10 Must-Know Signs An Aries Man Secretly Likes You

We can think of so many reasons you like an Aries man, and we completely understand if you are having difficulty figuring out if he likes you back. This man is social and friendly, flirtatious, and at times it seems like he likes everyone around you. So it is kinda tricky to know if you are indeed the one and only interest of desire for this fiery man.

Ruled by Mars, he comes as strong and confident

Aries is a fire sign ruled by passionate Mars. You can understand from here his brave nature and fearless approach to life. Although this man is very open and honest about his emotions, he is also very proud!

What To Know About Aries Man

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He’ll Wait To See If You Like Him Too!

You might not be so sure if an Aries man likes you because this man has an extensive and fragile ego despite the fact that he comes as strong and confident.

Deep inside, he is afraid of rejection, and quite frankly, this man handles rejection pretty bad.

Therefore before he openly shows you he likes you, he will play subtle games to see if you like him too.

However, the moment he is certain of your feelings, he won’t be afraid to openly display his affection, even in public.

Flirting With Other Women As Well

Aries man, in reality, is very faithful and loyal. Truth be told, this man despises infidelity and lying.

However, his flirtatious nature is something he can hardly control. So in most cases, you need to learn to accept it and look at it as a way of Aries man charging his ego and boosting his self-confidence.

Although he is pretty confident and strong, Aries man loves to receive approval and admiration from the opposite sex. 

Flirting As A Defensive Mechanism

On most occasions, you will see your Aries crush flirting with other women as a way of protecting himself in case you reject him and don’t respond back to his feelings.

In such a circumstance, Aries man will tell you that that is the way he acts, and it wasn’t an expression of his love or romantic interest for you.

He might even say, “See, I do that with other girls here. It is just the way I communicate!”.

Of course, you’ll know that it is not the truth, but don’t argue with him on that. Aries man can be very stubborn and persuasive in convincing you that you have had the wrong impression. 

But let us start from the beginning and first point out the smallest signs that will tell you your Aries man secretly likes you.

After all, it is the small gestures that matter the most, and these are some of the signs that will unveil Aries man’s romantic interest in you. 

Signs An Aries Man Secretly Likes You

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He Will Try To Spend As Much Time As He Can With You

If you see your Aries man everywhere around you, before you make a note that he has too much free time on his hands, know that you are wrong.

Aries man can be very busy, but when he likes someone, nothing in the world will stop this man from being with that person.

If you don’t provide him with information about where you go, he will use all resources at his disposal from your friends to your social accounts to find out where you are and where you go, and he will be there! 

He Will Text And Call You

Aries man loves his phone as it allows him to reach out to you! Prepare to receive a lot of text, memes, and cute videos from your Aries crush, and this is his secret way of telling you he likes you!

The long phone calls with him are not because he likes to talk over the phone! I mean, who man does?!

It is because he truly likes you! It might not be a secret sign, but your Aries man will also like all of the photos you post on social media.

The secret is that this man will closely observe who else likes and comments on your posts so they can check out “the competition.” 

He Will Pay Attention To You 

Aries man might be a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new people. But if he likes you, he will forget about the rest of the world and focus on you.

This man will carefully listen to what you have to say and ask questions.

He will engage in the communication no matter the subject you talk about because as long as he talks to you, every topic is good enough for him.

Plus side is that this man can talk on almost any subject! 

He Will Remember Details About You

When Aries man likes you, he will remember details about you.

Aries man can give out his secret that he likes you if you ask him if he remembers what you wore on the first day he met you.

If he genuinely likes you, your Aries crush can be able to describe your clothes to minor details like the colors or how you wore your hair that day.

His Friends Will Know Who You Are

When Aries man secretly likes you, they might not openly tell you that, but they will say it to their friends.

Once you find yourself in his friends’ company, just observe how his friends will greet you. Nodding their head like “O, so you are that girl he won’t stop telling us about”  is proof of his secret crush over you.

His friends will know everything about you, or at least what he knows about you, and they’ll make sure to welcome you into the group.

The fact that they will make sure you feel comfortable and do all in their power to seem as friendly as possible toward you is one more sign of Aries man secretly liking you!

He Will Try To Impress Your Friends

Aries man is smart and intelligent. This man has a lot of friends, and he understands how important it is for your friends to accept him and approve of him.

When your Aries has a secret crush on you, you’ll know about it by looking at how hard he will try to impress your friends!

Even if he doesn’t like some of the people you spend your time with, this man will make an effort to become friends with them.

All for love and the right woman is the Aries man’s motto. 

He Will Make Sure To Be Here For You If You Need Him

Most people around you will offer help when you need it, but your Aries man will offer, and he will start to help you before you accept it!

This man is all about protecting and guarding the people he finds close to his heart. If this man secretly likes you, he will make sure he is always there to protect you and help you.

He will offer to take you home, carry your bag or bring you a chair when you want to sit down.

The small things and big ones he does for you are his secret way of telling you he likes you.

When Aries man secretly likes you, you will feel like a princess, and he is the shiny armor in white. 

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He Will Want To Share Your Hobbies And Interest 

If this man, before he met you, wasn’t into reading books, once you tell him you love to read, he will ask you to lend him your favorite book!

And trust us, he will read it! Aries man likes to share your hobbies and interests when he likes you, and it is one more opportunity to be close to you.

So expect for him to ask you to join you in your workout routine, jogging in nature, art gallery, book reading, whatever you are interested in; he will be interested in it too and participate with you. 

He Will Try To Impress You

Aries man’s secret way of telling you he likes you is when he will try to impress you and show you the best version of himself.

He will share the fascinating stories of his life, wear his best clothes and even show you pictures of all his adventures.

Sometimes even he might show you his tight and muscular body.

However, he will not do it in a weird or obvious way, but might slip some photo of him at the beach or decide to quickly change shirts if it is too hot!

This man is often the athletic type and uses his hot body as a secret weapon to impress the ladies. 

He Will Tell You He Likes You

Aries man is not good at keeping his feelings secret for too long. If this man likes you, eventually he will tell you!

One of the best things about Aries man is he doesn’t hold back! He is not shy or scared.

If you don’t notice his previous hints and signals, he will decide to come up front and be straightforward with you about his feelings.

Loud and clear Aries man will tell you he likes you, and there won’t be any secret signs in his declaration or behavior. 

This man is charming, intelligent, loyal, and strong, so we don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t like it if he declares his romantic feelings for you.

However, if you are the one holding back, don’t expect that this Aries man will wait for you too long.

He symbolizes the mighty God of war – Mars, so he waits for nothing and no one!

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