Why Do Sagittarius Like Cancer So Much?! (11 REASONS!)

Adventurous and wild-spirited Sagittarius, at first glimpse, might seem like an incompatible match for the gentle Cancer.

However, these people are strongly drawn toward the Crab, and there is more than one reason why. 

So if you are Sagittarius or Cancer, let’s dive in and find out why these very different zodiac signs have such a strong pull for one another…

We will cover what makes the Cancer and Sagittarius connection so weird that it makes complete sense.

And why the two of you become the perfect match…

Why Sagittarius Likes Cancer

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Water Extinguishes Fire, But It Also Creates Steam

Quiet and sensitive Cancer seems so well put together in opposition to the Fire sign Sagittarius. But this is a good thing.

As a water sign, the Crab’s calmness reflects on the Archer in a way that helps them calm their mind. So one reason why Sagittarius likes Cancer is exactly that, the ability for them to calm and soothe their dynamic personality.

Free spirited Sagittarius will be drawn to this side of Cancer, especially if it’s a Cancer woman.

On the other hand, do not be fooled by Cancer’s calm nature. Deep down, their emotional side can really cause an explosion. Caring Cancer will give Sagittarius love and passion they had never experienced before.

When Cancer loves someone, they will protect and make sure nothing and no one harms their special person. 

Understanding and Non-Judgemental

Cancer people are full of understanding, support, and loyalty. So Sagittarius can truly show their true colors without being judged or evaluated.

In addition, the charm and free spirit of the Sag will help the Crab get out of their shell and feel free to be themself. 

A Sagittarius man really craves this type of connection, more so than a Sag woman, making them like moths to a flame for Cancers

The two of them can have a beautiful friendship or romance without the need to impress one another under false pretenses.

This is why Sagittarius is so strongly drawn toward Cancer and why Cancer gets so hooked up on Sag’s company. 

Sagittarius Loves A Challenge

The Cancer sign tends to build high walls in order to protect their gentle and sensitive side.

It is also a well-known fact that these people can be quite unpredictable when it comes to their moods. So dealing with the somewhat dramatic Cancer can be kind of a challenge. 

Luckily, Sagittarius loves a challenge and the thrill of excitement and unpredictability. For these people, a Cancer partner is an adventure.

Moreover, the Archer will learn to express their emotions freely through their relationship with the Crab.

Plus, both are unpredictable, which makes them a perfect match. 

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Thinking Outside The Box

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Sagittarius is free-spirited, open-minded, and free from the pressure of what others will think or say about them.

Similarly, Cancer is very in touch with their emotional side and able to accept themself as they are. So this makes the two of them perfect for each other. 

The level of creativity and thinking outside the box is why the Sag adores Cancer.

Likewise, Cancer loves to have someone by their side who share the same passion and excitement about life’s simple things.

Together they will discover, learn and expand their horizons.

Appreciation Of The Non-Materialistic

Cancer people appreciate life’s best things that come for free! Laughter, happiness, love, and real connections!

On the other hand, bold and brave Sagittarius will, without thinking, spend their hard-earned money on traveling and gaining new experiences. 

So the fact that Cancer is not obsessed with money and materialism is one strong reason why Sagittarius likes them.

Here, both signs meet and share the same passion and appreciation for the beauty in the non-materialistic and spiritual wealth in life.

A Sagittarius partner would be the perfect match for the Crab as this zodiac sign will be on the pursuit of love, depth, adventure, and fun. Just like them.

A Safe-Place

Sagittarius is curious and wants to explore the world with full lungs. However, this somewhat nomadic style of life can wear them off.

So when they meet loyal and committed Cancer, the relationship becomes a safe place and escape from the wild world for the Sagittarius.

The Sag cope with change so well that, in time, they tend not to even notice how many people have come and gone in their life.

But loyal Cancer will always be there, so this is something that makes the Archer so strongly drawn to and appreciative of this relationship.

Giving Them The Spotlight

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Cancer is not a person that likes to be at the center of attention, while a fun and outgoing Sagittarius loves to amuse people.

The pair is ideal for attending social events and gatherings. The Crab will enjoy the jokes, and funny stories the Sag tell as much as the others around.

This is why Sagittarius adores the company of Cancer. 

Moreover, this relationship is good for the shy and quiet Cancer as it can help them meet more new people.

For example, starting a conversation with someone they just met won’t be so awkward anymore. This is because they have Saggitarius to help them out. 

Nurturing And Warm

Yes, Cancer is one of the horoscope’s most protective and nurturing signs. They simply love and enjoy taking care of the people they love.

They will cook, clean, help with work responsibilities, and so much more.

The best thing is that you don’t even need to ask them about it. Cancer always knows when you need their help. 

So this is something we all like as a quality in a person.

Therefore we can absolutely understand why Sagittarius likes Cancer so much. Cancer’s presence makes everything feel warm, nice, and comfy. 

Excellent Listeners

Sagittarius always has an amazing story to tell about life and their adventures. Cancer is a sign that loves discovering more about people and hearing about their experiences.

So the fact that Cancer is such a great listener is another reason why Sagittarius likes them. 

When in the company of Cancer, the Archer will feel appreciated, respected, and valued because Cancer will actively listen, ask questions and show genuine interest.

What is even better is the fact that Cancer would rather listen than speak, and Sagittarius is quite the opposite, so it is no wonder why they click.

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Not Afraid To Speak The Truth

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Cancer may seem shy or sensitive, but deep down inside, they are feisty and never afraid of speaking the truth.

Yes, it is true they don’t like arguments and getting into conflicts.

But when it comes to defending themself, someone they love, fighting for justice, or just speaking the truth, the Crab will not back up. 

Sagittarius loves this about Cancer. Their ability to be honest and tell what they like and what they don’t like makes things easier for the Sag.

It is not a secret that Sagittarius is not a fan of unnecessary complications in life. In fact, they like to live life carefree.

So being with Cancer and always knowing how they feel and why they feel that way is why Sag loves these people. 

Reading People Energy

As a water sign, Cancer is undoubtedly one of the best signs when it comes to reading other people’s energy. They can easily read the room and know what other people feel just by observing.

On the other hand, Sagittarius may be a Fire sign, but their strong connection with spirituality and nature helps them understand energies like no other. 

The fact that Cancer will run away from toxic people and negative energy is what draws Sagittarius towards them because they will do the same!

So both signs will enjoy spending time in nature, practicing meditation and yoga, or just soaking up the sun.

As nature lovers, Sagittarius and Cancer can have a blast together exploring, recharging, and healing through their connection with nature. 

Cancer And Sagittarius Compatibility In Friendship

We must admit that Cancer and Sagittarius are a weird duo, but their friendship is A strong and powerful one.

Both signs are very generous with their emotions and have a passionate side, so pouring their heart to one another is what makes their friendship so legendary. 

In addition, it is not an exception for the Sag to often crush on their Cancer friend’s couch.

The Archer indeed prefers living out of a suitcase, while the Crab loves to focus on their home and make it as comfy as possible.

Moreover, they are the perfect hosts, and it gives them a pleasure to have friends over!

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Cancer-Sagittarius Compatibility In Love And Marriage

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When it comes to love and marriage, Cancer and Sagittarius both need to work hard to make the relationship last.

Although they won’t have a problem starting a passionate affair, taking it on to the next level might be more challenging. 

Wild Sagittarius is known for living life carefree and almost running away from commitments.

On the other hand, there is nothing more a Cancer wants than a warm home and calm, happy life. So this is where they separate in their preferences and outlooks on marriage and relationships.

However, it is not impossible for a Cancer-Sagittarius marriage to work out and last. All they need to do is to understand and accept their differences. 

If Cancer gives Sagittarius enough space for them to feel free and roam, the Sag will never try to pull away.

Likewise, if Sagittarius is sensitive towards Cancer and is a responsive listener, the Crab won’t hide in their shell and feel frustrated.  

Are Sagittarius And Cancer Sexually Compatible?

This area might be the one where the two match the highest! Let us put it this way.

Sagittarius LOVE to experiment in bed, and Cancer will be happy to be the subject of experimentation.

Their excellent sense of humor will first fire the sparks between them. Then Cancer’s sensuality and powerful touch will fire up the Sag.

Finally, once the Sagittarius is in bed with Cancer, their wild and passionate side will show Cancer why they have a reputation as great lovers!  

Pros Of Sagittarius And Cancer Relationship

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Saggitarius is strongly drawn toward the spiritual side of life, and Cancer’s emotions are so deep.

The two of them will spend hours and hours talking about life, the Universe, and everything that mesmerizes their hearts. 

Saggitarius loves to talk, and Cancer is a great listener! Moreover, they will have so much to teach one another and share experiences. Learning about each other’s needs, emotions, and expectations is what will make their bond so strong. 

Sagittarius is independent and strong, while Cancer is more prone to attach and depend on others.

However, being together will make Cancer much stronger and more secure in themself. On the other hand, Sagittarius will learn that accepting help can be nice. 

Cancer is understanding and accepting, giving Sagittarius the freedom to speak their mind openly.

This is great because the Sag being so open, direct, and straightforward will help the Crab get out of their shell and open up. 

Their differences! They are so different that makes them a perfect match because what one lacks, the other one has it.

We all have heard the saying, “Opposite attracts,” and Sagittarius-Cancer’s relationship is proof of that. 

Cancer Man + Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is strong, adventurous, and captivating.

They have high confidence, which helps them impress the Cancer man and live up to their expectations. Both are very honest, so there will not be any secrets or pressure about infidelity.

The Cancer man will seduce the Sagittarius woman with their exceptional romantic skills and make them feel really special.

However, a Cancer man has a vulnerable side that can easily be offended when they get into an argument because a Sagittarius woman is known for being stubborn and a bit colder when it comes to emotions. 

Cancer Woman + Sagittarius Woman

This romantic or friendship match can be one of the most difficult and challenging.

Things between both signs can get pretty intense and fired up, making it almost impossible for them to think with cold heads.

The cancer woman’s emotional side can be strongly frustrating and irritating for the strong and independent Sagittarius woman.

Moreover, they are prone to poor communication and avoid addressing important matters and problems in the relationship.

Cancer is most likely to play the victim and use emotional manipulation when things get difficult, which is the most toxic red flag for the Sag woman.

So they will definitely run away and end the relationship with Cancer. 

Cancer Woman + Sagittarius Man

The relationship between a Cancer woman and a Sagittarius man will need effort from both sides in order to work.

Both signs are affectionate and caring but tend to show their emotions and love for one another in different ways.

Cancer women tend to get more attached to their partner and give plenty of attention, while Sagittarius men show their affection by giving their partner plenty of space to express themself.

In addition, they might find Cancer’s overprotective behavior to be a bit too much and feel like it is invading their personal space. On the other hand, the Cancer woman can feel hurt by Sagittarius’s slighter cold behavior.

Therefore, they must work on accepting their different love languages and communicate very straightforwardly. Telling each other exactly what they want and expect of the relationship can result in building strong trust and a lasting bond.

Finally, things will go much smoother once the Cancer learns to trust the Archer and gives them the required space.

However, in return, the Sagittarius must learn to accept and deal with Cancer’s constant mood swings and provide them with a safe space to open up and share their emotions with them. 

Cancer Man + Sagittarius Man

The Cancer man and Sagittarius man’s relationship tend to be challenging and difficult. Being together, whether in a friendship or romantic manner, these two might find that they clash a lot.

The reason for this hides in their completely different personalities and how they express and deal with emotions.

As a Water sign, the Cancer man tends to get emotionally manipulative and play the victim.

In contrast, the Sagittarius man is more likely to confront Cancer and use some strong words since, as a Fire sign, they are known to be more impulsive and feisty.

Another challenging aspect of this relationship is the different energy both signs have.

On one side, we have Cancer, whose energy is calm and relaxing. What is more important is that they prefer to stay in the comfort of their home and enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, energetic Sagittarius will do anything but stay at home and chill.

So although it is believed that opposites do attract, in this case, that argument fails to be true.

However, by working on learning to compromise and trust each other, even though they are not quite the most compatible match, they can still make things work.

Here time and patience from both sides will be the essential key to a long-lasting relationship. 

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