How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game (7 WAYS!)

It is a real challenge to resist an Aries charm. This man ruled by planet Mars is confident, intelligent, strong, and knows exactly what he wants, and we women find that sooo ATTRACTIVE!

Aries is a Fire sign which explains why we feel such a strong energy when in their presence.

The man born under this sign is highly active, full of energy and so passionate about life!

This Man is a true player!

Aries man is very intelligent and they are very aware of their worth. This man knows his power to seduce and attract so they are quite the players.

Being the very first sign of the Zodiac you would see them always fighting for attention and aiming to be number one in anything they do.

Their objects of interest change so fast, that it is almost impossible to keep this man’s attention just on yourself.

Don’t panic!

We are here to help you beat your Aries man at his own game. Keep on reading as we go through all the tricks and secrets you need to know so that you gain an advantage over Aries man.

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game

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Show Him You Are More Than Fine Without Him

Aries man is quite difficult to tame and grab his attention. This man one minute can be all over you and the next shift his attention to something or someone else.

They might play hard to get with you and it is quite likely to suddenly disappear on you. All of this is part of the Aries game. Be a step ahead of him and when he disappears or shifts focus, you show him that you are even finer without him.

Aries man has to be the best out there, so when he sees you are having more fun without him around, it would definitely draw his attention to you.

For Aries is unlikable for someone to have more fun when they are not there. It means they have failed their mission and they are not in fact the best.

So yes, call your girlfriends, dress up, and hit the town. Have fun while dancing and laughing and show him you are having a great time, give this Aries man a taste of his own medicine.

Play HOT And COLD With Him

It is totally okay to play this game with an Aries man since he is the first one to start playing it. Flirt and compliment him when he is around, but then the next time, ignore him completely.

Aries men are known to be the “hunters” so there is nothing more thrilling to this man than a woman that is not easy prey.

Backing up after flirting with him will make this man want to get your attention on him again, or with this strategy, you would be luring him into the hunt.

And as the God of war, or their ruling planet, Mars, this man loves to conquer and the harder it gets the more thrilled and excited he will be, so make him work hard for your attention!

Show Him You Are Independent

Aries man is the man that is never afraid or intimidated by a strong woman, in fact, this is the kind of woman he likes.

Knowing this, don’t be afraid to show him how good and successful you are at your job. Show him you are a strong and independent woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after.

Be Bold When Talking To Him

Aries man is definitely not the shy kind of person. On the contrary, he is not afraid to speak his mind and tell you he likes what he sees.

Play his game and show boldness in your interaction with him. Flirt and give him compliments.

Don’t be afraid to openly express your interest in him and let him know you find him attractive.

Aries man has a weak spot for bold women that don’t feel intimidated by their presence. 

Give Him Adventure

Aries is a grown-up man that possesses childlike curiosity. They want to learn and explore, so you would definitely catch his attention if you take him on an adventure instead of a regular date.

People born under this sign love to be active and always in motion, they are often the sporty kind of people so he would gladly say yes to a hiking adventure or try some adrenaline activities like bungee jumping or parachute.

Beat him at his own game, showing that you too are a woman of action and love the thrill of life. Breaking up the monotony in your relationship is one thing that can give you full access to this man’s heart since there is nothing more an Aries despise than monotony and boredom.

As long as he has fun and adventure while being with you, you are the one winning or winning his heart. 

Show Him You Can Be Funny

Aries are easygoing, friendly, and like to have fun. Make him dream about you and strive for your company by making not only him but everyone around you laugh.

Usually, Aries is the one grabbing the attention in the room, this way you get to beat him at his own game by taking his role and being the center of attention.

There is nothing more attractive to an Aries man than a woman that can make him laugh, and also make other people around her love her company.

Your Aries is the kind of a man that likes to show off with his woman, so you being attractive, smart, and funny is a reason more for him to want to hold your hand and want you to be next to him. 

Be Yourself

There is no way to beat Aries at his game if you are pretending to be someone else.

After all, this man’s sharp mind will see right through you if you are trying to fool him and present yourself acting as a different person than you truly are. Instead, attract him with your original and unique persona.

This is exactly how Aries is seducing you, he is being himself, and we can all agree that there is nothing more attractive and charming attraction than that.

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