11 Common Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

Scorpio men are mysterious, dark, and secretive.

It is no wonder you can be so confused around him and question yourself whether he truly likes you, or is he just playing with you?

No one deserves someone to plays with their feelings and heart. That is why we tell you all the signs you need to know to see if your Scorpio man is playing you!

Signs A Scorpio Is Playing You

Scorpio man often turns out to be Machiavellian.

Before we start you must know one thing – if it turns out Scorpio man is playing you, know that that is not your fault!

Most Scorpio men turn out to be Machiavellian. A person who habitually engages in emotional manipulation is said to be Machiavellian, and they do it to gain power.

Now when we made that clear let’s get started. Signs that a Scorpio man is playing you is when….

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He Only Talks About One Thing..

He only talks about sex – ALL THE TIME!

Yes, Scorpio is the most sexual sign in the Zodiac and they have an appetizing sexual drive. 

It is true that sex is very important for these people, but that is exactly why this is a bad sign! 

If Scorpio’s intentions are serious, he will save the “sex talk” for the very end, not before even the bond is formed.

If Scorpio man is playing you the only thing he will constantly ask from you is sex!

Whenever he flirts with you, it will always be sexual. His messages will have a double meaning and point to sex.

When you will try to change the topic, there will be no interest from him. Or, he will pretend to care for a little while, but then the talk will go back to sex.

Don’t fall on his “I find you so attractive that I can’t stop talking about sex!” excuse.

He Doesn’t Ask You About Yourself

He doesn’t ask you any personal questions.

No, it is not that he respects your privacy, but rather he has no interest in investing his time to learn more about you and get to know you.

Sorry, but we are being honest here.

When Scorpio man truly cares for someone, he wants to know all there is about that person!

They are mind readers and if you attract him, he will try so hard to get into your thoughts and find out all there is about you.

If not, personal questions about “How was your day” or “What you did this weekend” will never be asked.

He Spends No Time With Your Friends/Family

He doesn’t want to meet your friends or spend time with them.

This is a red flag with all men, but with Scorpio, the reasons go deep. He clearly doesn’t want to make any investment in you and your life.

Trust us, being a fixed sign, Scorpio is very calculated, and if they plan to be serious with you, they would want to know the people around you.

After all, what better way there is to find out more about the person you like, than meeting their friends?

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He Won’t Introduce You To His Friends Either

You haven’t met his friends either, or you don’t spend time with them.

Let us be honest here.

We don’t meet friends of the person we like, just because of networking or growing our social circle.

We meet them because we respect the person we are with and want to be part of their life.

You also don’t let your friends meet a man you are not serious about dating him, so there, clear as day.

Doesn’t Take You Out

If A Scorpio Man Doesn't Take You Out

This isn’t just a Scorpio quality if we’re being honest.

Any man that doesn’t want to take you out and only seems to want to ‘Netflix and chill’ or hang out is probably playing you.

Or, at the very least, only interested in one thing from you.

So when he reaches out, is he asking you out on a date? Or is he asking you to come over and ‘hang out at his place?’

If it’s the latter, boy bye!

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Falls Off The Radar

He stops calling, texting, or communicating with you out of the blue.

One minute he is so into you, showering you with attention and love, and the next day he doesn’t try to reach out to you or even respond to your calls and messages.

And then after a while, he starts calling and texting you again.

We understand your frustration, but you must understand that this is his strategy of gaining emotional power over you.

He’s Hot and Cold

This game is so predictable, and it is always the same. Hot and cold.

While some women find it mysterious and keep them engaged and longing for more, smart women like you know that it is disrespectful and immature.

Makes Promises He Doesn’t Keep

Making promises that are so unrealistic.

You both know he can’t be so in love after just a week together. You can’t move in or plan a faraway trip together if you just started dating.

This is also one more game, to lures you in. Scorpio is extremely intuitive and he knows where your soft spots are.

These men can be master manipulators.

They will make you daydream about a future that may never become reality. All of this just to get what he wants from you.

Yes, that includes sex, and yes, they will go the trouble and effort just for the arousal.

Their Actions Are Telling

Actions speak louder than words

His words can be milk and honey when they talk about you and him together.

They will tell you what you want to hear and give you mountains of words, but still, nothing of what he says manifests.

There are no plans for going out, having dinner together in a nice restaurant, or even be seen in public with him.

If he is all words, and no actions, either he is bored and needs someone to take his mind off of it, or he is waiting on something better to come his way.

Whatever it is, he is playing you.

Introduces You As A Friend

Scorpio men are known to be possessive, many are even incredibly jealous.

So the fact that he’s not being possessive over YOU is very telling.

Is he introducing you as a friend? Not defining the relationship? If you’ve only been on three dates that’s one thing but if you have been together for three months, he should be moving things forward.

If he’s not calling you his girlfriend, it’s because he doesn’t see a future with you. Simple as that.

If You Have To Ask…

If you have to ask and you doubt it, it is most likely true.

Women often have strong intuition and we can tell when someone is playing with us. But, the hope of misjudgment always lingers back.

In case you recognized your relationship in any of these signs it is time for you to look for your dream man elsewhere.

Not All Scorpio Men Are Bad

If a Scorpio Man Introduces You As A Friend He's Just Not That Into You

In the end, we must tell one more truth.

Not all Scorpio men are bad or manipulators.

A lot of them are caring, tender, and full of love and respect.

In fact, the good ones are affectionate, patient, protective, loyal, and extremely devoted to their loved ones.

Completely anecdotal, but I have known plenty of Scorpio men that are loving, affectionate, and loyal beyond belief. It’s like, once you are in their inner circle, they will give you everything they’ve got.

They can be amazing friends and lovers. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some bad apples.

You just have to makes sure he is one of the good ones.

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