Body Language Of A Man Secretly In Love With You (16 MAJOR SIGNS!)

Sometimes men aren’t so direct. They don’t just blurt out “I love you” like in the movies.

So if there is a guy in your life, whether in your group of friends, at work, or someone you’ve been on a few dates with, and you are unclear how they feel about you – remember, body language doesn’t lie.

Actions speak much louder than words, and when you are looking to figure out someone’s true feelings, taking notice of their body language is your best bet…

You can mince your words and be very careful how you express yourself, but at the end of the day, we aren’t CIA agents. Our subconscious will betray us at some point.

So what is the body language of a man secretly in love with you? Is it obvious or subtle? We did some digging but first, let’s answer this important question…

Why Look At Body Language?

In a perfect world, people would just be upfront about their feelings.

It would be easier to ask someone outright whether they have feelings for you or not, but words aren’t always reliable. Someone might tell you what they think you want to hear or what they think is a convenient answer to avoid any awkwardness.

To get a better understanding of what someone is feeling, you need to look at their body language. A person’s body language always gives them away.

Body language is something that is incredibly difficult, almost impossible, to fake, so if you know what to look for, you can really work out how someone feels.

Body language, which can be posture, facial expressions, touch, gestures, eye contact, and more, all convey how you feel and your thoughts, and they are a reliable source of information.

When someone is falling in love with you, this will definitely be displayed through their body language It is one way to know for sure how they feel, especially when you aren’t ready to ask, and they aren’t ready to tell you yet…

Body Language Signs To Look For That A Man Is Secretly In Love With You

Man looking at woman fondly - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

Let’s dig into the body language signs to look for that a man is secretly in love with you.

Pay a little more attention when the two of you are together again to work out how he feels before making the next move.

But as you read through these signs, remember reading body language s hard to do! FBI and CIA agents spend years doing it.

And although this guy may not be a secret undercover op and may give away an obvious sign, it can be easy to create a false narrative because we want it to be true.

The only surefire sign someone is in love with you is when their words match their actions.

Nonverbal cues are a great way to know whether or not to make a move or to back off, but they shouldn’t be the only driving force.

As always, take mixed signals as a NO. And if someone says they don’t want you, a relationship with you, or aren’t in love with you – then stop reading this now.

Microanalyzing everything they do in this list won’t help you in any way, shape, or form.

So alright. With that disclaimer said and done… Let’s get into the list…

He Keeps Eye Contact

Strrong eye contact is a major sign of attraction - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

One sure body language sign that he is in love with you, or is at least interested in you, is when he keeps eye contact.

Keeping eye contact with you is his way of staying and feeling connected to you, even if he doesn’t notice it.

He would keep eye contact when the two of you talk, and it might even feel a little intense at times.

This shows his willingness to keep the conversation going and to feel like he is connected to you and immersed in you at that moment.

Other than sharing eye contact when in conversation, you might also notice him looking at you often, even when you aren’t talking.

You might catch him gazing from across the room, and he might try to look away quickly and hide it when you meet his gaze.

Especially when someone is laughing. One huge sign of attraction is meeting someone’s gaze when laughing.

So the next time someone says a joke, see if he looks at you when laughing.

It is important to note, though, that not everyone feels comfortable with eye contact, and if he is on the shy side, he might find it difficult to meet your gaze as often.

If he doesn’t hold eye contact with you, it doesn’t definitively mean that he doesn’t like you.

When someone is in love though, they will often look into the eyes of their partner for longer periods of time.

This is because the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and looking into someone’s eyes can help us connect with them on a deeper emotional level.

He Constantly Touches His Hair

We are all guilty of this, even if we don’t know it. When you are around someone you like, who makes you feel nervous, you would touch your hair and adjust it often.

So, if you notice him touching his hair often when he is with you, it could be a sign that you make him feel a little nervous.

He would be touching his hair and fiddling with it to make himself look better, almost grooming himself in a way when you are together.

He might also just be doing it as a nervous habit, twirling his hair to calm his nerves a little.

It might look like he is distracted, but it is a good sign that he feels nervous or slightly self-conscious around you, which shows that he likes you!

This is a very common sign in general that someone likes you, or at the very least, is nervous around you.

Of course, someone can be anxious for numerous reasons, but if you notice it happens more often than not, it’s worth noting.

His Eyebrows Are Raised

Raised eyebrows are a nonverbal way of communicating surprise and happiness! So if he sees you and raises his eyebrows, even very briefly, it shows how happy he is to see you, which then indicates that he could very well like you or perhaps be secretly in love with you.

This is an automatic reaction to seeing you and one that he likely won’t be able to control.

He probably doesn’t even know he is doing it, so it is a really solid sign to look for when you see him. You will just have to pay close attention because it can happen really quickly.

Raising your eyebrows when you see someone you love is a natural reaction to make yourself look more inviting and warm through your eyes, so it is a universal sign that we all share.

This is one sign that happens in a few seconds, sometimes milliseconds, so make sure you’re paying attention when you first greet him.

Also, notice if his smile is a genuine smile or more of a cordial one. Yes, there is a big difference between the two!

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His Pupils Dilate

Our pupils dilate when we enter a dark room or when our surroundings are dark, making it easier to see, but they also dilate when we see someone we are attracted to or someone we love.

So if you are standing in a well-lit room and you notice his pupils dilate when he looks at you, then it shows that he is attracted to you and that he might love you.

This is obviously tricky to try and see from afar, so it is a sign to look for when you are standing fairly close together.

It mostly works when he initially looks at you, not after you have been talking for quite some time.

We weren’t kidding when we said eyes are the windows to the soul. Beyond eye contact, dilated pupils are a major sign of physical attraction.

He Smiles More Around You

A big genuine smile is a major sign of attraction - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

When you love someone or have very strong feelings towards them, then you are going to be happy in their presence. One sure way that this is shown is through smiling.

You know what I’m talking about. That cheesy grin you can’t control.

We all do it. Ever noticed how some people smile at their phones when they talk to someone they like?

It’s completely involuntary and one of the most obvious signs of attraction.

If he loves you or is falling in love with you, then he is going to be smiling a lot when he is with you. And we’re not talking about a fake smile.

Yes, some people are just smiley people and spend more time smiling than others, but you would notice that he smiles more around you than he does when he is around other people.

This could be him smiling more when he is talking to you or just being generally happier in your presence, even if he is sitting at the other end of the table.

He will smile more, laugh more, and just be a happier person because he just enjoys being around you. Your presence alone makes him happy.

You could also try to tell him a terrible joke or a lame pun and see how he reacts. If he loves you, he will definitely laugh, even when he knows it isn’t worth laughing at!

His Body Language Mirrors Yours

Couple hugging in a big city - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

This is something he would do subconsciously and would not even notice he is doing it, but if he loves you, then his body language would mirror yours.

It could be that he crosses his arms if your arms are crossed or relaxes more in his chair if it is something you have done.

Mirroring body language is something that all humans do when they are around someone they love or feel comfortable with.

This is probably going to be a difficult sign to pick up for you as well, as it might not be as obvious as some of the other signs.

However, you might just notice him copying your movements or your posture, and along with some other body language signs, it shows that he does love you or does have strong feelings towards you.

At the very least, it’s a positive sign of endearment. People normally don’t mirror those they don’t like.

Open body language and mirroring are only done towards those we have warm feelings for.

If he’s not mirroring you, or leaning away from you, that’s not a good sign. This brings us to…

He Leans Toward You

If he loves you and is attracted to you, then he would lean his body towards you more, without even realizing it most of the time.

He will want to be close to you, he will want to feel connected to you, and he would very likely want to have a physical connection with you too.

However, even if he does not feel ready to initiate contact, his body will give his intentions away by leaning in towards you.

This will probably be quite easy to pick up on, as he will likely be within your personal bubble, and it could come as a bit of a shock, but you will have to decide if you are comfortable with it or not.

If you feel the same way about him, then you will find yourself leaning in more toward him as well, and things should just happen naturally from there!

On the other hand, body language experts have stated that when you don’t like someone, you naturally close your body away from them.

Slightly pivoting and facing the opposite direction. This is a not-so-secret sign someone doesn’t like you.

He Finds Reasons To Touch You

Man touching a woman - One of the most physical signs of attraction is constantly touching - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

Physical touch is a huge part of attraction. I mean, it’s one of the most common love languages for men.

And if he loves you, but the two of you haven’t taken things to the next level, then he will likely try to find reasons to touch you, whether just to feel that physical connection or to flirt.

This could be him touching your arm after the two of you have a laugh together, moving your hair off your face, fixing your collar, or simply just placing his hand on your shoulder.

When sitting down, he could pat your knee or place his hand on your leg, anything to feel close to you.

He will probably be aware of this and actively want to be touching you, so it is a good sign to look for that he does have feelings for you.

Most people appreciate their personal space and aren’t very touchy-feely with those they don’t have warm feelings for.

So if he constantly finds reasons to make contact, even when completely unnecessary, it’s quite obvious he, at the very least, has a thing for you.

He Is Relaxed Around You

Men leaning against a wall, relaxed - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

Because he loves you, he would feel himself around you, which means that he would feel more relaxed.

Your presence, while it excites him, will make him feel comfortable and calm, and due to this, his body will seem more relaxed too.

His shoulders would not be tense and instead will be relaxed and down, his arms and legs won’t be crossed, and he won’t constantly be fiddling with his hands or something else.

This all goes along with a smile, easy laughter, and other relaxed signs, and you can feel comfortable in the fact that you make him feel relaxed and at peace.

The body language of a man secretly in love with you tends to be excited in your presence but also relaxed and calm.

It’s a weird combination, I know, but you’ll notice it and sense it when it happens.

He may be tense when you first see him, but within just a few minutes, you notice he starts to let his guard down slowly and surely.

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His Body Is Directed To You

If he loves you and has a strong attraction to you, then his body would be facing you and pointed in your direction.

This shows that he is giving you all of his attention and that he is wanting you to notice him.

His body, including his feet and head, would be facing you and pointed towards you when standing.

When sitting down next to each other, he would try to turn his body to the side to face you that way.

When someone is not facing you, and their feet are pointed away from you, it shows that they do not really want to be in conversation with you and are not all that into you.

It is a good sign to look for to tell how someone subconsciously feels in a situation. This is one of those body language cues that many naturally can’t hide.

You don’t even realize you’re doing it.

I have caught myself leaning, almost invading someone’s personal space when I’ve been attracted to them.

And if a guy secretly likes you, it’s no different.

One subtle way he can lean toward you as well as well is when his forehead pointed.

He Makes Sure Nothing Is Between You

He would want nothing to be between the two of you when you are together and talking, so he will do his best to remove any physical barriers between the two of you.

This could be moving a vase of flowers from the center of the table so that he can see you clearly, or moving around to your side of the armchair so it is not between you when you are talking.

Whether he notices this or not would be dependent on him, but it is his way, subconsciously or not, of showing you that he is open to you and that he does not want anything to come in the way of him being close to you.

He Adjusts His Clothing

Man fixing his tie - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

Just like him adjusting his hair and fiddling with it while he talks to you, he could also adjust his shirt, tie, coat, or any other piece of clothing when talking to you as well.

Once again, this can be him trying to make himself look more presentable to you, or it could be that he is fiddling because he feels nervous in your presence, due to his feelings for you.

These are all signs that he is attracted to you and wants to look his best, and feel calmer when around you.

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You Have His Full Attention

If someone loves you and is trying their best to win you over, and when they are really interested in you, then they will be fully invested in what you have to say, and will truly listen to you.

When the two of you are together, this will be shown by him giving you his full attention when you talk to each other. He won’t be distracted, he will ask questions, and he will keep eye contact, all showing that he is hanging on every word you say.

You will also be able to tell a few days later when he brings up small details you mentioned in your previous conversation, details so small or insignificant that you would not have thought he would’ve remembered, but he did.

You Can See His Hands

Couple sittng on the floor, physically touching - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

This might seem silly, but if his hands are out in the open, and he isn’t hiding them away in his coat or in his pockets, then it could be an indication that he loves you and is attracted to you.

The reasoning behind this is that he would want to make himself seem more open and approachable to you, and a way to do this is to make his hands open and visible.

On the other hand, if his hands are always hidden away in his pockets, or his arms are always crossed, then it could indicate that he isn’t open to conversation.

He Acts Protective Around You

A man who is in love with you will want to protect you and feel as though he can take care of you, even if the situation doesn’t call for it.

He will show this by staying close to you when you are out, by having quick reflexes to anything happening around you, or even trying to get involved gently when you are talking to someone else when out, or simply looking your way to make sure you are fine.

He would want you to know that he is capable of taking care of you and keeping you safe, even if you do not feel as though you need his protection. To him, it would be important to show that he can provide this for you.

He Seems Larger When You Are Around

Physical contact is a hug sign of attraction and love - Body language of a man secretly in love with you

This might sound a little funny, but if he is attracted to you and is in love with you, he would want to make himself seem larger and more noticeable when in your presence.

This could be him sticking his chest out, keeping his head high, or placing his hands on his hips.

He would want to appear larger to you so that you take notice of him, and so that he seems like someone who could protect you and keep you safe.

Other than this body language, he might also be louder when he is in your presence. Telling jokes, speaking at a louder volume, or laughing more too. These are all ways he can make you notice him more!

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