those parts of you shine, those parts of you which make you a kind, empathetic and powerful woman.

Take the time to be more creative, to be independent, and to be proud and understanding of your emotions. By harnessing your feminine energy, you can bring out all the powerful attributes being a female has to offer to a relationship, and to just making you feel more comfortable in yourself overall.

It will take time, but finding and radiating your feminine energy will be such a freeing and empowering feeling.

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