Chiron in Virgo – How To Heal The Wound Of Perfection

The placement of Chiron in our Natal Chart shows where we hurt the most, our wounds, and the pain we carry with us in this lifetime. It is known as the Wounded Healer as it helps to realize your vulnerability and heal your pain in order for us to grow in life. 

If you have Chiron in Virgo this article is for you. Here you will learn all about the significance and meaning of your Chiron, your wounds, and how to heal yourself.

Discover your Healing gifts and become a better version of yourself….

Chiron in Virgo – The Wound Of Perfection

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Wounds From Aiming Toward Perfection

Virgo is known to be the analyzer, detail-oriented, and flawlessly organized sign of the Zodiac.

These people are perfectionists and that is why Chiron in Virgo is all about the wounds that come from perfection.

It is a constant pressure to do all absolutely and utterly precisely, and accomplish perfection in all life areas, which is an impossible mission.

That is why people with such Chiron placement suffer from anxiety, stress, and tension.

So Bound On Being Perfect

If your Chiron is in Virgo, you are constantly feeling like things are not good enough, and you can always make them better.

You are so bound on being perfect that it can have a destructive impact on you and your life.

No matter how well the job is done, or how close to perfection your relationship is, you always seem to find small things that are ruining your concept of perfection.

Obsessing over trivial and unimportant matters just because you aim all to be perfect in every possible way, drains your energy and pushes people away from you.

You tend to see the flaws in everything and everyone, rather than the good things. 

The Pain Of Not Having Love In Your Life

Just as you and your life need to be perfect, you search for the same thing in your relationship.

Your Chiron wound always keeps you on the edge with a feeling that somehow you might have not made the right choice or committed to the right person.

You are indeed looking for the “perfect one” and the reason why your relationship always seems to fail is that perfection doesn’t exist.

No one is perfect, and it is not about finding the perfect one, but finding the perfect one for you!

Trying To Fix Everyone And Everything

People with Chiron in Virgo not only try to make themself perfect but so do the people in their life. From their family, close friends, coworkers, and familiars, they are always trying to “fix” everyone.

They tend to pursue people to make changes either with their looks, behavior, or personality traits, so they can fit into their concept of perfection. 

Feeling Alienated And Isolated

When instead of accepting people you are trying to change them, it comes as no surprise if everyone you know simply decides not to be around you.

This is why Chiron in Virgo brings a wound that comes from feeling lonely, isolated, and alienated from the rest of the world. 

Wounds Of Feeling Emptiness And Dissatisfaction With Yourself

People born with Chiron in  Virgo tend to manifest obsessive-compulsive behavior as they are always attempting to do everything right and all has to be in perfect order.

There is deep pain in you from always feeling like something is wrong with you and you are dissatisfied with yourself.

There is a big emptiness in you and you are on the search for wholeness and satisfaction.

Because of it, you can obsess with trying to find out what is wrong with you so you can resolve it. 

Pain From Not Being Able To Find Yourself

Because of your Chiron wound, you tend to make extreme changes about yourself, which can confuse you and make you feel like you haven’t built an identity for yourself.

You change clothing style, hairstyle, appearance, and tastes, faster than the wind changes direction.

Tendency To Be Judgmental

Because of your own dissatisfaction, you have the tendency to be critical of others.

Your Chiron wound is the one creating a huge amount of self-criticism that reflects in your personal and professional relationships.

You use this as a self-defense mechanism to keep you away from losing a balance in your own perfect world and that is why you feel social anxiety and tension in your communications.

You mostly see the world as black or white, and there is no other shade in-between.

How To Heal Chiron In Virgo?

Chiron in Virgo is a particularly sensitive placement.

The healing takes a lot of time and effort and can last a lifetime, disappearing and reappearing in different areas of your life.

But once you heal and transform your pain into your strength, you can tap into your Chiron healing gifts.

Chiron Healing Gifts

Your vulnerability transforms into your strength and you can have the life you always desired for yourself.

You can be happy and fulfilled even though not all is perfect or even close to perfection.

Overcoming your pain and fears is a tool you can use to help yourself through your life journey and help others as well. That is your Chiron healing gift.

The Strength To See The World As It Is And Love It

You heal when you realize that there is nothing wrong with you and you don’t have to be perfect, it is enough just to be happy. You accept your flaws and your “differences” because you know those are what make you who you are.

You see good and bad in people, but you tend to first look for the good. Learning to accept other people’s flaws makes you wiser as you are fully aware that there is no one perfect, nor there will ever be.

The world is a fun place because of our imperfections, which makes us unique and special. Once you master living by criteria that are not unachievable and impossible it becomes easier for you to be comfortable and satisfied with your life.

Those are your healing gifts, and you can use them to heal and teach others to accept the world as it is, not as they think it should be. Being unperfect and having flaws is an absolutely normal and human thing. What matters is to have love, happiness, and peace.

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