10 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You (RED FLAGS!)

Sensitive, generous, and caring Pisces man can sweep you off your feet in a second. They have that dreamy look in their eyes that makes you fall in love so hard and strong.

Being in love and vulnerable it is important to know where you stand with your Pisces man. And we are here to help you with that.

Just because he is so dreamy doesn’t make him perfect.

Pisces men have a strong sense to care about people and they are very nurturing by nature.  So it is very likely you won’t even imagine that this man is capable to play with your heart.

Unfortunately, he is a man, and sometimes they break our hearts by playing with our emotions. Read through the article and take his mask off.

We share all the signs if this man has become a sweet manipulator who has set the perfect trap for you.

Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

He Is Not Romantic

When it comes to men, some are not the romantic type and that is okay.

But with a Pisces man, if he is not being romantic, this is a major red flag!

This sign is known to be the most romantic one in the Zodiac! So you get how serious we are when we say he is playing with you if he is not showering you with romantic gestures. 

If you are not having romantic candle dinners together, flowers, and nights by the fire where he gazes into your eyes for hours, he is definitely not serious about you.

He Avoids Intimacy

Being intimate and open with the person you love is the ultimate goal for Pisces man.

If you notice him avoiding intimacy, by keeping distance between you, he is just making sure you will be just a fling and nothing more.

When Pisces man is seriously in love, they will do everything to get closer to you and your heart.

He Is Not Being Affectionate

When a Pisces man is in love, you will see them touching their partners every time they can.

They give them sudden tender touches on the hand, back, or leg. If he is in love with you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you.

This man is all about touching since they believe that is the best way to transfer energy and bond with their partner.

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No Physical Contact

You can’t seem to hold him in a hug longer than a minute.

Pisces man is like a soft teddy bear! They are built for hugs and cuddles.

When this man is in love all he would want to do is cuddle with you and keep you in his arms.

When Pisces wants to distance and make sure they are not committing to the relationship, he won’t give you the chance for a long hug or be into the cuddling part.

The best sign to make sure he is not playing you and he is truly in love with you is if they are spooning with you in the bed.

Yes, it is a Pisces man’s favorite way to sleep next to the woman he loves! It can be a hundred degrees out he would still want to hold you in his arms while you sleep.

He Won’t Show Emotions In Public

While some people don’t like to show their emotions publicly, this is not the case about the Pisces man.

Quite the contrary, if he is serious about you, he would insist on holding hands and kissing you.

This man won’t care if there are people around you, but rather show the whole world your love.

Lies Lies Lies

A pisces man that isn't into you will lie

He lies to you and makes up excuses.

Pisces men will lie not because they want to hurt you, but the other way around.

If he is not serious about you, he wouldn’t have the heart to tell you that straight in your face.

So you would catch him lying and making up excuses why he can’t see you or be with you.

No Details, No Depth

He doesn’t care about details.

When you go out you go to the closest restaurant or bar.

He doesn’t care about details if the place is nice or romantic, and Pisces man is all about details!

If your Pisces man is just playing with you, he won’t make the effort to be original or creative.

He won’t plan elaborate or special dates. And he won’t ask you many questions about your day, life, or interests. It will all be very surface level

Doesn’t Notice Things About You

He doesn’t notice the changes about you.

If there is a straight man who can notice instantly a woman’s new haircut, then that would be a Pisces man.

When they are in love they would mark even the smallest changes in your appearance, but in your mood as well. If your Pisces doesn’t notice that you are sad or stressed, you are not his priority.

When this man won’t acknowledge your slightly different behavior with a question like “What is wrong?” or “What’s bothering you?”, he is with you just for fun and nothing more.

No Compliments Whatsoever

He very rarely gives you compliments.

If he is giving you compliments just before you head towards the bedroom, we all know why he is doing that.

If he compliments you all the time no matter if you are about to make love then this man is not playing you and he cares about you.

Pisces man loves to make the interest of his love feel desired and loved.

He won’t spare the compliments, and he will make sure you know how amazing and special you are to him!

He Isn’t Goofy With You

If he loves you, he will make you smile.

It might sound like a cliché, but it is true! There is nothing more a Pisces man in love wants but to see his woman smile and be happy.

This man will act silly, climb on things, dance, and spin around, just to see you smile. They won’t care if they are being goofy as long as it makes you laugh.

The smile on your face will be the most important thing if he is in love with you and serious about your relationship.

He won’t leave you, but make you want to leave him.

If you see your Pisces man acting any of the ways we mention, do yourself a favor, and him, and leave them!

This man won’t have the heart or the courage to tell you as it is and break up with you. Don’t make him act this way just to make you want to leave him.

Keep your dignity and walk away.

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