Why Does My Boyfriend Never Get Jealous? (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Love and relationships come with many different emotions. There are ups and downs to all partnerships. One of the most powerful emotions that can be felt in a relationship is jealousy. This jealousy usually centers around one person talking to someone of the opposite sex and can be quite overwhelming.

However, what happens if there is no jealousy in your relationship, or your boyfriend doesn’t show any jealousy. Why does he never get jealous?

Some people might see their boyfriend not ever being jealous as a sign that he does not care, but actually, take it as reassurance that he trusts you and he is comfortable with your relationship. He is not jealous because he is sure of the fact that you will give him nothing to be jealous about!

If you are concerned about your boyfriend never getting jealous, keeping reading to find out why it isn’t a bad thing!

Is It Normal To Not Be Jealous In A Relationship?

Boyfriend Never Get Jealous

Trust is an essential part of any relationship, and without trust, there can be no healthy relationship. There might be some jealousy now and then, but ultimately, jealousy is a sign of a lack of trust and feeling vulnerable that your partner might do something to hurt you.

If your partner never gets jealous of you, take comfort in the fact that this is how he shows that he trusts you and that he feels safe that you will not do anything to hurt him or jeopardize your relationship.

The issue really isn’t with the boyfriend who isn’t jealous but the girlfriend who expects it as a sign of love.

Jealousy can be so incredibly toxic and if it is something that you are looking for as reassurance in a relationship, it might actually be time to reevaluate your image of love and try to find out what a healthy relationship looks like.

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love Or Lack Of Trust?

Jealousy is not a sign of love and is instead a sign of lack of trust. Never think that jealousy is a strong sign of love and while your boyfriend who is jealous might actually love you, it is not a healthy form of love.

Your boyfriend who does not get jealous does in fact love you and shows this love to you through his trust in you and your loyalty to him and the relationship.

Jealousy stems from a lack of trust and no relationship can be built on a lack of trust.

If you give your boyfriend nothing to be jealous about, and he genuinely believes in your loyalty and commitment to the relationship, then there is absolutely no reason for him to be jealous.

Feelings of jealousy that are unfounded or unnecessary are so damaging to a relationship, so there is no reason to look for jealousy in a relationship where there is no point in having any, it will just cause more problems down the line.

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Jealous

Here are some of the reasons why your boyfriend never gets jealous, and why you should take it as a good sign that he loves you.

He Trusts You

Simply put, your boyfriend does not get jealous because he trusts you. If he has no reason to doubt your intentions, he has no reason to be jealous of you. He recognizes your commitment and mirrors it with his own.

He might be wary of being cheated on and hurt in a past relationship, but with your love and loyalty, jealousy should not be a problem.

He Isn’t The Jealous Type

Some people just are not the jealous type, and this could be true for your boyfriend. On the other end of the spectrum are very possessive boyfriends, but these types of relationships are so toxic, you are a person, not their property.

Dating someone who isn’t the jealous type is great, he is confident in himself and confident in your relationship, and he wouldn’t be looking for unnecessary drama when there is no need for it.

He will also likely give you your own space to be your own person and have your own friends, on a trusting basis.

He Values Your Relationship

Your boyfriend is probably mature enough to realize that being jealous could push you away, and he values your relationship enough to not do this.

He might feel twangs of jealousy now and then if you push boundaries, but he wouldn’t act on this, and instead will probably approach the situation maturely.

He will trust you and act accordingly unless you give him a reason not to, and this is a great example of a healthy relationship and a healthy mindset to keep when dating, but it does have to be mutual.

Don’t Push Boundaries

The worst thing you could do is try to get some sort of jealous reaction out of your boyfriend. You might have a toxic view of love, and think that jealousy is proportional to how much he loves you, and to get some sort of reaction out of him, you do something to make him jealous or jeopardize your relationship.

Do not do this, as it could hurt him, your relationship, and leave you alone.

If you have any concerns, such as why he never gets jealous, rather speak to him and let him explain that he trusts and loves you, instead of you looking for this attention and reaction yourself.

Does He Love Me Even Though He Isn’t Jealous?

Does He Love Me Even Though He Isn’t Jealous?

Jealousy should not be how you judge your relationship and how happy your relationship is should not depend on how jealous your boyfriend is acting!

He has chosen to be in a relationship with you, so chances are that he does in fact love you and does want to be with you, even if he never gets jealous. 

There are some instances where a jealous boyfriend stops caring and in these cases, it is worth talking to him about why his feelings have changed.

However, a boyfriend who is not jealous from the start is most likely just very trusting of you and confident in himself and your relationship, so there is no need for him to be jealous. It does not mean he doesn’t love you, quite the opposite!

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