How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman (13 WAYS!)

Are you dating a Leo man?! Wondering what or how a Leo man tests a woman?! We got you covered…

Leo man is intelligent, elegant, powerful, and charming. It is not an easy quest to catch this man’s attention, and when you do, the game is still on.

The King of the jungle wants to have the best of the best in life, and that refers to the woman by his side as well. 

So what exactly are the ways a Leo man will test you?! Let’s find out…

How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman

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Leo Men Love The Lavish Side Of Life

His impeccable taste and style will tell you that you are dealing with a Leo right away. This man knows how to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

When it comes to taste in women, he likes to be with a person with style, good manners, and excellent social skills.

Dating a Leo man is exciting, as you will never have a dull moment, and your social calendar will include a lot of events where you’ll be expected to be on your best behavior and appearance.

But what more will your Leo man look for before he makes the decision that you are the one for him?

Keep on reading as we tell you how a Leo man tests a woman to determine if they have made the right choice.

At the beginning of a romantic engagement, many men will test the woman to see if they have made the right choice and then make the commitment.

Leo man is not an exception to this rule, and here is how he will test you. 

Leo Man Tests Your Energy And Passion

As a Fire sign, Leo needs a woman that has a passion for life like they do! He will test your will to try new and exciting things in order to see if your energy matches his.

If you are the type of woman who prefers to spend her days at home enjoying simple things and refuses to try out exciting activities, well, your Leo will close the door on you.

This man likes to see enthusiasm and passion in your eyes when they propose to you to do something new.

Being highly passionate, they don’t like spending their time in one place, so you must be willing to follow them on all adventures. 

Night At Home Is Not Their Scenery

From time to time, Leo will give you the power to decide how the two of you should spend the weekend. This is a test for him to see what you are into.

If you prefer staying at home instead of going out, your Leo man will be disappointed. This is a man of action and is socially very active.

He likes to go out and meet new people.

Big crowds and noisy places are kind of their scenery, and after they have discharged their energy and get to amaze people with their presence, they will be happy to withdraw with you in the intimacy of your home.

Are You Ready To Praise And Compliment Him?

Leo thinks pretty highly of himself, but in order to test you, he might come to you acting like they have low self-esteem.

Leo will walk away if you are not ready to tell him how great he is and how good he looks.

This man lives for the attention and sweet words, so if you want to capture his heart, you must constantly shower him with attention and compliments.

If you agree with him that he looks terrible in that suit, know it is only a test! Leo knows he can’t look bad in anything, and he needs to see if you agree with him. 

Are You Ready To Spend Some Money?

When it comes to choosing a gift for your Leo man, this is one of the tests he will do to see if he likes to be with you. So how can you pass this test? It is pretty simple. Don’t be thrifty!

Leo doesn’t like cheap gifts as it is a sign for him that you are not aware of how special they are! So open your wallet and spend some money if you want to impress him. Don’t get it wrong.

Leo is not after your money, and they are not materialistic. When it is his turn, you will receive many gifts, and every one of them will be luxurious and extravagant as your Leo man is! 

Don’t Steal His Spotlight

Leo man likes to be in the center of attention and have all eyes on them. If you are the kind of woman that has a problem with that, you shouldn’t be with Leo.

This man will test you to see your reaction when random people come to him and give him compliments.

Your reaction should be pride and satisfaction.

When you look happy that your Leo man is so adored and loved by other people, you have passed the test, and he will know you are the woman for him! 

Do You Have A Wandering Eye? 

Leo might be flirty and warm with other people, but it is beneath him to cheat on the woman he loves. In return, he will expect the exact same from you.

Look at it this way. He is the King. Who else is better than him?!

So make sure you don’t wander with your eyes around the room while your Leo man stands by your side.

As a Fire sign, Leo can be very jealous, and his big ego won’t allow him to forgive you that you had been looking at commoners while being with the King. 

Your Taste In Fashion

Yes, for your Leo man, his date needs to look his best. He will test you to see if you know what is stylish and trendy.

If you cannot show him you have a taste in dressing, he will refuse to be seen in public with you. It is not that he is shallow or superficial.

He just wants to be in a power couple, one where other people look at both of you, and they are impressed with how compatible you are, even in your fashion taste. 

Are You Threatened By A Powerful Man?

Leo is ambitious, and he aims high in life. The odds are that he will be quite successful in his career, and he will test you to see if you feel intimidated by a powerful man.

You mustn’t be, as a powerful woman does not threaten Leo. In fact, he prefers it!

Are You Ambitious?

Leo will expect to see a drive to succeed at your goals from you. Ambitious in a woman is a sign for this man that you are, in fact, the right choice for him.

He will look at you closely to see your ambitions and life plans.

His questions about your career and goals are partly part of his test to find out where you see yourself in 5 years.

If you don’t dream big, he will refuse to build his dreams together with you. 

Do You Respect Him? 

Respect is something your Leo man values highly. This man has one of the biggest egos in the Zodiac, so the moment you try to play with him or his feelings, he will walk away.

There will be various scenarios where your Leo man will test you to see if you respect and value him.

Your loyalty towards your Leo man will determine if you are the one for him. Don’t forget that respecting him also implies respecting his family, friends, and colleagues.

Are You Strong And Independent?

Leo man wants to be with a woman that is strong and independent. Acting like a damsel in distress is not what this man looks for in a woman.

So he might not call you for a few hours to see if you are good with being by yourself.

Acting clingy and needy will only make you fail the test. But if he realizes that you are strong, independent, and perfectly comfortable with being by yourself, he will not let go of you. 

Do You Have Your Own Hobbies And Interests?

Yes, Leo indeed likes to set examples and enjoys it when people follow him. However, he expects you to have separate interests and hobbies as his woman. Count on that Leo will test you to see how you spend your time when he is not around you.

If you just sit by the phone and wait for him to call you and ask you out, he will never call you. You need to be a woman that a man needs instead of a woman who needs a man. This will be the ultimate test from your Leo man.

The moment you pass it, you can relax and know that you have successfully captured the heart of one of the most attractive and handsome men in the Zodiac. 

Whenever you feel like it is too much work to impress your Leo man, remind yourself that in return, you will receive unconditional love and support. Leo man is kind, warm, and has a generous heart.

So putting effort into the relationship to work will be worth it! 

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