18 SURE-FIRE Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

It can be really hard picking up on the subtle cues someone likes you, especially over text.

Unless it’s glaringly obvious, many of us miss the signs someone likes us.

And the worst thing about text messages, is you can’t decipher the tone in which they’re writing to you in.

However, there are SOME signs a girl likes you over text message. These are some of the incredibly obvious signs we have found…

Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

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She Initiates The Conversation

If you find that she is the one who starts the conversation, it is a great sign that she likes you.

This could simply be her checking in to see how you are doing, or it could be a more extended conversation as she is demonstrating that she enjoys talking to you.

When a girl is interested in you, she will show signs of it, and initiating conversation is one way she might demonstrate this.

She Texts You First

When it comes to deciphering whether a girl is interested in you over text, one of the most obvious signs she likes you is if she initiates the conversation.

If a girl is often messaging you and inquiring about how you’re doing or saying hi before you even start the conversation, this could be an indication that she likes spending time talking to you.

However, there are many reasons why a girl might choose to text first; it could be as simple as her wanting to catch up with an old friend or just trying to pass the time.

A lot of times, girls will not reveal their true intentions on why they are messaging first. To gain clarity on her feelings toward you, look out for other signs that she may like such as investing in your conversations by giving thoughtful responses or adding exclamations and emoticons.

At the end of conversations, if she consistently says something like “text me anytime” or “hit me up later,” then most likely it’s because she wants to hear from you again in the near future.

While these are just some of the most basic signs a girl likes someone over text, pay attention to her words and behavior so that you may accurately gauge her interest level towards you!

She Responds Quickly To Your Texts

When a girl is interested in you and she is interested in the conversation she will undoubtedly engage with you by sending replies in a timely manner.

We all lead busy lives, but prioritizing a conversation with you can be at the forefront of her mind if she’s interested in you.

If it takes her more than 12 hours to respond, chances are she isn’t as keen to talk to you as others may be.

However, if she replies quickly and without too much wait time between your text and hers, then there’s a good chance that she is into you.

This typically means she is trying to keep the conversation going or that she has already been waiting for your reply.

Either way, if you send her something and receive an answer back within minutes or even hours after sending it, then this may be one of the signs that she likes you over text.

She Is Texting You Often

While there are many signs a girl likes you over text, some of the most obvious ones include initiating conversations, maintaining consistent contact, being receptive to your messages, and responding quickly.

If it seems like she’s always looking for a way to start up a text conversation or keep the conversation going, then there’s definitely something there.

She might even be sending you funny jokes, GIFs, and emojis – all signs that she likes you!

Unless she’s just bored or looking for a penpal, keeping up consistent communication is a sure sign she likes you, or at the very least, likes talking to you.

She’s literally going out of her way everyday to reach out. It’s obvious she’s excited to talk to you if she sends flirty messages and keeps the conversation interesting.

Her Texts Are Flirty

If a girl likes you over text, she’ll likely show it in the way she messages you.

She might tease you lightheartedly or make jokes to show her interest. She may also start flirting with you, sending you hints and clues to let you know she likes you.

She Sends You A Flirty Emoji

Flirty emoticons and emojis are an easy way for a girl to show her interest in you through text messaging.

Emoticons are more fun and engaging than simply using words and can help create a stronger connection between the two of you.

Additionally, if she takes the time to draw a more personalized emoji or use one with an inside joke, it shows that she is comfortable enough with you to be playful.

If a girl begins sending you flattering emojis or little drawings often, it may be a sign that she’s interested in getting to know you even better.

She Sends You Flirty Compliments

Everyone loves compliments! And they are a sure-fire way of showing romantic interest with just a few words.

If a girl sends you flirty compliments over text, then it can be an indication that she’s romantically interested in you.

Compliments are part of the courting process—both giving and receiving compliments makes the other person feel good and pays special attention to them.

The flirting can be overt — “you look great in that shirt” or “I love how you smile”— or it can be less obvious — “you should totally register for that class next semester” or “you know so much about sports. Impressive!”

If a girl takes the time to provide thoughtful compliments either directed at your appearance, character traits, or even skills she thinks you possess, then she likely has a crush on you.

Furthermore, if her messages are full of subtle hints regarding getting together (even if they just seem playful), it’s likely that she likes you and wants to see where things could go.

Pay attention to the overall tone of her messages as well; if her texts always end with an exclamation mark and are full of positive vibes, then it’s a sure sign that she’s into you!

She Asks Personal Questions

Girl texting - Featured In: Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

One of the most common signs that a girl likes you over text is if she starts asking you personal questions.

This could be anything from talking about your hobbies or your family, to asking how you are feeling and what your dreams are.

Asking personal questions is a surefire way to let someone know that they are interested in getting to know them better.

She Teases You

Teasing is one of the few signs she likes you.

It’s like when you’re in grade school and have a crush on a girl. You likely teases her, pulled her ponytail, and was just an absolute menace (in the cute way.)

Well, dating as adults is similar. There will likely be a lot of teasing as she’s letting you know she’s into you in subtle ways,

Not everyone is the same, but one obvious way to tell if a girl likes you is by playful jokes, especially through text messages.

She Asks About Your Day

If a girl is asking about your day, then this could be a sign that she likes you. The more personal questions she asks and the more detail she wants to know, then the greater the chance that she likes you.

If she is giving you specific questions and really trying to get to know you, then this could be an indication that she is interested in getting to know you better.

It’s also important to note how often she asks. For example, if someone only asks you about your day once in a while but not nearly as often as they ask other friends, then it might be an indication that they have some deeper feelings for you.

Furthermore, if at the end of her inquiry about your day there’s some kind of statement that implies wanting to hang out or do something enjoyable with each other, this too could be validating her budding interest in spending time with you.

Finally, were her questions particularly detailed? Did it feel like she wanted to understand who you are down to the core and learn what makes your life tick?

If so — again — this could mean she has feelings for you and wants to better understand all facets of who you are so that perhaps one day those feelings will be rekindled in your if a relationship together arises between the two of you.

Versus if you are the one constantly asking her about her day and following up, but she’s giving you one-word answers, it’s very likely she is NOT into you.

One-word answers are a dead giveaway someone doesn’t like you like that.

She Asks About Your Plans For The Weekend

Girl texting -  Featured In: Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

If a girl is asking about your plans for the weekend, this could be a sign that she’s interested in you.

She might be looking for an opening to suggest that you two get together, or at the very least she wants to keep the conversation going.

If she brings up activities that involve the two of you or mentions places you should go together, then this is a definite sign that she’s into you.

Any kind of intimate questions are also a good indication — if she wants to know more about your life outside of work and school, then it’s possible she has feelings for you.

If she invites you to hang out one-on-one or even just texts about it frequently, this is another sure sign that she likes you.

She Shares Personal Information

One sign that a girl likes you over text is if she starts to become more open and share personal information with you.

If she starts to ask intimate questions, share personal stories, and open up about her feelings and thoughts, it’s likely that she is comfortable with you and interested in taking things further.

She Shares Stories About Her Life

Sharing stories about her life is one of the most telling signs that a girl likes you over text. When a girl is interested in you, she’ll want to open up and share things with you.

Don’t just listen passively–ask questions to show your interest and engagement in getting to know her better.

If she’s telling you about her day, ask her how it went or what was the funniest part of it. If she’s talking about the people close to her, ask who they are and why they’re important to her.

This can make conversations more interesting and give both of you an opportunity to reveal more about yourselves.

Additionally, pay attention to how often she’s opening up about herself in conversation – if it’s frequent and natural-sounding (without feeling forced or strained), this likely shows that she’s comfortable sharing with you and values your opinion.

She Shares Her Feelings With You

When a woman opens up to you and shares her emotions or even tells you about a problem that she is having, it may be an indicator that she has begun to trust you.

This is a positive sign because it allows her to demonstrate how much she cares by looking to you for advice or comfort.

By responding with sensitivity and empathy, you can increase the connection between the two of you and deepen your relationship.

Furthermore, if she starts talking about her dreams, plans, or future goals with you, it likely means that she is beginning to think about the two of you as a couple and sees some kind of future together.

Additionally, if she sends messages out of the blue just checking in with you or even just wanting your opinion on something random, it could be her way of getting your attention without seeming too needy or desperate.

Lastly, if she shares stories from her past experiences either funny or difficult ones with sincerity then this could convey how much trust she has in telling someone like such private parts about herself.

All these are signs that your conversations have reached a more meaningful level where both parties feel comfortable disclosing their personal lives without any hesitation.

She Keeps The Conversation Going

Girl smiling at phone - Featured In: Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

One of the signs that a girl likes you over text is that she keeps the conversation going.

If she is responding quickly to your messages and initiating conversations, then these are good signs that she is interested.

She might bring up topics that she wants to talk about or ask you questions about yourself. This is a sign that she is trying to get to know you better.

She Keeps The Conversation Going Even When You Don’t

When you’re trying to determine if a girl likes you over text, consider the fact that she might be actively trying to keep the conversation going even when you don’t have anything new to say. She may ask you questions or offer up new topics— revealing she may be interested in getting to know you better.

Also pay attention to her responses. If she texts short and concise responses, it likely means she has something else going on or is just not that interested.

On the other hand, if her questions go beyond surface level conversations, it may be sign that she’s more invested in your relationship and wants to delve into deeper topics of conversation with you.

Lastly, observe how quickly she responds. A consistent pattern of fast replies can indicate that she enjoys talking to you and wants more of a conversation from your side as well.

The faster the responses mean higher engagement – so when a girl is taking her time responding, it can mean she isn’t too interested in having a longer conversation with you at this time.

In summary, some elements of how a girl engages with you on text can be telling signs if she likes or dislikes you – consider the rate at which messages are being sent back and forth as well as the content being discussed during your conversations!

She Double Texts

If she double texts that’s a HUGE sign she’s into you.

Many people will do anything and everything to avoid double-texting someone. It’s just not the way were built.

But if she’s invested in you and keeping the conversation flowing, she may send some back-to-back messages.

This is a fairly obvious sign she’s into you as most women won’t send multiple text.

She Doesn’t Send Short, Lazy Replies

If she’s interested in you, she won’t send those short, lazy text messages.

It’s a clear sign she’s very invested if she sends long messages.

Her communication style could just be very long and elaborate texts, but most girls will give one-word answers when they aren’t into a guy.

If she doesn’t believe in playing games, she’ll make it pretty obvious based solely on the amount of effort she puts into her text messages.

She Asks Follow-Up Questions

When a girl is interested in you, she’ll want to know more about you and your life. She will keep the conversation going by asking follow-up questions.

Whether it’s your major, favorite things to do on the weekends or where you went on vacation; she’ll want to hear all the details.

Pay attention to the questions she asks. If they are probing into personal topics like your likes and dislikes, it likely means that she’s interested in getting to know you better and that could be a positive sign


Girl taking selfie -  Featured In: Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

Pictures really do speak a thousand words. And especially in texting, they can say what she’s thinking..

She Sends You Photos Of Herself

Sending you flirty pictures of herself is one of (if not the most) obvious way someone shows interest through text messages.

If she’s texting you AND sending a little cute selfie every now and then, holy batman! That’s a great sign.

Also, we’re talking about unsolicited pictures. If she sends you a picture in response to one of your own, that’s not necessarily a sign she likes you.

So keep an eye out for spontaneous photos! She may be trying to catch your attention and get you interested in her.

She Asks For Your Picture

You can tell a girl is interested when she starts asking for pictures of you as well.

It shows that she wants to see what you look like and may be trying to get your attention.

If she’s asking for more than one, it’s a definite sign that there’s something going on!

She may not be saying it directly, but her curiosity about you is likely to be a sign that she likes you.

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