Pisces Man As A Lover (14 MUST-KNOWS!)

If you ever had a Pisces man for a lover, you know how romantic, gentle, and giving these people are!

They are the last zodiac sign in Astrology, and it is believed to hold a bit of all the signs on the Zodiac wheel, which is why they are so wise and understanding.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, hope, and creativity, the Fish is a daydreamer who loves to fantasize about their perfect partner and future where they live happily ever after. 

As a water sign, you can recognize them among other signs with their deep ocean look in their eyes and incredibly strong ability to sense other people’s energy.

They are incredibly emotional and empathic, which is why it feels like you don’t have to say a word while being with them. They will already know what you feel and your intent. 

So if you are curious to dig deeper and find out what kind of lover a Pisces man is, we’ve got you covered.

We will reveal all the secrets wrapped around the Fish and help you understand better how it feels like to have a Pisces man in your life.

Moreover, you will know why fighting for the love of a partner born under this sign is worth the effort. 

Pisces Man Personality In Relationships and Love

Couple cuddling on couch - pisces man as a loover

They Are Incredibly Understanding

With a Pisces lover, you can really be yourself and take the mask off. But, even if you don’t, they will read right through you and manage to look deep into your soul.

The fascinating thing is that this will not make you feel vulnerable, exposed, or threatened.

On the contrary, Pisces men are so understanding that you will feel like you can tell and share everything with them. 

Pisces men have a very sensitive nature which makes them very empathetic to their partners. This creates a deep level of emotional intimacy that many other zodiac signs just can’t replicate.

They Don’t Judge

No matter what your secret is, Pisces will never judge you! It is not in their nature to make someone feel bad or hurt.

In fact, your Pisces lover will always have compassion and sympathy for you and your needs.

This is what makes them truly great partners. They will support and stand on your side no matter what! 

Many people feel like they have found their soul mate with a Pisces guy. They feel seen and heard, especially considering what a good listener Pisces men tend to be.

You feel like you can be completely, authentically yourself.

Incredibly Empathic And Nurturing

Pisces have the power to walk a mile in other people’s shoes and put themselves in your skin. They are so empathetic that sometimes they can feel your pain as if it was theirs.

So you can expect your Pisces lover to always be by your side when you feel down and sad.

It is in their nature to care for and nurture people, so this is a partner that will be happy to take care of you if you are feeling unwell. 

They are seeking an emotional connection with their partners. This isn’t to say that they won’t engage in one night stands, but a mature Pisces man will likely not be interested in a quick fling.

They crave emotional intimacy just as much as physical intimacy.

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In Tune With Their Emotions

Being with Pisces is not difficult since these people are very in tune with their emotions.

They will openly express every emotion they feel, and although at times they can be dramatic, at least you will never have to doubt what goes through their minds.

However, Pisces in relationships tend to have an open and direct approach, so an emotionally detached partner might be a big turn-off. 

They Need Time To Open Up

Dreamy and romantic Pisces may seem like someone that falls in love easily, but that is not the reality.

These people need time to be sure you are the right person for them, so you need to be patient.

At the start of your relationship, your Pisces lover will closely observe your behavior and listen carefully to everything you say.

So make sure to be honest and be yourself. Otherwise, the Fish will know you are being fake, which these people strongly dislike. 

In addition, Pisces won’t show you emotions and affection instantly, so you don’t have to be scared of them acting clingy or needy.

In fact, this is something you don’t have to expect from your Pisces lover, even if the two of you have been together for some time.

Pisces likes to take their time to get to know people before they open up and pour out their hearts.

Once they get comfortable with you, you will meet a gentle, considerate, and caring lover. 

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Keeping The Romance Alive

Dating a Pisces means you need to step up your game and show initiative to keep the sparks between you alive. This isn’t a man you can put your love life on autopilot with!

Yes, Pisces will do their part, but there is nothing more a Pisces dislikes than a partner that doesn’t give an equal effort in the relationship.

So start by being organized and making sure you never forget your anniversary. This is something that will deeply hurt and disappoint your Pisces lover. 

They will make sure you are loved, cherished, and appreciated. The romance will never stop, even if you have been together for 50 years.

Get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day and everything in between with passion, small tokens of love, and a lot of romantic gestures that will make you feel unconditionally loved and appreciated. 

If you forget these little details, there may be mood swings. Pisces men are amazing lovers, but they can feel insecure at times, and it’s important to make them feel valued and loved.

They will always meet you halfway but just make sure you’re sensitive to their needs as well.

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Kinky In The Bedroom

Kinky in the bedroom - pisces men are very sensual and intimate

Pisces men are incredible lovers! Making love with them is beyond your wildest dreams, as the Fish really likes to experiment and get kinky.

Yes, they can be very shy, but that is all forgotten once you step into the bedroom. There they want to experience passion and fireworks.

Moreover, a Pisces is a lover with whom you will share intimate moments while showering together and even making love on an isolated beach or in the water. Dating this man is truly like a romantic movie.

Whatever your sexual fantasies are, a pieces guy will want to try it out. They are an extremely sexual partner and sexual intimacy is extremely important to this man.

Your vacation will never lack excitement or adventure, and neither will your everyday life. 

Hard To Impress

As a lover, the Pisces won’t give easily to you unless you are the perfect match for them.

So starting from your first date and many more after that, you must always make sure to look your best.

Besides the beauty of their mind, people born under this sign pay much attention to their appearance.

They will always make sure to look their nicest, especially for a date night, but in order for you to impress them, you must also make an effort and look nice.

Pisces likes to have an attractive and good-looking partner by their side. 

Moreover, they appreciate a good sense of humor and the ability to keep up the conversation interesting.

Besides the good looks, Pisces lovers prefer to have an ambitious and goal-oriented partner like them.

A one with whom together they will build an empire.

It is not an easy quest to match up the Fish’s perfect fantasy, but with a bit of effort and support from them, you will most certainly succeed.

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They Are Loyal And Trustworthy

Pisces, as a lover, is not a person that will cheat on you or play games.

These people know what they want, and once they find it, they will cherish and protect it.

However, on the other hand, if you are the person with whom they can’t have trust and security, the relationship will only last for a while.

Betrayal is something the Pisces won’t forgive, and in a moment like that, you will get to see their other side. One that is cold, unemotional, and determined. 

Now that you know what are the good things in being in a relationship with Pisces, we will be completely honest with you and give you the negative traits as well.

Why you ask? Because no one is perfect, neither are the Pisces men, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. 

What Is The Negative Side Of A Pisces Lover?

Handing a woman flowers - pisces men are very attentive lovers

They Can Be Incredibly Demanding

The dreamers of the Zodiac have all planned out in their heads, so when you are in a relationship with them, at times, it can be difficult to keep up with those fantasies.

Pisces as a lover is known to be incredibly demanding and challenging to satisfy.

Luckily they are incredibly understanding and good listeners, so if you just sit down and talk to them openly and honestly about your issues, you will easily resolve any negative feelings or conflicts. 

Attention Seekers

Pisces is a water sign; therefore, they drive on emotions.

They are not clingy or needy, but when the two of you are alone, you need to make sure to shower the Fish with love and attention.

Although they have good intentions, they can be very demanding of your time and energy.

Otherwise, they will feel neglected and start acting emotionally. Hugs, kisses, and cuddles, most of the time, are part of being in a relationship with Pisces.

In return, Pisces as a lover, will also shower you with love and affection, maybe even too much at times!

Overly Sensitive And Emotional

It is not a surprise for the Fish to show their emotional side and suddenly start crying. As lovers, they are known to be a bit dramatic.

If you don’t make an effort to get to know all of their emotional triggers well enough, it can seem like you are walking on eggshells near them.

This can be overwhelming and incredibly difficult because you will need to always ensure not to upset or make them cry. 

But don’t get discouraged! The trick to having an emotional Pisces lover is patience and time to get to know them better.

If you carefully observe, you will know when your partner is having a bad day, and in those moments, all you need to do is give them a hug and show compassion.

Avoid getting into arguments when Pisces is upset, as you will only make it worse. Instead, wait for them to cool off their head, and when they are ready, they will come to you for a shoulder to cry on.

Picky And Selective

A Pisces lover’s artistic and creative soul can sometimes be described as picky and selective. These people aim high and wish for the best.

Satisfying their taste can be exhausting, but if you are being honest with them, they will show compassion and ease to you or help you with the choice. 

Highly Organized And Effective With Their Time

People born under the sign of Pisces are not a lover whom you can call and get them out of their homes in 5 or 15 minutes.

The Fish likes to take their time, acknowledge their feelings, and find out if they are up to the activity you propose.

Moreover, organization and time play important roles in their everyday lives.

However, if you try to be never late and be appreciative of their time, they will return the favor back by trying to be more spontaneous from time to time.

Regardless, you will still need to follow a schedule and to-do list for your trips and vacations. 

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Kissing passionately - pisces men are extremely passionate lovers

Pisces Men… What can we say?! You likely noticed that you get a lover and best friend all in one by being in a relationship with these kind souls.

They are devoted, trustworthy, and loyal, which is a truly rare trait to find in a partner these days.

They don’t play games, and you will always know where you stand with the Fish.

Their honesty and sincerity are truly refreshing in a world where everyone seeks favors and benefits in love. 

Even with their negative traits, you can still find a way to make things work and overcome the issues.

As a lover, Pisces is unselfishly devoted to reaching harmony and peace in the relationship. They are flexible and open to the idea of making compromises, but only if you are willing to do the same in return.

The interesting thing about Pisces is that they will do all the great things for you, but if you don’t appreciate and value their efforts, they don’t have a problem walking away. 

Keeping the Fish in your life is not a difficult task as long as you are affectionate, devoted, honest, and loyal.

Supporting their dreams, no matter how crazy or impossible they seem, is one more thing that will get you into the heart of Pisces.

A Pisces lover will stand by your side and defend you no matter what. When they fall in love, they give their whole heart and soul, and love for a lifetime in good and bad is their ultimate goal!

So if you are looking for real love, passion, and sparks, choose a Pisces man and allow them to make your life a real fantasy.

Enjoy the fairytale full of romance, tenderness, and deep intense emotions that will change for life!

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