Ever Wondered: Why Is Astrology So Accurate?

Have you ever read your horoscope and wondered, how is astrology so accurate?! It doesn’t make sense that the stars affect us… but it does!

Each one of us has tried to check our daily or weekly horoscopes atleast once in our life.

Those who regularly read their horoscopes are astonished about how accurately it depicts their future life events. Some call it pseudo science, while some may call it a pure game of psychology.

Whatever the case is, Astrology is still in action even after its history of thousands of years. What makes it survive is its accuracy, to predict events of our life in advance.

So, what makes Astrology so accurate?

Astrology is based on scientific calculations of constellations and planetary movements. Astrology is based on studying these planets and noticing the patterns that occur over hundreds of years. The stars and planets don’t necessarily influence things, but they are markers of time and allow us to understand what cycle we are in when a person is born.

All civilizations around the world have developed their own systems of predicting events based on astronomical observations related with the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

The Ancient people thought of such movements of Stars and Planets in the sky as Gods talking to them in sign language.

They have developed a highly complex system of measuring time, just to calculate various astronomical events.

These systems of measurement are working incredibly accurately even today, that scientists are also wondering how such an ancient civilization have developed them.

Some of these discoveries have made headlines with catchy titles like ‘mysteries of history around the world.’ 

In simple words, the reason why many people believe in astrology is because it gives them accurate readings again and again.

The repeated success of astrology is what makes it an instant hit with youngsters even today. Do they know the mathematical calculations behind its predictions, or the science behind its astronomical calculations? Probably not. 

So, What Is Astrology & How Does It Work?

As I mentioned before, the science of predicting when rain will come, when agriculture will flourish, and what will happen in the future for a person was developed thousands of years back in time by ancient civilizations.

It was their sheer observations which led them to discover many astronomical time periods.

Would you believe me if I tell you that thousands of years back people knew the exact timing of rotation for all planets, including Saturn?! They have mathematically calculated the nodes of the Moon, to accurately predict eclipses. 

They didn’t even have the telescope then. Isn’t it amazing?! Still, would you like to call it pseudoscience?

Those people have great observation powers. They have noticed even the minor change in their daily sky and noted it down, maybe in their own language or code.

These detailed observations over a long period of history may have resulted in development of those complex calculations and timing of astronomical events.

Astrology was not developed by a single person, but by many generations of people over a long period of time. This is the reason behind its accuracy and credibility. Understand so far?

So, how exactly does this astrology thing work for a person? A valid question. How can we assume that all planets and stars are working just for us?

Well, let’s understand the horoscope first…

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What Exactly Is Your Horoscope?

Your horoscope is nothing but the snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. It depicts the position of all the planets in various zodiac signs at the exact moment of your birth.

Hence, you have a unique astrological signature in terms of your Horoscope. This signature changes each and every passing moment by virtue of time and space.

Thus, two people in different parts of the world if born at the same time period, their horoscope will differ by virtue of space. It is like different time zones of different countries.

So, the Universe has chosen your moment of Birth and has given a unique signature to it, known as your Birth Chart, or Natal Chart, or simply your Horoscope.

Now to explain this in detail, Let us go back in time when you were born.

During that time, the planets were moving with their respective speeds as they always do and suddenly when you were born your birth time was noted. A chart was prepared and the planetary positions were noted.

That we call a birth chart which has a deep impact on our life – I will explain that in detail in the post ahead. 

The Sun and the Moon which were transiting in a particular zodiac sign thus became your Sun Sign and Moon sign respectively.

As the planets are always moving, they create an impact on our body, mind, soul & environment. The horoscopes that we read are on the basis of these movements of planets on a particular date and time. 

So basically, whether you get a personal reading, a horoscope, natal chart reading – everything is based on planets, constellations and Zodiacs.

Such calculations help an astrologer to predict events for you. Whether it is a general promise or merely timing of events and that makes Astrology ACCURATE!

How Do Planets Affect Our Lives?

Now since we have got a general idea about Astrology, let us talk about how it creates an impact on our life.

In Astrology, There are 7 planets- Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn.

Apart from that there are two nodes- the North Node and the South node. These planets are common in Astrology for all parts of the world.

Like I discussed above, these planets are always moving. They obviously changed places ever since you were born and that creates an impact on us,

Let me explain that with an example. You were born on Feb 1, 2021. The sun at the time of your birth was in Aquarius hence you are born as an Aquarius Sun-Sign.

Now, Sun changes its position every month – passing from each zodiac in approximately a month. You want to check your horoscope on March 1, the Sun has already moved to Pisces.

This shift of positions has a lot of impact on us – not just for the Sun but for all the planets.

Likewise, Saturn changes signs every two and a half years, Jupiter every year, the Moon every 28 days and so on.

Even the eclipses formed are related to the position of planets, that is why the internet gets flooded with posts about such transit movements as they have a huge impact on us.

These zodiac signs placed in different houses of our horoscope then connect with different aspects of our life.

For example, the Fifth House deals with Love, the Seventh House deals with marriage, and the Tenth House deals with our career.

The transits of planets over these houses or signs placed in it, activates the events related to these houses. Thus, the study of future transits makes us aware regarding these upcoming events of our life.

We can then plan our actions accordingly. 

Astrology can help us make the right decisions in life – choosing a partner, getting the perfect job, switching places, investing at the right time for better returns, the perfect time to have children, etc.

Anything you ask – astrology can answer based on these planets and zodiac signs. 

The science, which is so detailed and widely followed, has to be accurate that there are people following it blindly across the globe – for generations. 

Which Of Them Is More Accurate – Natal Astrology or Sun Sign?

When it comes to Astrology, whether it is a Birth Chart reading (Natal) or Sun Sign, both of them are accurate. However, Birth Chart reading is more accurate as it has the depth required to make pin-pointed predictions.

Sun Sign on the other hand is the same for you and the people born under the same window of Sun (the month in which the Sun was transiting that Zodiac Sign at the time of your birth.)

So you actually may have a lot of things affecting your life than just the predictions based on the Sun. 

Alternatively, you can also say that the predictions based on your sun sign are a ready reckoner or a fast forward consultation to the transits affecting your life but Natal chart horoscope is a customized horoscope based on your planetary positions, on your specific major & sub-periods and the comparison of the transiting planets from your Natal Planets. 

What Do You Need To Get An Accurate Astrological Prediction? 

Honestly speaking, only three major details – your birth date, your birth time and the birth place.

If all of them are correct, then you will be surprised to see the accuracy of the predictions made, but even the slightest difference in time of birth or the geographical location can make alterations in the predictions – making it less accurate.

So, if you have a doubt whether the predictions will be accurate or not – always cross check your birth details as they should be accurate. That is the first and foremost requirement.  

I hope now you know why the majority of us rely on Astrology predictions to make major and minor decisions of our life. 

There is no doubt on the accuracy of Astrology but a lot also depends on our inputs to it. 

So, the next time you have an Astrology reading, apply these checks and you will also trust the fact that there is no other science like Astrology which is so detailed and accurate.

A note from Claudia: I hope you enjoyed this article from Ruchie! She literally lives and breathes astrology and is a 4th generation vedic astrologer.

She will be guest posting on this site occasionally and answering some of your questions about astrology. Email any and all questions you may have to hello (at) thefab20.com and put ‘Question for Ruchie’ in the subject line!

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