7 Huge Differences Between Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that governs dreams, hope, imagination, and fantasy. People born under this sign are hopelessly romantic and one dreaming of a fairytale love story.

Both men and women born in the sign of Pisces are highly spiritual and in touch with their senses. You can almost think that Pisces is psychic as their high intuition can read people’s emotions like no other sign. 

Pisces can see the sadness behind people’s smile

One thing both genders in this Zodiac sign share is the power of reading other people’s energy.

Pisces is the biggest empath in the Zodiac! It is the one sign that can see through your smile and know you are hurting and in pain.

It doesn’t matter how good of a poker face you have and how well you hide your emotions. You’ll succeed in fooling others around you, but you’ll never fool the fish. Both men and women have the so-called 6th sense. 

However, today we will talk about the differences between a Pisces man and a Pisces woman. Gender plays a significant role in our lives, and both men and women are different by nature. But how does Astrology divide these sign characteristics based on their gender? 

Continue reading as we go through the most significant dissimilarities between two Pisces from the opposite gender.

Pisces Man & Pisces Woman


Expressing Their Emotions

There is no doubt that all Pisces are very emotional. However, female Pisces tend to be much more emotional than male Pisces.

Yet, to be fair, it has a lot to do with gender since males are raised to be more masculine and to hide their emotions.

But, on the other hand, it is customary for females to be freely allowed without judgment to express their feelings and be given the right to be sensitive.

In fact, such traits are encouraged in females from a young age as it is believed to be part of the feminine energy this gender allegedly has to possess as a woman. 

Pisces Men Tend To Be More Obsessive And Manipulative

As a result of teaching young Pisces boys that they should hide and repress their emotions, when they grow up, Pisces men tend to act more obsessive in a relationship and compulsive.

In certain situations, a Pisces man can even become manipulative and toxic due to him not being allowed to freely express his emotions and show off his gentle and sensitive side.

Pisces Woman Is More Calm And Patient

Again, the fact that a Pisces woman is calmer and patient than a Pisces man has to do with the fact that a Pisces female, as a woman, is “allowed” to express her emotions.

By showing her feelings, she learns how to deal with them. Hence, why she tends to be calmer and more patient than the male рepresentative of this Zodiac sign; compared to woman Pisces, Pisces man can be a ticking bomb and tends to act more impulsive due to the emotional tension built up in them. 

Once again, Astrology shows us why it is better to express our emotions and understand that despite gender differences, everyone is allowed to express sadness and sensitivity equally.

It doesn’t make you less of a man if you cry or if you are emotional. Showing emotions and feelings in a man should be accepted as normal behavior without judgment from society. 

Pisces Man Uses Humor As A Shield

Both men and women Pisces are a little bit shy, but the Pisces man often uses humor as a disguise and shield against possible rejection from their crush. So while the

Pisces woman will stand in the corner patiently waiting for her crush to approach her, the Pisces man will go with a joke to grab the woman’s attention he likes.

In fact, Pisces men are great at making you laugh, and this is their proven tactic to get under your skin. 

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Pisces Woman Can Be A High Maintenance

Women born under the sign of Pisces are intelligent and strong, and often you’ll notice them being independent and doing everything by themself or at least making an effort.

However, deep inside, this woman wants to find a masculine and strong man to take good care of her.

A Pisces man in a relationship will want attention and affection, but at the same time, he will not be demanding and overwhelming.

On the other hand, a Pisces woman can be challenging and set high expectations for her partner, especially after getting married. 

Pisces Woman Takes Better Care Of Her Health

Generally, a Pisces woman is always well dressed and nurtured. She likes to take good care of her skin, hair, and body.

Women born under this sign regularly work out to stay in shape, but most importantly, they take the time to worry about their mental health as well.

On the flip side, a Pisces man is more likely to neglect his health and feel too tired to work out or go through a health regime.

This man will often blame lack of time and energy as an excuse for overlooking his health.

Although time might not be a problem, since, with good organization, all is possible, the part about not having the energy to work out or focus on themself may very well be the truth.

Pisces man is known to spend all of his energy helping others and often places other people’s priorities and needs before his. 

Pisces Man Can Be A Heartbreaker

Pisces man is not a person who will cheat on his significant one or hurt others on purpose.

However, since they tend to be bad at expressing their emotions, often, people can get hurt by getting close to a Pisces man. He will flirt and offer you his companionship and attention, but only for so long until he realizes you are not the one.

Compared to them, the Pisces woman is less likely to go for someone she thinks is a wrong choice, or before she makes any intimate contact, she will take her time to think it through.

Therefore, Pisces women are less likely to give a person the wrong impression of liking them and break their heart, as Pisces men sometimes do.

Again, not their fault, as their emotions are equally confusing for them as for the person that likes them. 

After going through some of the differences between a Pisces man and a Pisces woman, we must ask ourselves how these two will rate on the Zodiac Compatibility scale? 

Are Pisces Man And Pisces Woman A Perfect Match, And How Are They Different In A Relationship? 

couple interlocking legs

Two fish in one bowl, at first glimpse, can seem like a perfect match! Both are very intuitive, romantic, sensitive, and compassionate.

They live in their own little pink world far from the depravity that surrounds them and avoid the risk of being hurt in love.

However, here lies the main clue of why a relationship between two Pisces can go very wrong. 

Their Own Little Pink World

Pisces sees the world through rose-tinted glasses, and both men and women refuse to face reality.

As a result, they can withdraw themself and stay safe in their own little pink world without letting each other in.

Such behavior can create a huge space between them and keep them apart, stopping them from building deep and meaningful relationships. 

Fear Of Facing The Problems In The Relationship

Pisces men and women will choose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the problem as they are too afraid of hurting their partner if they say something.

Pisces woman will give subtle signs of what bothers hers, while Pisces man will make sarcastic jokes.

This kind of behavior will only build up the tension in the relationship, and in the end, it will result in both parting ways. 

Their Differences Are What Can Make The Relationship Work

The Pisces woman likes to be taken care of in the relationship, while Pisces man wants to take care of their partner.

The one difference this sign has when being in a relationship can actually be the reason why these two can succeed as a couple!

Pisces woman will gladly allow her man to be the main provider and protector of the family while she will take care of the home and his needs.

On the other hand, Pisces man prefers to be the one who is the head of the home, and they’ll gladly accept the role.

This is a very important part of a relationship, as most couples struggle with the power in the relationship. 

In conclusion, we can add that a Pisces man and Pisces woman, despite their differences, generally are very alike and share the same views on the world.

Both belief in the good of people and helping others to feel better. Empathetic and considerate of other people’s emotions, they radiate a feeling of comfort, safety, and ease.

They are incredibly supportive and loyal and, most importantly, nonjudgmental. 

Having a Pisces in your life means you’ll always have someone to share the emotional baggage with you.

You can pour your heart and soul to a Pisces man or a woman and receive words of encouragement, understanding, love, and support.

These people are honest, giving, and gentle souls. The world can be a much better place with more Pisces men and women in it.

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