12 Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring (WATCH OUT FOR THESE!)

You and your partner have been going strong for some time, and you are both happier than ever. Naturally, you feel as though it is time for the relationship to move to the next level, and hopefully, the two of you land up engaged.

If you have a feeling that your partner might be nearing the proposal stage, you would want to keep an eye out for signs that he has bought an engagement ring – you need to be a little bit prepared for when he pops the question!

What are some signs that he has bought an engagement ring?

Every guy will display different signs when he has bought an engagement ring and is planning to propose, however, most often they will start to act nervous or different around you, they will seem to be closer to your family, and they will start talking about your future together more.

Read on to find out all the signs that he might show when he has bought an engagement ring!

Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring

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He Is Talking About The Future More

The two of you have probably had ‘that’ talk before, both being open about what you want out of the relationship and where you see yourself in a few years, but suddenly, he starts asking you about the future more and asking about your life together.

This might be him asking where you would love to settle down, when you would want to buy a house, or even talking about kids. The conversations shift from being about ‘me’ to ‘we’ more, and all his future plans seem to include you.

This could seem random to you, but he is excited about your future together now that he knows he is going to propose, and he is trying to gauge how you feel about the two of you before he asks you to marry him.

He Seems Closer To Your Family

It is likely that the two of you have met each other’s family and know them well, but then he starts to seem closer to your family and spends more time talking to them and talking about them.

When it comes to him proposing, there are two reasons why he has a sudden interest in your family. First, he might have asked them for their blessing to propose to you, and this has probably brought them closer together.

Secondly, knowing he is going to propose to you, he knows that you are going to be together forever, and your family is going to be a big part of your lives. He now makes more of an effort to get to know them and be closer to them because of this.

He Acts Different Around You

So many women claim that their partner started acting really strange out of the blue, only for them to propose. 

You might start to worry if you notice that he is acting differently around you. He might seem more secretive, he might seem anxious, and he might even act nervous when spending time with you. These can be signs that something is wrong, but they can also be signs that he is going to propose!

This sign works best when you notice some other subtle hints that he is going to propose, so keep an eye open if he starts acting out of character and just seems a little off.

It is also a huge decision for him to make, proposing and spending the rest of his life with you so that probably has him in his own mind a little bit!

He Hides Things From You

You would obviously not want your boyfriend to hide things from you, especially if you usually have a very open relationship, but if you notice that he now has a lock on his phone or he takes phone calls out of the room, you would rightfully be suspicious.

This can be a sign that something is wrong, but if things are going well between you and you know he isn’t participating in anything suspicious, then you can take it as a small sign that he is planning a proposal.

He could now be talking to your family about proposing, he could be looking for ideas on how to propose, or he might be trying to plan the big proposal, and just doesn’t want you to see any messages or hear the phone calls.

The secret texts and calls will make sense when he proposes, it is just the anxiety of getting to that point!

He Starts Saving More

Has he suddenly become a little more cautious when spending money? The expensive date nights have slowed down or come to a halt, and he no longer makes splash-out purchases. This could be because he has spent quite a bit of money on an engagement ring, or is trying to save money to do so!

Give him a bit of a break when you notice him being tighter with his money, especially if there was no change in his finances that might have caused him to spend less. He is probably very conscious of not being able to spend so much on you anymore, but it is for good reason.

Not only does he need to worry about the cost of an engagement ring, but weddings do not come cheap either, so soon enough you might have to start saving for the big day too!

He Tries To Find Your Ring Size

Guys think that they are really sneaky and secretive when trying to find your ring size, but it can be so obvious sometimes!

You have to give them credit where credit is due, finding someone’s ring size is no easy task, so it might be a little obvious when they try to do so.

He might have borrowed a ring out of your jewelry box, tried to tie a string around your finger for a measure, asked family or friends, or even just asked you outright. There would be no reason for him to find out your ring size if he wasn’t planning on buying you a ring, hopefully, an engagement ring.

He Knows More About Jewelry

Buying an engagement ring can be a lengthy process. He would want to make sure he is buying the right ring, with the right stone and the right metal. This takes quite a bit of research, and this has probably caused him to become quite an expert on all things jewelry!

He suddenly knows all about clarity, cut, and carat, and tells you the pros and cons of gold vs platinum. He could also stop by jewelry stores and ask you what you think of certain cuts (while knowing all the names!)

The sudden interest he shows in jewelry, and the new host of knowledge he now has about it, is likely due to him spending so much time picking out your engagement ring, and his excitement in finding what he thinks is the perfect one!

He Keeps A Special Date Open

Many men choose to propose on a special occasion – such as your anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or even valentines day. If a special date such as this is coming up, but he is being vague about plans or is trying to keep the date open, he could have a special surprise in store!

One great reason why proposing on a special occasion is a great idea, is because it is an easy enough date to remember, and it comes with quite a bit of excitement already.

So if he is acting strange leading up to a special occasion, or if you notice some other signs that he might propose, and a special date is happening soon, then you can keep your fingers crossed that you might have a ring on your finger soon enough!

He Is Planning A Trip

Proposals abroad are so exciting, and if he is planning a special holiday trip for the two of you, then it could be a sign that is going to propose.

Whether he is going to pop the question at the top of the Eiffel tower, or on a Gondola in Venice, or maybe somewhere closer that means something to the two of you, he is probably putting in quite a bit of effort trying to make it the perfect getaway and occasion for the two of you.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to not push him about his plans, and instead, enjoy the holiday – even if the proposal doesn’t come!

He Starts Talking About Wedding Details

If your partner has never shown an interest in wedding plans before but now talks about wedding details such as venues, suits, food, and amount of guests, it shows that a wedding is on his mind.

One very big reason that a wedding might be on his mind is if he is planning on asking you to marry him. He now has an invested interest in putting thought into the wedding he would want, and what you would be happy with, and he would also start asking you about your opinions on an ideal wedding.

He Starts Looking At Houses

If the two of you do not already live together, then he might start to look at homes for the two of you. This could be buying a house for the two of you to move into once you are married, or an apartment that caters to both of you.

If buying or renting a new place is not an option, then he might start talking to you about moving in together. He might ask if you would be comfortable moving into his place or staying at yours. Every couple’s living situation is different, but you would notice that he is now putting more thought or effort into where the two of you will stay.

This is because he is planning on the two of you living together after you are married, which means he is thinking of marriage, and most likely has an engagement ring waiting to be used!

Be open to the ideas he comes up with, but also offer your input on what you would be most comfortable with.

He Introduces You To All His Important People

By the time you get engaged, you should have good knowledge of each other’s lives, and you should have met all of his important family and friends. However, if you haven’t yet, then he might start rush-introducing you to the people who are important to him.

He might plan dates to meet his family or his friends, and this might be out of character for him. He is likely doing this because he wants you to be a huge part of his life, and he also probably wants to get their opinion on you.

Asking you to marry him means spending the rest of your life together, so getting to know each other’s family and friends is really important!

What Should You Do If You Think He Is Going To Propose?

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If you have picked up on lots of signs and subtle hints that he is going to propose, you might be too excited to just sit back and wait!

What is the best thing to do when you think he might propose? Here are some of our tips on how to act and what to do if you think he has bought an engagement ring but hasn’t proposed yet.

Stay Calm

Yes, this might be leading up to the most important moment in your life, but you need to do your best to stay calm!

If he has really bought an engagement ring and is planning to propose, then he is likely stressed out and anxious enough as it is. The last thing he would need is you acting strange, and it might even throw him off his plans!

Just carry on as normal and enjoy your relationship as it is for now.

Don’t Pester Him

Do not pester him and constantly ask him about proposing or marriage if you think he is going to propose. He has probably worked quite hard to keep it all a secret, so even if you know he is going to propose, let him enjoy the surprise he thinks it is going to be.

Constantly asking him about when he is going to propose will just make him feel really pressured into it, and it is better when both parties feel as though they are making their own decisions without pressure.

Don’t Snoop

You might have picked up on some signs that he is going to propose, and your curiosity is getting the better of you and you are dying to see the engagement ring.

As tempted as you might be to snoop through his things, you need to just wait for him to give you the ring himself. Not only would you be invading his privacy, but you will be ruining the surprise for yourself when he does eventually propose.

Imagine finding the ring while snooping and it is not what you expected – you will put yourself off the proposal. Rather wait for him to give you your ring.

Don’t Tell The Whole World

You might be utterly convinced that he is going to propose, and you feel as though you can’t keep the secret to yourself. One of the worst things you could do is go around telling everyone that you are about to become a fiance.

You could go around telling the world that he is about to propose, only for something to happen and he doesn’t, or you might have been wrong in the first place. Keep it to yourself, or tell one close family or friend if you really need to let it out.

Don’t Set Yourself Up For Disappointment

All the signs he is showing that he might be about to propose could all be coincidental, and he might not have even thought about an engagement ring.

While it is so natural to get excited if you think he is going to propose, you should avoid focussing on it too much. This can lead to some serious disappointment, and this could even have a negative effect on your relationship.

Just enjoy your relationship the way it is now, and if he proposes, then great, if he doesn’t just yet, then carry on as normal, just enjoying being with each other.

Signs He Has Bought An Engagement Ring

You are ready to take the next step in your relationship, and you think your partner is too. He has been acting strange and you suspect that maybe an engagement is on the cards!

If you think that your partner might be readying himself for a proposal, you would want to look for some signs that he has bought an engagement ring. Take a read through the above signs that might show this, to get a better idea if you will be a Mrs soon.

While it can be exciting thinking you are going to be engaged soon, don’t build your hopes up too much, and try to leave it to be as much of a surprise as possible!

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